Below is a perform of basic requirements and guidelines because that donating blood. If you room not certain of her eligibility to donate blood, contactDonor Supportat (800) 747-5401 x1281.

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Donating Blood

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Age:You must be 17 year old, or 16 years old with aparental consent form(Download the parental consent form in Spanish).

Weight:at the very least 110 pounds.Health:You have to be in great health and feeling well on the job of donation. Prospective donors need to eat a complete meal within four hours the donating, avoiding fried, fat foods and also whole dairy products products.I.D. Compelled to donate:Photo identifier required. Call the blood facility for religious exceptions.

Allergy shots:AcceptableAntibiotics:Complexion and also prevention the urinary tract epidemic (women only) – acceptable, various other – 48 hrs after final dose, if the reason for taking the antibiotics has actually been eliminated. If antibiotics were obtained by injection, you have to wait 2 weeks prior to donating.Autologous (Self-donation):eligible 3 monthsafter surgery.Blood donation:Whole blood: 56 work (8 weeks) because last donation. Automated, dual red cells: 112 days.Blood transfusion:three months after receiving blood or blood products.Cancer:One year after therapy completed with no recurrence. Leukemia and Lymphomas can not be accepted. Carcinomain situof cervix is acceptable. Skin cancer is typically acceptable if basal or squamous cell. Melanoma –one year after completion of treatment and also no recurrence.Colds:Accept if no fever, sick throat, cough connected with a cold, headache, fatigue and also not on antibiotics. End the respond to cold remedies space acceptable in the lack of the over symptoms.Contact through HIV/AIDS:Eligible after 3 months in many circumstances.

COVID-19: You are ELIGIBLE to donate if exposure come COVID-19 emerged two weeks ~ receiving the critical dose COVID-19 vaccine collection (Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson). Click below for more information regarding COVID-19 and eligibility. View COVID-19 vaccinations.

Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease:As the July 2020 the FDA has released amendment deferral criteria for Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. Please evaluation updated deferral here and also callDonor services Auditing at 800-747-5401to view if her eligibility has changed.Dental work:Eligible 7 work after dentist procedure if no infection and not receiving antibiotics. Routine teeth cleaning is acceptable.Diabetes:Acceptable if well on work of donation.Ears or skin pierced:Acceptable ifsingle use devices was used. Otherwise: 3 month deferral. Acupuncture agree if performed making use of sterile or single-use needle.

Flu Vaccination: watch vaccinations.Tattoos:Acceptable if tattoo was used in a licensed basic in a regulated state. Otherwise: 3 month deferral.

List of acceptable statesEpilepsy Medications:Acceptable if seizure-free for 3 months.Hay Fever:Acceptable. Hay fever remedies are acceptable.Heart Conditions:An angiogram is acceptable if outcomes were normal. Angioplasty (balloon), stent, or heart strike are acceptable after 6 month if stable and also no restrictions. Heart surgical procedure is a 12 month deferral if stable and no restrictions.

Herpes Simplex 1:(Cold Sore) Acceptable, once outbreak is dry and also crusted.Herpes Simplex 2:(Venereal) Acceptable, when outbreak is dry and crusted.Major surgery:Most surgeries room acceptable as soon as healed, released from instant doctor’s care, infection-free, no blood to be transfused, and also return to common activities.Minor surgery:Acceptable if no sign of infection. Stitches and cast are acceptable.

Medications:vitamins, hormones, birth regulate pills, thyroid medications, aspirin, fertility drugs, non-steroid anti-inflammatory and also pain medicines are all acceptable.

Meds come treat HIV/AIDS (ART)—indefinite deferralPREP to stop HIV/AIDS infection—3-month deferral

Pregnancy:Acceptable 6 weeks after shipment or discontinuation of pregnancy. Breast-feeding is acceptable.

Ulcers:Acceptable if symptom-free at the time of donation. Most drugs are acceptable.Vaccinations:21 days after hepatitis B or mix Hepatitis B and A vaccines (Heptavax, Energix, Recombivax), 4 weeks after MMR and also chickenpox (herpes zoster vaccine or Varivax).

Flu shots are acceptable.

COVID-19 Vaccination: Donors who have actually received the COVID-19 vaccination room eligible come donate every blood products with no deferral period.

If girlfriend have had the following, you can not donate blood.

Blood disease, such as leukemiaPositive test for Hepatitis B or CHIV: confident test or recentrisk the infectionLymphomaIn the previous 3 year you have actually taken Acitretin (Soriatane or Neotig).In the previous 6 month you have actually taken Dutasteride (Avodart or Jalyn).In the previous 1 month you have taken Finasteride (Proscar or Propecia) Isotretinoin (Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret, Absorica, Myorisan, Zenatane) or Misoprostol (Arthrotec).Ever take away Etretinate (Tegison).

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Donor Eligibility HandoutDonor Eligibility Handout (Spanish)

If you are not certain of her eligibility to donate blood, you re welcome fill out our deferral/eligibility inquiry type and our Donor/Patient services team will follow-up with you.