CHICAGO (AP) -- Veteran rhythm-and-blues singer Tyrone Davis passed away Wednesday, four months ~ he experienced a stroke the left him in a coma, his business partner said. He was 66.

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Davis to be hospitalized in September and was experience rehabilitation in ~ a suburban Chicago nursing residence at the moment of his death, follow to Leo Graham.

Beginning his job in the 1960s, Davis" baritone voice and also warm and romantic style of singing made him popular in the 1970s. The was ideal known for the hits ``Can I change My Mind"" and ``Turn back the hand of Time,"" because that the Dakar label.

Davis" relocated to Columbia records in 1976, whereby he videotaped several hits, consisting of ``Give It up (Turn the Loose),"" and the ballad ``In the Mood.""

As his popular faded in the 1980s, he to be released through Columbia, despite he continued to record. He was fostering his latest release as soon as he endured the stroke, according to Graham.

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``He was really proud the his music ... The male loved what he did,"" claimed Val Kashimura of Jackson, Miss.-based Malaco Records. ``When the people cheered him over there was simply this glow the came approximately him and also he had the greatest smile.""

Born in Greenville, Mississippi, Davis come under the influence of blues legends Bobby ``Blue"" Bland, little Milton, and also Otis Clay. He sang in ~ clubs on Chicago"s west and south side prior to landing his very first recording contract.

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