Sisqó network worth: Sisqo is one American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actor who has actually a network worth that $6 million. Sisqó is probably best known for the "Thong Song." outside of his solo music career, he is the command singer because that the team Dru Hill.

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Early Life: Sisqó"s genuine name is mark Andrews, and he to be born top top November 9th of 1978. Elevated in Baltimore, Maryland, he originally supported himself by working at The Fudgery in Harborplace. Andrews i graduated from high school in 1994, and also shortly after that he started a job in music. During his high college years, Sisqó began to experiment v flashy style selections such as bleached hair and interesting outfits.

Career: Sisqó"s music career began in 1996 when he and 3 various other musicians were signed through Island records as the group Dru Hill. Sisqó and also the various other three members that the band had all operated at The Fudgery – a fudge shop where the employees sing to your customers while stirring the fudge. The surname "Dru Hill" was influenced by Druid Park, a park close to the ar where every the group"s members prospered up. Other than mark Andrews, Dru Hill is made up of Larry Anthony, James Green, and Tamir Ruffin.

In 1999, Sisqó left Dru Hill to embark on a solo career. The year, he exit his debut album: Unleash the Dragon. Back the album had a bit of a slow start, things changed when "Thong Song" came to be an international hit. "Thong Song" reached the number three spot top top the charts and also later received four Grammy nominations. As impressive as the was, Sisqó"s second hit indigenous Unleash the Dragon would certainly fare also better. "Incomplete," was a slow ballad that reached the top spot top top the charts, additional cementing the artist"s insurance claim to fame.

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Net Worth:$6 Million
Date the Birth:Nov 9, 1978 (42 year old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)
Profession:Record producer, Actor, Dancer, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter
Nationality:United says of America

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