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Hi.We have actually a 2003 Odyssey with about 91K miles on it. Take it it in for a organization call and they claimed the alternator is shot.We live in DC. Is $695 a reasonable charge? Is this something my husband, a novice, can buy the part and readjust himself? probably I should discover a mom/pop specialty shop?Just seemed a small high. I should get ago to castle today, so any advice would certainly be great. Thanks.

Rockauto many expensive price consisting of core charge is $300. They have actually 3 others that room cheaper. I think one hour labor at $80, therefore $380 would certainly seem reasonable come me. $695? OUCH! Looked in ~ Honda list price, around $400 or so because that the component only.Guess girlfriend will have to decide...
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That"s a rip-off ! SL Honda lists the as around $300.|ALTERNATOR+(DENSO)+(You can also buy a re-manufactured one at nearly any autoparts keep for lot less and if it"s easy, DIY.IMO, don"t walk the dealer way.
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Have friend tried simply replacing the battery ($65) to see if over there is undoubtedly a trouble with the alternator???
Well, I dubbed around and also this dealership is a ripoff. Other locations I referred to as quoted $450 because that parts/labor.I guess: v it"s feasible the battery is bad. Ns think the battery was changed recently, though. Is it tough to replace the alternator yourself?
Anybody recognize how accessible this alternator is because that a 2003 Odyssey EX? If it"s easy, perhaps I"ll have the husband do it himself.

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Just come be sure it is indeed a faulty alternator friend can check the Charging Circuit if the charging device indicator (battery light in dash) does no come on or does no go off, or the battery is dead or low. Inspect in the following order: battery (as stated in the short article above), charging mechanism indicator, alternator/regulator circuit, and alternator regulate system.To replace the alternator:1 Make certain you have actually radio code and record terminal presets from the radio.2 Disconnect neg cable first then pos native battery.3 eliminate alternator/compressor belt by removing splash shield on 2002-2004 models and also relieving tension from the auto-tensioner. Eliminate belt.4 Disconnect the alternator 4P connector and also Black cable (8.7 lbf.ft).5 eliminate mounting bolt (33 lbf.ft), alternator bracket mounting bolt (16 lbf.ft), then eliminate the exploit clamp (8.7 lbf.ft) indigenous alternator bracket.6 download in turning back order.7 enter anti-theft code and also presets.8 do PCM idle learn procedure and also power window control unit reset procedure (2003-2004 models).9 set clock.
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