(Musician, fact TV Star)

Daisy de la Hoya concerned popularity v Vh1"s reality show, "Rock that Love 2".

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Quick facts of Daisy de la Hoya

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38 years 0 months
October 21, 1983
Daisy de la Hoya
Los Angeles, California, the United states of America
5 feet 2 customs (1.57m)
Mexican American
Musician, fact TV Star
52 kg Kg
November, 2021
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Relationship facts of Daisy de la Hoya

Daisy de la Hoya is not having an affair with anyone presently.Her sex-related orientation is straight.

More around the relationship

Daisy de la Hoya is currently single. However, she has been in relationships through some really famous names.

She date the so late Canadian actor Corey Haim back in 2010, the year the died. She was actually date him when the gibbs died due to the fact that of Pneumonia.

The couple was introduced to each various other by Haim’s close friend, Corey Feldman. Because then, they were able come hit it off and started dating. Unfortunately, Corey’s fatality on march 10, 2010, left Daisy heartbroken.

In 2009, she has in a relationship with Joshua Lee, that was the winner of her show, Daisy the Love. The pair dated in at an early stage 2009 but broke up after ~ a very short time.

She has additionally been in a partnership with the famous American guitarist and also singer-songwriter, Dave Navarro. Furthermore, she has also dated Tommy Lee, the starting member of the legendary metal band, Motley Crue.

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Inside Biography

5 Controversies and Scandals

Who is Daisy de la Hoya?

Daisy de la Hoya is an American fact TV star. She involved popularity through Vh1’s reality show, ‘Rock that Love 2’. In 2009, she starred in her very own reality TV Show, Daisy that Love.

Daisy de la Hoya: Age, Parents, Siblings, Family, Childhood, Ethnicity

Daisy de la Hoya to be born Vanessa Mossman ~ above October 21, 1983, in Los Angeles, California. Together of 2020, she age is 36.

She has 5 cousins; Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya, Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya, Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya, Jacob De La Hoya, and Devon De La Hoya.

Caption: Daisy de la Hoya pose (Source: Getty Images)

She invested her childhood days in Los Angeles. She ethnicity is Mexican, American.

There is no information about her parents. Similarly, she has actually not revealed anything about her siblings.

There is no information around her educational background. She has not revealed which university or institution she attended.

Daisy de la Hoya: net Worth, Salary

Daisy de la Hoya has actually an approximated net precious of about $250k. Over there is no information around her annual salary. An median reality TV star earns roughly $45k a year.

Her uncle, Oscar de la Hoya has actually a enormous net precious of $200 million.

Daisy de la Hoya: experienced Life, Career

Daisy de la Hoya very first showed increase in show-biz in 2003 Daisy started her career in 2004 by creating a band dubbed Seraphim Shock. She toured in the United says in 2004 through the band’s an initial album. Halloween Sex N Vegas. In 2005, she featured in the Daisy annual Guitar Catalog and also showcased her talents ~ above a rhythm guitar while she was on the White rubbish Satan tour,

Moreover, she has likewise tried her hands in acting. She has actually starred in the movies, Hick, Text, and 51 the Movie.

She increased to call by taking part in the VH1 truth show, Rock that Love 2. In the show, she competed to win the heart of the 80’s hairband legend, Bret Michaels.

Although she go not victory the show, she go on to win the mind of numerous during she time in ~ the display with she personality. In 2009, she had actually her own reality display called Daisy the Love. The present had 11 illustration in total.

De la Hoya is also committed to giving ago with she altruistic endeavors. She has worked for various charitable institutions. She has supported pet rights (PETA) and also young people. Furthermore, she is also a spokesperson for To create Love on her Arms.

Controversies and also Scandals

Scandalous Pic

In 2008, de la Hoya posed for a controversial pic. In the picture, released by TMZ, she was dispersing her legs holding a Jack Daniels Whiskey bottle and kissing she own center finger.

Drug Addiction

In 2015, she revealed to Radar that after Daisy of rock ended, points went the end of hand. She claimed that whatever was readily easily accessible for her. Also, she insisted that she never ever did drugs before taping but admits that afterward, she did.

During she worst times, she has admitted to using heroin, coke, pills, crystal meth, booze, and also anything the she could get she hands on all at once. She entered rehab in 2010 and also it changed her life forever.

Suicide Attempts

Daisy has also admitted the she has actually attempted suicide number of times in she life. She saw self-destruction as the only way of ending the misery she was going through throughout her time together a drug addict. However, she has actually learned to love herself and be sober. Because then, she has actually not attempted suicide ever.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

She stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. And, she weighs about 52 kg. Her eyes room blue in color and also she has actually blonde hair.

However, she has actually not revealed she body measurements for breasts, hips, and waist.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Daisy is active on social media sites. She is active on Instagram and also Twitter. She has roughly 18.9k followers on Twitter. Similarly, she Instagram account has about 5.1k followers.

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