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Folks - looking for great guidance ~ above this. I believe the bars space "pinned" in position, if I"m not mistaken, that pin needs to be eliminated or floor down. Additionally pretty sure the orientation the the levers and perches are fixed in a similar way as well, what is usually done to resolve that?Basically I"m looking for reasonably succinct accuse and/or video.Whats the best resource? Thanks!



Very, very easy. Take turn off screws on each side of tool housing and unplug wires to instruments and remove. Loosen four bolts on peak clamp and remove peak clamp. Unplug wires so you have the right to remove bars. Traction bars off and also you will check out the pin. One of two people pull pen out v vice grips or tap pin under inside. Reassemble. As much as pins top top the perch pieces, you can take the piece off and see the tit. Hit the tit turn off with direct force native a chisel, and so on or grind castle down. Done
I madness the pen in. Simpler than trying to traction it the end for me. You need to have enough room on the controls to not have to pop turn off them pins. I"d shot it prior to i take it them off. Yet like to be said. If you have to. It"s easy.
Take a sharpie and mark the top clamp and bars prior to you take them off.1-You"ll know how much you moved them2-Easier to obtain them re-centered
I thought they were pinned too. When I traction the clamp on mine 19 RKS, no pins. Nobody on the controls either. I might not have actually to adjust bars ~ above this bike, as they room pretty comfortable simply rotated forward.
I assumed they to be pinned too. As soon as I traction the clamp on my 19 RKS, no pins. Nobody on the controls either. I may not have actually to readjust bars on this bike, together they are pretty comfortable simply rotated forward.
Did girlfriend buy that new? i cant speak for the bars, but on mine 2020 FLTRK, ns was placing on a Klock magnetic phone mountain which required me to ease the perches and it would absolutely not travel previous a details point
I thought they to be pinned too. Once I traction the clamp on mine 19 RKS, no pins. No one on the controls either. I may not have to readjust bars ~ above this bike, together they space pretty comfortable simply rotated forward.

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Like they"ve already mentioned the easy, the pin pulls right out. To turn your existing bars you should have the ability to easily revolve the hand controls likewise with out having actually to remove them or the "tabs". I did this top top both my usmam.orgs 15 & 18 prior to getting my taller bars.
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