1899 Indian head penny value is over $8 as soon as your coin is just moderately worn. The amount of visible architecture remaining is really important come value.

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Condition is vital to just how much your Indian coin is worth. Old pennies the circulated come the suggest their style is just an synopsis are precious in the $1 come 2 disagreement range. Look closely at the headband on you coin, just above her eye. If components of "LIBERTY" are visible the coin is in much better condition than most and also of higher value.

Pictured is an 1899 Indian penny in "uncirculated" condition, this coin never gone into circulation and fortunately continues to be as minted. You deserve to see LIBERTY is clearly visible as part of the headband. Rarely in this condition and considered the most desirable as a collectible, values deserve to reach right into the numerous dollars. Auction results and images of one the finest know 1899 pennies is in-depth below.

You deserve to determine the worth of her coins. Simply after the worth chart view the section on "grading" the condition of your coin. By mindful examination and comparison come the grading pictures you begin to nearby in on an exact 1899 Indian head coin value. The is a action by step process for every of her coins.

1899 Indian Head penny ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1899 Indian Head Penny value Updated2021
1899 $1.55 $2.49 $9 $32

Rare 1899 Indian penny Survivor

Of the millions minted, pictured is an 1899 Indian penny thought about one of just a few hundred enduring in gem quality. The fast majority of these pennies to be released into circulation and also quickly the initial luster and also mint freshness was worn and tarnished.

To the delight of today"s collector that was closely handled and also kept secure from the elements. Not only is this coin "uncirculated" there space minimal abrasions and also the to win is full and crisp providing it the illustration of being produced yesterday. Bright luster glow red and also gold with hardly and also imperfections it was well got by bidders at a David Lawrence rarely Coins auction. A true gem instance raised the value of rare 1899 pennies to $425.

Your 1899 Indian head coin value may not reach the level the the peak tier examples, however in nice condition with minimal wear that is welcome to countless collectors.


Careful Grading Finds accurate 1899 Penny worth

Judging a coin’s state of preservation is recognized as "grading" by dealers and collectors. Exactly how well her coin has actually survived and also the quantity of wear to its surface ar determines value. Through using key elements of the architecture you can judge the extent of undertake on her coin. Remember, couple of of this old Indian pennies stay in over average condition today, examine each closely.


Uncirculated: Shortly ~ minting, this 1899 coin was placed away and never used. You coin may have actually toned a brown color and is no longer the glowing red when an initial minted. However, the highest parts that the style have no been disturbed by wear. The very first to exhibition abrasions is hair over the eye and curls behind her neck. Inspect the Indian‘s cheek, hair and also ribbon listed below her ear and also the tips of the feathers. If over there is any kind of wear, these areas show a smoothing to the surface and also the initial luster is disturbed.


Extremely Fine: Sharply defined details, consisting of the finer elements, explains an Indian penny in "extremely fine" condition. Looking carefully at the head band, all letters in LIBERTY are fully separated. Slight wear is existing overall, yet all components are bold. Your coin should stand out as very pleasing to the eye and also highly detailed.


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Fine: As a collectible coin, 1899 Indian head penny worth is generally dual a lesser grade example. Middle wear v ample information remaining is the illustration of a "fine" class penny. Wear has diminished the highest details considerably but not to the suggest of merger one into the other. The ribbon behind she neck is quiet separated from the hair, although worn smooth together it crosses.

Good: 1899 pennies in "good" condition are still taken into consideration a start collectible grade. Although worn to virtually an outline, her portrait still reflects slight detail. The lettering and date along the in salt is plainly visible however in shallow profile. If her coin has avoided any kind of serious dents and also nicks and also is not any worse than just described, the is thought about solid because that the grade. Additionally, if a little amount the roundness is visible to her challenge your 1899 Indian head penny worth is contempt higher.