If you rigid at her cavy because that a while, friend might have the ability to answer this question. Or could you? carry out guinea pigs blink? that tricky. 

Even despite you will absolutely lose a staring challenge with your little fluff ball, guinea pigs carry out blink. However, castle don’t perform so nearly as regularly as us do. Humans are basically blinking machines. Cavies, on the other hand, blink much more rarely.

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Guinea pig eyes space fascinating. So read on if you ever before want to have a chance to become a guinea pig staring dispute champion. Or just if you are curious about why her guinea pig blinks so infrequently. 

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1 Guinea Pigs have actually Eyelids
2 How frequently Do Guinea Pigs Blink?
3 carry out Guinea Pigs Blink when They Sleep?
4 do Guinea Pigs Blink once Startled?
5 my Guinea Pig Blinks a Lot. Is the Okay?
6 perform Your Guinea Pigs Blink? share Your endure

Guinea Pigs have actually Eyelids

In order to blink, girlfriend at least need the appropriate machinery to do so. And also that would typical you need eyelids. When guinea pigs and also humans alike both have actually eyelids, some animals don’t!

For example, particular snakes don’t have eyelids, nor carry out fish. They just don’t need them. Might be part of what makes a fish eye for this reason creepy to some people. 

So what’s the big deal through eyelids? Why perform some animals need castle while others evolved to execute without?

Importance the Eyelids and also Blinking

Eyelids are, very first and foremost, a security element. Eyes room amazingly complex and helpful organs, however they are additionally quite fragile. 

Have you ever before gotten a solitary speck of sand in her eye? You can barely see it, however dear kindness you can feel it. Thankfully, her eyes space equipped with biological tools to store your eye clear that debris and particles.

Eyelids are a vital component in eye protection. And using them, we achieve two main results through blinking:

Blinking keeps an animals eyes moistBlinking helps remove debris or international objects from the eye, such as dust or dirt

How regularly Do Guinea Pigs Blink?


We humans are clumsy creatures the have come to rely nearly entirely on vision to gain through life. Typing, driving, video games, soccer,

While we have actually made an excellent advances in accessibility, the truth remains the eyesight is a huge deal because that us. 

Other animals, such as guinea pigs, execute not count on eyesight nearly as lot as us do. Smell, hearing, and touch all play far more significant roles. In fact, this is what makes it complicated to call if guinea pigs deserve to see in the dark.

Guinea Pigs Blink as soon as Necessary

Still, guinea pigs do must blink occasionally. But they perform it less out of unconscious habit or more out that unconscious need.

If something enters their eye, they blink to acquire it out. However this happens far less regularly for guinea pigs than it does because that humans.

We believe this is partially due to them not being able to touch their face. Humans have actually been shown to touch our encounters up to 16 time an hour. Every time we do, we hazard knocking something into our eyes. 

Guinea pigs don’t have such negative habits.

Blinking Frequency differs from Piggy to Piggy

Guinea pigs blink at different rates, and that rate depends on your environment and also health. Also, guinea pigs that feel secure might blink an ext often.

When guinea pigs stayed in the wild, every time a piggy blinked was a minute a predator could sneak up on them. Thus, castle were more prone to maintaining their eyes open at (almost) all times. 

Do Guinea Pigs Blink as soon as They Sleep?


You could think this a weird followup concern until we tell you the guinea pigs sleep through their eye open!

That’s right! and it is for the same reason as we stated above: open eyes means being less likely to end up being prey.

Sure, her guinea pigs must not need to worry about such things from the lull of her home. But try telling the to your stubborn instincts. 

Sleepy Blinks

However, guinea pigs have the right to blink while they sleep. However it is only for the same factors as as soon as they room awake.

If something gets in a sleeping guinea pig’s eye, they simply blink it out instinctively. Likewise, they on regular basis (though not that often) blink to store their eyes moist when asleep.

This second reason for blinking will certainly be even less usual than as soon as your cavies room awake. Since your guinea pig is using less energy while lock sleep, your eyes will dry out more slowly. Less dry eyes means less blinking. 

Do Guinea Pigs Blink when Startled?

It is perhaps one of the most typical reactions when human beings are surprised or startled. We blink rapidly. Well, the or our eyes walk wide.

Guinea pigs, they room a bit an ext reasonable. They carry out not seem to blink when startled or scared. 

Instead, they save their eyes vast open for any kind of threats or dangers. In our opinion, this provides plenty the sense.

My Guinea Pig Blinks a Lot. Is the Okay?

Excessive blinking might be a authorize you got soap in your guinea pig’s eyes!

If your guinea pig blinks a lot, it might be a sign that something is bothering lock in their environment. Usually, it means that miscellaneous is bring about irritation in their eyes.

A few things to check for are:

Soapy Eyes

Knowing just how to give a guinea pig a bathtub is necessary to their safety. In general, guinea pigs won’t require you to bathe them, as they save themselves many clean on your own.

However, sometimes they do require a bath. In these cases, the is crucial to save soap out of their eyes. Even a tiny amount deserve to cause significant irritation for her guinea pigs. And they might start blinking a lot.

If friend do must bathe her guinea pig, be sure to usage a shampoo that is for sure for guinea pigs prefer this one ~ above Amazon. It will minimize irritation and also keep your piggy literally squeaky clean!


Some varieties of bedding such together cedar can irritate your guinea pig. In fact, just aspen is for sure as lumber bedding. For safe and high-quality timber shaving bedding, try this great aspen bedding indigenous Amazon.

However, us recommended using softer bedding. It might need come be readjusted more, however it is gentler overall. Kaytee makes fantastic and safe bedding for guinea pigs. And also if you gain a subscription you deserve to save a many on Amazon.

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While guinea pigs normally aren’t bothered by scented products, over there is a opportunity they might bother your guinea pig. Part items come look the end for include:

CandlesIncenseOil diffusersScented spraysAnything scented and airborne!

If her guinea pig seems to blink more when you usage these products, it might be worth changing them out for gentler products. 

Eye Injuries

Another factor for constant blinking might be a minor eye injury. If your guinea pig scratched or otherwise injured their eye, you likely will see an ext blinking.

Look for some indicators of eye injuries, including:

RednessSwellingEye discharge

If you an alert any of this signs, us recommend acquisition a pilgrimage to your neighborhood exotic pet vet. Lock should have the ability to handle the from there. 

Do your Guinea Pigs Blink? Share her Experience

Have you ever won a staring contest with her furry potatoes? If so, did you do it proven yourself an ext powerful than we are. How about it? execute your guinea pigs blink? Or space they wide-eyed every day and also night. Share your guinea pigs’ actions with united state so we have the right to all learn more about these adorable creatures.