We every love to include a little of flavor and also spice here and also there in our lives. And the exact same goes because that our meals. And nothing walk this much better than the acting paprika.

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However, if you’re not mindful enough friend might add smoked paprika an ext than needed. This might change the taste of your dish however you have the right to fix this appropriate away!

So what to carry out if you add too much smoked paprika?

All you have to do is include a factor to neutralize your dish. You deserve to decrease the smoky flavor of the paprika in your dish. Simply by including any the the following: dairy products, proteins, vegetables, or also acids! Sometimes, adding sugar and honey additionally helps to decrease the smokiness. They also counteract the summer sprouts level of her dish.

These room some means to fix your dish in instance it has more amount of exhilaration paprika than needed. To understand the detailed methods of neutralizing smoked paprika, read along!

How lot Smoked Paprika Is also Much?

You can not recognize when her dish becomes as well paprika-flavored. And also we nothing blame you. That’s because smoked paprika has actually a an extremely low spice range. For this reason it only adds a gentle flavor to her dish.

This is a common mistake a many us make- paprika or acting paprika space not spicy. Allow us explain this in regards to the Scoville range for your convenience-

Pepper TypesScoville scale (measure in warmth units)Amount that sugar-water to dilute to zero heat
Sweet smoked paprika100-250 SHU100-250 cups
Hot exhilaration paprika500-1,000 SHU500-1000 cups
Pepperoncini100-500 SHU100-500 cups
Jalapeno2500-8000 SHU2500-8000 cups

You can plainly see the difference in freckles levels among other peppers. If you have the right to endure a jalapeno or pepperoncini, smoked paprika will certainly be nothing contrasted to it.


However, too lot of it might make your dish a tiny too smoky. Acting paprika is well-known for its impact of smokiness in the dish. 

But there is a limit to this smokiness. And also there are two means you have the right to identify if the limit has actually been crossed. The two approaches for cross-checking her dish are-

Visual Difference

Sprinkling acting paprika while food preparation sounds harmless. However how will certainly you know if you’ve included too much? Well, store an eye out for signs.

One of the first signs the will catch your attention is the color of her dish. If you’ve added way too much paprika, you’ll watch the shade of your dish changing. It either becomes too red or too brown.

Let’s mean you’re make a beef stew. For this reason after adding smoked paprika, you’ll see the curry turning red gradually. This is an evident indication of method too lot smoked paprika.

Flavor Difference

While cooking, you could not an alert the extra little bit of exhilaration paprika added. Possibly the shade hasn’t adjusted but the taste surely has.

The best method to check is to simply taste it. Take a spoon and also taste your dish. If you think the smokiness is just about right, you can stop worrying. If friend think the smokiness has made the taste a little pungent, begin preparing for damage control.

Now if girlfriend think your dish has too lot smoked paprika, then you can move ~ above the techniques of neutralizing her dish-

How come Neutralize Too lot Smoked Paprika 

Smoked paprika or Spanish paprika, everything you surname it, has end up being popular rather recently. The adds the BBQ smokiness us all love and also want more often in our dishes. The finest thing about using smoked paprika is that it does not need a many heat.

Luckily, too much smoked paprika in a food does not need a most work to fix it. Since of its soft flavor and also spice level. Those more, including too lot smoked paprika doesn’t mean you need to discard the whole dish. And also the finest part? It’s completely fixable, and also the dish will be earlier to common in no time!


There space a number of factors that can neutralize your dish. These components can be used for any kind of kind of dish- sweet or spicy. 

To be much more specific, the smell of the dish counts on the form of acting paprika you have overused. The two popular kinds are-

Sweet acting PaprikaHot acting Paprika

Depending ~ above the usage of these two paprikas you deserve to proceed to any type of of the perfect methods. Stop dive in-

Method 1: conserve Your warm Dish

If friend were too heavy-handed with hot smoked paprika, this method is for you. Specifically if you didn’t know the exactly amount of smoked paprika forced in her recipe.

There are multiple options you can opt for depending upon the dish and also the odor you want in them. This is what you deserve to do to change the game of your dish-

Add Potato to Soak The excess Spice

This is just one of the typical ways come neutralize your dish. Potatoes are the best absorbers of spice in any given dish. Including potatoes will additionally reduce the soot of the summer sprouts level.

Potatoes reduce the smoky smell you wanted to avoid. Though they could increase the serving of her dish an ext than what friend intended.

Add Meat come Decrease The Intensity

Another quick means to counteract your smoked paprika is through adding much more protein. Exhilaration paprika in a beef stew or chicken dish brings the end the best of flavors. However, adding excess smoked paprika might destroy the flavor you wanted, do it too rich and smoky.

In this case, add an ext pieces the beef/chicken/fish. This will decrease the strongness of spice to a certain level. And soon you’ll discover the smokiness in your dish gone.

Add Dairy come Mask The Paprika Flavor

Yes! You have the right to use any sort of dairy products product in your dish come mask the smokiness and also the summer sprouts intensity. There are recipes that require smoked paprika and also any dairy products product. For instance, the brilliant recipe Hungarian chicken paprikash calls for pairing dairy and smoked paprika.


The most common dairy ingredients space sour cream and also whole milk. Including any of this ingredients method you can neutralize your dish and coat the smoky flavor. 

Let’s say, you’ve used much more than ¼ cup that paprika in your dish. In stimulate to counteract the flavor, you can add less than ½ cup of any dairy product. This will certainly decrease the spice intensity of the dish. Pass you earlier just the appropriate flavor.

Add mountain To alleviate The Intensity

This is the opportunity for friend to come to be a little an imaginative with your dish. Twist the recipe and also get both the tasks done- decrease the smell plus add a small tartness to your dish.

The most common acids that match the paprika and also other seasonings in a dish room lemon/lime juice or vinegar. Vinegar doesn’t change the odor much yet reduces the smokiness. Vinegar likewise reduces the bitterness led to by too much Spanish paprika. However, half a teaspoon of lemon juice add to a tartness come the spice making the odor a perfect combo!

Add Cumin Powder for Warmer Flavor

Cumin flour is recognized for its ability to include a heat flavor to your dish. This spice will certainly decrease not just the soot of smoked paprika but all other spices in her recipe. This creates a warmer flavor of her dish just just how it does because that decreasing the flavor of acting meat.

So adding cumin powder deserve to save her dish by diminish the odor of acting paprika. There room a most cumin powders out there for you to pick from. Yet we’ve discovered these flour to it is in the best for this case-

Here’s a fast comparison of the techniques to save your food from too lot paprika. This will aid you choose the right one-

MethodAdding PotatoAdding meatAdding dairyAdding acidAdding cumin powder
OutcomeThe strongness of paprika will certainly decrease.Reduces the bitterness that the dishMakes the dish creamy and also decreases the flavorIncreases the tartness of the dishMakes the dish more neutral in flavor.
Duration required to neutralize paprika 30 mins10 mins10 mins15 minsLess than 10 mins

Method 2: conserve Your Sweet Dish

Of course, you can make wonderful sweet dishes with smoked paprika. Especially using sweet smoked paprika. And by sweet, we mean savory bowl that have a sweet element to them.

But too plenty of doses the sweet exhilaration paprika could not give you the odor you were looking for. This outcomes in a map of pungency and also smokiness that is no generally preferred in sweet dishes.

You can include any one of the determinants to respond to the smokiness in your dish brought about by the smoked paprika. However, prior to you do, save in psychic the type of flavor profile you desire to walk for. 

So, what can you do to conserve your sweet dish?

Add dairy To against The Bitterness

Like any kind of hot dishes, dairy products can likewise save the sweet dishes v too lot smoked paprika.

If you want to cloak the smokiness and also the bitterness, include any dairy products product. Make certain the product complements your various other dish ingredients as well. Us don’t desire your sweet dish to change its taste. Sour cream and also whole milk is still our favorite choice to add. 

However, you have the right to experiment with any kind of dish by including a small butter. Dairy assets are great way to alleviate the paprika flavor and also enhance the odor of the dish. However, too much milk can be regulated by including flour.

Add street For enhancing The Sweetness

Sugar and paprika have been the oldest of friends. They have created dishes that have marveled us through their delicious flavor. Among these exceptional dishes is the chili. So, if the chili is also tomatoey, the mix of sugar and also paprika counteracts that. 

However, there can be a possibility of the chili having too lot paprika. In that case, including sugar to a dish can decrease the spice and also smoky level.

Another well known duo is the honey and also paprika combo. Including honey to any kind of of the dishes deserve to counteract the smokiness and include a tiny sweetness. If friend don’t want to include honey, you can additionally use agave nectar because that the purpose.

Add Vegetables to Absorb The Spices

Yes! You read that correctly. Some vegetables can absorb the freckles and add sweetness to her dish. This will help decrease the effect of overabundance paprika in your meal.

Vegetables such together corn and carrot can save your dish. All you have to do is chop part carrots/corn and put castle in the food preparation pot. You’ll definitely see the change. However, you must keep in psychic the recipe and flavor file of the dish.

Here’s a quick comparison of every the methods. This will assist you select the right an approach for saving your dish-

MethodAdding DairyAdding SugarAdding Vegetables
OutcomeThe food will end up being creamier and also sweeterThe bitterness of the dish will certainly decreaseThe soot of the odor of paprika will certainly decrease
Duration compelled to neutralize paprika 10 mins10 mins30 mins

Now that you’re fitted to conserve your dish. Look at exactly how you deserve to make certain you don’t overpower her dish again!


Even if exhilaration paprika is no the hottest of spices, it calls for some cautious handling. Therefore the adhering to are some things you need to keep in your mind while handling paprika-

Make sure you chef in low heat due to the fact that paprika burns also quickly.Add tiny amounts of the determinants until you get your desired flavor.Do not put sour cream in noþeles hot.


Question: what’s the difference between paprika and also smoked paprika?

Answer: The an easy difference in between paprika and also smoked paprika is the composition. Paprika is soil from constant pepper. On the various other hand, exhilaration paprika is soil from charred pepper. The pepper is very first burnt in oak fire and also then ground into fine particles.

Question: Is acting paprika healthy?

Answer: how amazing yes! smoked paprika is enriched through vitamin A, capsaicin, and carotenoid antioxidants. These crucial nutrients enhance your cholesterol and also blood street levels. Paprika likewise provides eye wellness benefits and also prevents any kind of sort of inflammation.

Question: how to save smoked paprika?

Answer: Very basic because exhilaration paprika does not require much. Every you have to do is store the paprika in a tightly sealed container. Keep the container far from direct sunlight and heat. The appropriate storage space for smoked paprika is a cupboard or a drawer. Exhilaration paprika loser its result in a timespan the 6-8 months.

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Signing Off

Now the your dish is fixed, you deserve to go back to her guests and also host a wonderful dinner party. Acting paprika is now one the the most renowned spices to add to your dishes. However, execute keep in mental the rule to including the perfect amount of paprika.

Let united state know, which of our methods has actually helped you conserve your dish with too much smoked paprika in the comment section below!