Early life, family, educational background

Howard long Jr. Was born in 1990, to famous football personality Howie Long, and mother Diane Addonizio, a non-practicing lawyer and businesswoman; the holds American nationality and also is of white ethnic background. He has two enlarge brothers, chris Long and Kyle Long, that have likewise established far-ranging recognition with football.

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Raiders legend Howie long with Kyle long (Bears) and his youngest son, Howie long Jr. (currently functions in the Raiders player personnel dept)Posted by "Al Davis The Maverick 1963-2011" onSaturday, October 3, 2015
His ar of bear is unknown, likewise details around his early life have not to be revealed to the media. Speaking around his education, lengthy Jr. Matriculated native St. Anne’s-Belfield college in Charlottesville, Virginia US, where he also attended the college of Virginia, agree a scholarship come play lacrosse.


Although he played football in both his high school and also college, long Jr. Made decision not to pursue a career as a football player. However, he has kept his attention in the game, opting to go into the company end of it. He functions in soccer operations as a scouting and also personnel assistant v the Oakland Raiders.In addition, he serves together a premium sales consultant in ~ Legends las Vegas stadium in las Vegas, Nevada US.

Personal life, household members

While there is lot of of data about his well known father, details revealing Long’s mother, Diane Addonizio, are quite scarce. Follow to sources, before marrying Howie Long, she worked as an attorney. However, she battered her experienced career ~ above marrying Howie, and later discovered a new career together a businesswoman, which was also brief. Dedicating it s her to gift a housewife, she has offered her time to supporting her husband in his career and three sons.
Howie Long’s sonsLong’s eldest brother, chris Long, is a retired defensive end that played in the NFL for the St. Luigi Rams, new England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles during his 11-season career in the NFL. His football career carried him far-ranging fame and fortune. His various other brother, Kyle Long, is an attack guard who climbed to fame by playing for the Chicago bears of the NFL because that the last 7 years. Lengthy Jr.’s personal life has been a mystery to the media. There space no details revealing his past or present relationship status.

Father Howie Long

The pro Football room of Fame protective end was born Howard Matthew Moses lengthy on 6 January 1960, in Somerville, Massachusetts USA, to father Howard long and mom Margaret. His parents separated throughout his beforehand childhood, and he lived v his uncle and grandmother in Charlestown, Boston US, and also attended Milford High School, whereby he began playing football. He then enrolled into Villanova University, Radnor, Pennsylvania, earning a degree in Communications.#ANC15 #HowieLong…learned a little much more than I necessary 2 know about #TerryBradshaw and also a lot I never ever knew around Long pic.twitter.com/GV5RBqyAs4— ITSMealsProvo (
ITSMealsProvo) July 13, 2015An outstanding college football player for the Wildcats, he to be selected to play in the Blue-Gray soccer Classic. By his senior year, the earned All-East and also All-American honors. Together a student at Villanova, he was additionally involved in boxing, becoming the north Collegiate Heavyweight Boxing Champion.Long do his expert career debut in 1981, being selected in the 2nd round that the 1981 NFL breeze by the Oakland Raiders. During his 13 seasons with the team as a defensive end, he to be an eight-time pro Bowl choice between 1983 and 1993, three-time first team All-Pro native 1983 come 1985, and also two-time second-team All-Pro in 1986 and 1989.In addition, he winner the NFL protective Player the the Year award, earning the George S. Halas Trophy, and also was selected in the NFL 1980s All-Decade Team. In 1983 long won the Super key XVIII v the Raiders, beating the Washington Redskins. Transparent his career, he collected 91​1⁄2 sacks, intercepted two passes and also recovered 10 fumbles. He retired from his football career in 1993.Long’s reputation earned with his job in the NFL permitted him to become associated in the film industry.
In 1996 he co-starred in the suspense movie licensed has been granted “Broken Arrow”, alongside man Travolta, and the very same year he gained the chance to act alongside Hollywood stars Kevin Costner, kurt Russell and also Courteney Cox in the music comedy film “3000 miles to Graceland”, and also then together Tom Hanks in the music comedy film “That point You Do”.In 1998 the starred together smokejumper Jesse tombs in the action film “Firestorm”. Long’s recognition in both football and acting has actually also permitted him to show up in numerous cameo duties in a variety of TV shows and commercials, such as for Nike, Hanes, Lay, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut and Chevrolet, to name a few.He has likewise been associated in broadcasting, working on the Fox Network together NFL coverage studio analyst. He currently serves as a columnist because that Fox Sports’ NFL coverage website, and as the host of Fox’ yearly award present entitled “Howie Long’s tough Guys”.

Physical appearance

Long Jr. Has actually brown hair and also brown eyes. Other details about his body stats have not to be disclosed to public.

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Net worth

As there space no details in the media revealing Long. Jr.’s personal life and also career, info disclosing his net worth is additionally not available to sources. His dad has estimated wealth the $16 million together of beforehand 2020.

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