Ryan Kelly is a solo artist and also a member of ireland vocal group, Celtic Thunder.

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He is recognized for his energetic and charismatic performances, even if it is it’s v Celtic Thunder, throughout his solo concerts or while acting in phase musicals like Blood Brothers.

With Celtic Thunder he has performed in former of hundreds of thousands that people, consisting of US president Barack Obama, and also is now embarking ~ above a solo career together a singer songwriter. That has also been performing acoustic concerts v his Celtic Thunder colleague, Neil Byrne

Singing since he to be a child

Ryan Kelly

He to be born in The Moy, Co Tyrone, northern Ireland. His father to be an completed musician and also young Ryan inherited his dad’s love of music.

He has been singing since he was a an extremely young child and gave his very first public performance aged seven as soon as he sang in ~ his first Communion.

He has always loved performing and also when he was a child he would sing whenever the could. His dad would regularly play the body organ to companion him.

He occurred a love and a talent for countless different types of music consisting of soft absent and big show tunes yet he always had a soft point out for classic Irish music.

When he to be a teenager that learned come play guitar and also started composing his very own songs.

Ryan Kelly – talented actor

Ryan Kelly – top top his workHe has actually a an excellent bond through his fans and they have the right to be motivated by each other’s enthusiasm at concerts.He said: “It’s clichéd, yet music is my life. It’s what renders me happy and I feeling blessed to be able to call this mine job.”

He went to Queen’s university in Belfast to research accounting. He acquired a job as a charted accountant but music to be his first love and also he brought on playing in a band dubbed Emergency Exit.

As well as singing, Kelly has likewise shown a talent because that acting. He has actually performed in the lead function of Mickey Johnstone in ‘Blood Brothers’ and played Judas Iscariot in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

When Kelly to be 24, that took part in the BBC talent display called country Cool. The made it to the last after receiving 70% that the audience vote. He at some point finished second in the competition out of thousands that entered.

He won SCOR, another singing contest, 4 years later and also went ~ above to do with several of the biggest names in Irish and also UK pop consisting of Simply Red, Westlife and also Girls Aloud. He common a stage with them for a ‘Children in Need’ charity concert in Belfast.

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Kelly had come a long method from to sing songs when his dad play the organ, however his greatest break was about to come.

Getting his big break through Celtic Thunder

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