In modern-day times and at modern weddings, the tradition of cutting and also feeding of the cake is a sweet price of a couple’s commitment to taking care of every other. Couples often cut from the bottom tier to symbolize the longevity of your marriage. (Side note: In roman inn Times, the groom would certainly smash the cake over his bride’s head to represent the loss of her purity and the start of being submissive to she husband. Thank GOODNESS we have evolved.)

But as sweet together it have the right to be, in ~ some allude along the way of mine wedding photography career, the cutting of the cake ended up being one of the many stressful reception occasions to capture.

I have photographed some really sweet and casual cake cuttings however do you understand what happens many often? the goes something prefer this…

The DJ renders an announcement the the couple is walking to cut their cake. “Folks, at this time… Lilly and also James are going to it is in cutting their cake! Head on end to the cake table, gain your cell phones ready and also see if they’ll feeding each other nicely or icing will go paris after they part that gorgeous cake!” Guests hop increase from their seats, leaving the run floor, go running towards the cake and promptly push past me, my second shooter and also any videographers to was standing literally 10” indigenous the cake and also the couple. They whip the end their cabinet phones and also suddenly ns fighting for my couple’s attention and the capability to also frame up that photo. My couple cannot hear me giving instructions end Aunt Betsy screaming, “SMASH IT!!! quit IT!!!” and her sister, the bride’s mom, cautioning, “No, be nice! be nice. Don’t mess up she makeup.” i can’t earlier up far sufficient to even fit the couple and the cake in mine lens so i ask the everyone please take a step ago and the only response I acquire is, “She’s mine niece.” Cool? yet they’re expecting me to catch this moment.

The pair is confused, the song they asked for to play in ~ that minute is already coming to an end and also they cannot also pay attention to each other and enjoy the moment due to the fact that now 75 people have fully surrounded them and are every yelling things like, “Look here, quick!! allow me take your snapshot first!!” and “Come on! smash IT!”. They cut the cake, they take it a bite and also within secs everyone walks away. My couple is left looking in ~ me glassy eyed like… what simply happened?

This is the norm v cake cut at weddings now. Anyone is there for the funny boomerang, the cute video or the grainy, blurry cell phone pic.

While photographers battle with guests and their cabinet phones throughout all parts of the day, guest (and sometimes also the parental of the couple) are fully disrespectful the photographers when it pertains to cake cutting.

I great I had a reason as to why… but after the time I obtained elbowed in the challenge by a guy with a flip phone after ns asked the if he’d psychic please taking a action back… I stopped wondering why. It didn’t issue anymore.

I’ve watched cake cuttings it is in unenjoyable because that my couples together well and it doesn’t need to be this way! I wanted to share with you two tricks for making your cake cut beautiful, stress-free, fun and perfect for photos.

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01. Cut your Cake in the center of the run Floor

My absolute favorite cake cuttings occur in the facility of the run floor after all of the guests have actually been served entrees or have actually gone with the buffet line? anyone is seated and eating, they can see the action from your seats and also they’ll be able to witness without causing any disruptions. This allows you to produce a lovely minute out of your cake cut while also keeping it peaceful and making your family and also friends happy.

02. Have actually an Unannounced Cake cut

The other way I recommend staying clear of the chaos the can happen at a cake cut is to perform it unannounced. If you’re walk to reduced the cake because that the ceremonial aspect and for the photos however it’s not overly important to you that your guests watch, you definitely should take into consideration an unannounced cake cutting.

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At a pre-determined time throughout your reception, you, your companion will quietly reduced the cake in prior of your photographer(s) and also any videographers without her DJ making any type of kind that announcement.