Real NameMichael Joseph Jackson
Nick NameMJ, King the Pop
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor, record Producer, Businessman and also Philanthropist
Famous For"Thriller", "Bad", "Dangerous"
Physical Stats & More
Heightin centimeters- 175 cmin meters- 1.75 m in Feet Inches- 5" 9"
Weight (approx.)in Kilograms- 60 kgin Pounds- 132 lbs
Body Measurements- Chest: 38 Inches- Waist: 28 Inches- Biceps: 13 Inches
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Personal Life
Date that BirthAugust 29, 1958
Age (at the moment of death)50 Years
Cause that deathCardiac arrest due to intoxication v propofol and also benzodiazepine.
Birth PlaceGary, Indiana, US.
Zodiac sign/Sun signVirgo
HometownGary, Indiana, USA
Education QualificationHigh School
DebutAlbum - gained to be there (1972)Film - The Wiz (1978)
FamilyFather- Joe Jackson (Ex-boxer, functioned in united state Steel)Mother- Katherine Jackson (Worked in ~ Sears)
Brothers- Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and also Randy. Sisters- Rebbie, La Toya and also Janet.

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HobbiesBasketball, Reading
Favorite Things
Favorite FoodMexican (Taco and also Burrito), Sushi, pizza, chicken, fish, new fruits, popcorn, vanilla ice v cookie pieces, sunflower seeds, glazed doughnuts, frosted flakes through milk, M&Ms
Favorite ColorRed, Black, White and also Golden
Favorite SingersJames Brown, Jackie Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Sammy Davis Jr., The Temptations, Diana Ross
Favorite Movies‘Peter Pan’, ‘E.T.’, ‘Star Wars’
Favorite Songs‘Tobacco Road’, ‘You room My Sunshine’, ‘Cloud Nine’ by The Temptation
Favorite Books ‘Peter Pan’ through James Matthew Barrie, ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ by Richard Bach, ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway
Favorite TV showThe three Stooges, upper and lower reversal Wilson Show, Brady Bunch, road Runner Show, The Simpsons
Favorite ActressesShirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn
Favorite ActorsMorgan Freeman, Marlon Brando
Favorite DrinkAlmond Milk, Fruit Smoothie, Orange and Carrot Juice
Favorite ArtistsMichaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci
Favorite GameMonopoly
Favorite Composer Claude Debussy (‘Afternoon that the Fawn’), Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew
Major Controversies• Michael Jackson to be charged through child sex-related abuse in 1993. The case was resolved out the court and also the settling amount was no disclosed. No charges were pressed versus him.• He was accused for the same cause again in 2005, in enhancement to several various other charges. The court express him innocent on all counts.• MJ cancelled a variety of concerts and also he was sued by his occasion organizer Marcel Avram because that cancelling his Munich concert in 1999. That was likewise his friend and they both mutually pertained to an covenant after Michael reciprocated the charges on him. • Michael Jackson make the loop, rags to riches and also then ago to rags due to the fact that he had actually to invest a many money in defending self in the alleged lawsuits. It ended up being hard because that him to pay earlier the $270 million loan that he had actually taken versus his music publications. • MJ"s fatality in itself has actually invigorated a many controversies. His household believes he to be murdered. The doctor, Conrad Murray, that prescribed the medicine to Michael, was put in jail and released after two years. Michael"s sisters LaToya Jackson claims that he was just a scapegoat. His last speak to with his manager went like:
There room conspiracies the the team "Illuminati" was the mastermind behind Dr. Conrad. Also, the there is a group called "Star Whackers", the is involved in such operations.A federal Agent Robert Connors blew the whistle on the authorized of federal government with it and also stated the the procedure Sedgwick of the task MK ULTRA aimed in ~ brainwashing and also controlling the youth and also the population through "music" by managing the subject matter and including subliminal message to it. Michael probably broke out that it and broke that to the public that Illuminati and higher powers have actually an ulterior motive.This fact is additionally said to be responsible for Michael"s financial misery and also child molestation accusations. "They want to get rid of me.", Michael said.
Girls, Affairs and More
Marital StatusDivorced (13 years prior to death)
Affairs/GirlfriendsWhitney Houston
Broke Shields
Lisa Marie Presley
Debbie Row
Wife/SpouseLisa Marie Presley (m. 1994–96; divorced)Debbie Rowe (m. 1996–99; divorced)
ChildrenSon- Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.Daughter- Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II
Money Factor
Net Worth$1 billion (Debt - $500 million)
HouseNeverland Ranch, Santa Barbara County, California, l (2676 avres)French Chateau Home
CarRolls Royce Limousine, Sedan Barret, Ferrari, Super hot Car, Ford Explorer, GMC Yukon, Cadalac Escalade, Lincoln town Car, Ford Econoline E 150, Cadillac Fleetwood, GMC V Jimmy, Neolann Coaching Tour, Mercedes Benz, Chevys


Some Lesser known Facts about Michael Jackson

Did Michale Jackson smoke?: YesDis Michael Jackson drink alcohol?: YesMichael Jackson was an median student, was negative with spellings and also grammar and also was taken into consideration creative, shy and also best dressed.His father was strict and abused Michael Jackson physical (beating) and emotionally. Joe has admitted the he offered to whip the children, taunted Michael for having actually a fat nose and hit them with a belt if castle didn’t acquire it right throughout practice.All the Jackson children agree the whipping was typical at the time and it set them straight and made lock capable.Although Michael agreed the his father’s strict self-control helped him succeed, he also explained the his insecurities around his looks, insomnia, nightmares, hyper-compliant behavior and also his childlike adulthood are as result of child maltreatment.The costumes offered in the video of Thriller were from Salvation Army.He loved children, probably due to the fact that he to let go his own and the abuse he experienced as a child. The black color band the he wore was a reminder of kid abuse.Beat it made it to the studio because of the etc solo by Eddie van Halen, i beg your pardon Eddie played for free.He purchase an Oscar! The Oscar the David O. Selznick won because that the Best Picture for Gone v the Wind in 1999.He winner eight Oscars in 1984.Scream has been the most expensive video clip costing $7,000,000.He loved pets and had a python (Crusher), 2 llamas (Louis & Lola) and a chimpanzee (Bubbles).Michael invented special boots that he used for his ‘leaning forward’ step in ‘Smooth Criminal’. The lean step is patented by MJ.He had actually a conference in the twin towers the day 9/11 incident took place. He missed it due to the fact that he overslept.Macauley Culkin, the Home Alone star is the godfather of 2 of his children.The director of the video clip ‘Bad’ to be the famous and also creative Martin Scorcese.Wikipedia, Twitter and AOL’s prompt Messenger crashed the afternoon MJ died.He stayed in an oxygen time for long life and also beauty.He to be literally a King! he was provided a royal title by the civilization of Goban, a village in the ivory Coast.Michael Jackson made his debut through his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon, as Jackson 5. Michael originally started singing through his elder brother prior to he began solo.MJ’s Thriller was the very first album the had 5 number one access time on the Billboard warm 100 list. Thriller is additionally the highest possible selling album of all times, marketing over 65 million copies.Michael Jackson called the dance move Moonwalk that he had borrowed from the street dancers external his hotel.Guinness human being Records crowned him as the Most effective Entertainer of every Time.MJ has actually been inducted twice right into the Rock and Roll room of Fame. He is the just artist from Rock and Pop genre that has been inducted right into the Dance hall of Fame. The is one inductee of the Songwriter hall Of reputation too.Other than multiple entries in the Guinness human being Records, Michael Jackson has actually 13 Grammys, a Grammy Legend Award and also a Grammy lifetime Award.He has actually the highest number of American Music Awards and number one Billboard hot 100 (13 optimal positions). He also received the Artist of the Century Award.The King the Pop has sold over 400 million albums.He had a top ten entry in the Billboard because that five continuous decades, making the the first person to achieve this milestone in 2014 with his song “Love never ever Felt for this reason Good”.One significant Guinness human being Record the MJ holds is the record for supporting 39 charities. No one else has shown such humanitarian efforts.Michael claimed that that has had only two plastic surgeries i.e. For his nose and also chin. He cases both that them were for health and wellness reasons. His nose damaged practicing a complex dance move, that explained. That is believed that he had actually several surgeries.When hurricane Katrina hit brand-new Orleans, MJ promised to release a song to progressive charity. He worked on the project with various other artists but the song never eventuated.His bodyguard said that people tell the girls the they have actually a dog and also MJ walk like, “I have a Zoo”. That did have a zoo at his Neverland Ranch in addition to a design template park.Michael Jackson was a publication worm. The would invest thousands of dollars in just one visit come a book-store.Once, the came across a second-hand book shop and also bought it for $100,000 and had the publications brought end to his home.He had two mystery affairs through girls indigenous overseas and called them Friend and Flower. Nobody knew about them except his bodyguards.MJ go not satisfy anyone indigenous the household without an appointment other than his mother. She would drop by anytime and also he would welcome her, and also his siblings would have to return also if they regulated to clear the protection at the gate.MJ was constantly under the radar and would have his bodyguards to check the room he occupied in the hotels. He was bugged through the bugging. It wasn’t paranoia; his personal conversation through his sister was tape-recorded without his knowledge and sold to the media.He had to do his children wear masks in the public and likewise gave them password names to save their identification hidden and also secured.Michael Jackson seemed to be really worried about his life together his bodyguards brought guns that might be enough to take under an FBI raid. Castle were armed with semi-automatic Glock pistols, Teasers (1.2 million volts), MP5 (Fully automatic submachine guns), military style AR15s and also 12-gauge automatically shotguns. They had prolonged magazines and also around 3000 rounds of ammunition.He was invited to Bahrain by the Sheikh of Bahrain ~ his boy abuse accusation in 2005.Michael to be a responsible father and also had his kids home-schooled and also had a room specialized for your schooling. The personal tutor would start the classes spicy at 8 AM and the youngsters had to wear uniforms. That would save a examine with the teacher and help the youngsters with the homework. He would quiz castle to inspect what they have actually learned.The King of pop did his and also kids’ wash by himself.MJ’s mother used to play clarinet and piano and wanted to it is in a country-western artist.Also, his dad was not estranged v music and played v The Falcons, a regional rhythm and also blue band.He to be the first artist to market one million downloads and also that too after his death.Michael Jackson’s voice ascends native high tenor to boy soprano.It’s no a surprise that MJ has a star ~ above Hollywood walk of Fame.Billy Jean was the first video by a black man that was aired ~ above MTV.Michael Jackson felt that he sounded prefer Minnie Mouse once he listened to his larger music.He to be the godfather to Lionel Ritchie’s daughter Nicole and Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb’s boy Michael.Thriller stayed ~ above the Billboard 200 because that 122 weeks!Michael Jackson reduced off from all the resources from the media. No newspaper, no cable TV and also no internet. He only read The wall Street Journal since it would not have actually crazy stories around him.After the police raided his Neverland Ranch, he can never go ago and live there due to the fact that it never felt like house again and also he might not feeling safe anymore. MJ and also his kids lived in hotels and rented homes. He never ever touched anything after ~ the raid.MJ was awarded two honorary degrees. One to be Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from United negro College Fund and another to be Honorary Doctorate the Humane Letters from Fisk University.

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Michael Jackson’s funeral to be watched by 2.5 billion people worldwide.