Story Highlights Fans have actually queued through the night for tickets come Michael Jackson"s concerts 750,000 ticket to concerts at London"s O2 Arena sell out in 4 hours King of popular music calling the performances a "final curtain call" Tickets already being readily available for resale at a price of up $35,000



LONDON, England (usmam.org) -- Tickets because that Michael Jackson"s 50 "final curtain call" concerts in London marketed out in tiny over 4 hours Friday.

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The tickets went on sale at 7 a.m., v fans queuing since Wednesday. Castle were restricted to 4 tickets per family at a cost of up to $105 for basic admission. VIP tickets price up to $1,100. Roughly 750,000 were sold.

ticket have already appeared virtual for resale, through one person seeking $35,000 because that VIP ticket to the opening display on July 8.

Jackson originally announced the would perform 10 mirrors at London"s 20,000-capacity 02 Arena, but substantial demand has actually seen a more 40 dates added. The king that pop"s run is currently scheduled to end up next February. watch Jackson pan nab an initial ticket »

O2 owners, AEG Live, said as result of the "incredible level that interest" -- pre-sale ticket to 10 concerts readily available on Thursday marketed out in ~ minutes -- Jackson had agreed to add the extra dates. watch Michael Jackson"s notice »

chris Edmonds, Ticketmaster"s controlling director, claimed they "had witnessed an unprecedented level that demand" for the concerts. Http://www.michaeljacksonlive.com/

Ayesha Obi to be the an initial in line at the O2 to get a ticket and also was in tears.

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"I to be hoping to just get the opening night. Any an excellent seats would"ve been fantastic. Yet front row? I"m over the moon. I"m very happy. Really proud. Really pleased."

She had been at the venue because Wednesday night but said it was worth it.

"I"ve always wanted to check out him perform live. I"m happy he"s offered us that chance now.

"He"s a legend in spite of all the debate in his past."

Gennaro Castaldo, spokesman because that UK music retailer HMV, claimed Jackson was currently reaping the services of hosting the concerts.

"Sales the Michael"s albums are beginning to display a discernible increase, albeit indigenous a reasonably low sales basic at this early stage. However, if demand is picking up now, imagine what it will certainly be choose in July, as soon as Michael actually kicks turn off his live performances."

Castaldo said sales the his "King that Pop" album released in August had increased four-fold, if sales the "Thriller" had virtually doubled.

Jackson, a boy star with the Jackson five who go on to gain stellar solo success with classic albums such as "Thriller" and "Bad," has actually rarely been viewed in public since he was acquitted on boy molestation charges in the U.S. In 2005.

Timeline gallery of the highs and lows of Jackson"s life »

Rumors of jae won difficulties and also health problems -- in 2008 he to be photographed being driven in a wheelchair -- have swirled around the famously eccentric star in current years.

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last year he sold his above Neverland ranch and he has actually spent lot of his time because his acquittal living in Bahrain.

The auction house, Julien"s, is offering Jackson"s Neverland property including the gates, the singer"s well known white-jeweled glove and also a stretched Rolls Royce. watch what Jackson memorabilia is being offered »