Mountain Dew is one of the most famous sodas top top the market. But how much sugar space you consuming as soon as you “Do The Dew”?

Let’s take it a closer look at at exactly how much street you can discover in various serving sizes.

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So, how much street is in a mountain Dew?The quick answer to this question: it will rely on the dimension container. A 12 oz can has actually 46 grams the sugar, and a 16 ounce can has 61 grams that sugar.

A 20-ounce party will have actually a whopping 77 grams of street in one bottle. A liter will have actually less than double the amount v 124g in one bottle.

Go increase a half liter and also you get 60 extra grams the sugar. And also finally, a 2-liter bottle will certainly yield 276 grams the sugar.

Again, that’s a whole lot of sugar for just the daily value. A 20-ounce party has almost 20 teaspoons that sugar.

That is means more than what you could need ~ above a regular basis.

According come the American heart Association, guys should typical no much more than at least 36 grams of sugar per day or 9 teaspoons.

For women, it’s 25 grams or 6 teaspoons. Looking at this bottles alone, a 20-ounce party is just over dual of what friend need.

What you’ll probably notification is the the Nutritional truth don’t show “Added Sugars” unlike some soda labels.

But remainder assured, over there are included sugars in hill Dew including High fructose Corn Syrup (or HFCS). Over there long has been a discussion around the difference in between total and added sugars and also why they are being labeled to start with.

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How lot Sugar Is In A 16 Ounce hill Dew?

Mountain Dew has 16-ounce cans because that those that want something slightly larger in size.

A 16 ounce can contain 61 grams that sugar. That is the identical of virtually 15 teaspoons the sugar. When again, it’s more than sufficient sugar to take it in top top a everyday basis.

Because the its slightly big size, these are ideal sellers due to the fact that they are sold individually.

Meanwhile, 12-ounce cans space no longer sold individually in most convenience stores and are typically sold in 12 or 24 packs.

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How much Sugar Is In A 12 Ounce hill Dew?


A 12 ounce can of mountain Dew has actually 46 grams of street in total. Also at one of the smallest serving size available, the is still more than sufficient of the daily limit.

This will certainly estimate about 10 teaspoons the sugar. When one could be sufficient for the job (if girlfriend so choose), an ext than that could be simply pushing it.

Knowing exactly how much sugar is contained in either one have the right to or bottle could be sufficient to reconsider your soda drinking habits.

If girlfriend think mountain Dew is among the sodas that has the many amount that sugar, climate you’re right.

But there space others out there that just might provide the Dew a operation for that money.

Read ~ above to discover out which other sodas have the most sugar.

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Which Soda has The most Sugar?

Out of 5 of the most renowned soft drinks, Mountain Dew has the most sugar.

Taking a look at the grams per liter, hill Dew comes in with simply a tiny over 121 grams that sugar.

Not far behind is one more soda in the PepsiCo family, Mug root Beer.

It has 114 grams the sugar.

And if you thought apple juice was healthy, climate guess what?

There is one sort that you could want to scrape off the list. Minute Maid’s apologize Juice comes in v 109.62 grams every liter.

That’s pretty scary considering it is the one non-carbonated beverage that has actually the many sugar.

Circling ago to the carbonated side of things, Pepsi has actually 109 grams of sugar per liter through Coke rounding out the top five with 105 grams the sugar. Also though there space plenty that sodas the end there, they still have an ext than sufficient sugar than the daily limit.

If friend are trying to find a sugar-free approach, there’s always the diet or zero street options. Store in mind though that few of these zero sugar options may have much more caffeine compared to continual sodas.

One that the main reasons why this sodas have actually the greatest amount of sugar is the quantity of high fructose corn syrup.

And it deserve to be found in most sugary beverages that you can uncover (and the can also be uncovered in many foods). As such, if you are looking to reduced down ~ above sugary beverages, moderation is among the most necessary things the you can do.

As mentioned before, diet and zero sugar options will more than likely be more to her liking. Or if you great to perform so, you can simply quit soda altogether (which can be a difficult task).

Also, if you want to acquire down to specifics ~ above which mountain Dew has actually the many sugar, let’s simply say the larger the serving size the more you get.

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Of every the sodas ~ above the market, it’s no surprise to see Mountain Dew at the peak of the list.

Especially as soon as it has so lot sugar even if it is it’s in a 12 ounce deserve to or a 2-liter bottle.

Should hill Dew be a soda the is precious steering clean from? many likely, yes.But if friend want an ext caffeine
and also want a sugar-free alternative, you may want to consider other options like Pepsi Zero or even Diet hill Dew.

Even then, there are still many of sodas on the sector that space loaded v sugars. There room plenty that sugar-free alternatives.

Also, the lesson here is that even if you scale ago on soda, there room non-carbonated beverages out there that may also be packed with sugar (like apologize Juice).

It’s constantly a an excellent idea to check the labels prior to purchasing your following soda or juice so you know just how much sugar you room consuming.

While there are so plenty of flavors of mountain Dew the are obtainable today, the quantity of street still continues to be the same regardless of flavor.

But still, it might be wise to drink soda in moderation if you room one of numerous that enjoy hill Dew. It need to be pointed out that earlier this year, Mountain Dew exit a zero-sugar version that the soft drink and has got some popularity because then.

It was an different to those that wanted a richer taste contrasted to Diet mountain Dew, which appeared to taste a bit more watered down.

IF after analysis all this and you’re tho after that hill dew fix then girlfriend can acquire a case here top top Amazon. Please consume in moderation.

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