This an equipment is intended to be offered by residential homeowners.It is designed mostly for removing snow from led surfaces, suchas driveways and sidewalks, and other surface for website traffic on residentialor advertisement properties. That is no designed for removing materialsother than snow, no one is it designed for clearing gravel surfaces.

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Note: The maker may leaving rubber point out on brand-new brushed or light-coloredconcrete. Test on an inconspicuous location prior to use.

Read this information carefully to learn how to operate andmaintain her product properly and also to prevent injury and product damage.You room responsible for operating the product properly and also safely.

You may call directly at forproduct safety and also operation training materials, accessory information,help recognize a dealer, or to register your product.

Whenever you require service, actual parts, or additionalinformation, call an Authorized organization Dealer or CustomerService and also have the model and serial number of your product ready. Number 1 identifiesthe location of the model and serial numbers on the product. Writethe number in the an are provided.

Important: v your smartphone or tablet, scan the QR code on the serialnumber decal to accessibility warranty, parts, and also other product information.



Important: If you are using this maker above 1500 m (5,000 ft) for acontinuous period, ensure that the High Altitude Kit has actually been installedso the the engine meets CARB/EPA emission regulations. The High AltitudeKit increases engine performance while preventing spark-plug fouling,hard starting, and also increased emissions. Once you have actually installed thekit, connect the high-altitude label next to the serial decal top top themachine. Contact any kind of Authorized company Dealer to attain theproper High Altitude Kit and high-altitude label for her machine.To find a dealer convenient to you, accessibility our website in ~ call our Customer treatment Department in ~ the number(s) listedin your Emission manage Warranty Statement.Remove the kit indigenous the engine and restore the engine to itsoriginal manufacturing facility configuration as soon as running the engine under 1500m (5,000 ft). Execute not run an engine that has actually been converted forhigh-altitude usage at reduced altitudes; otherwise, you might overheatand damages the engine.If you are unsure even if it is or no your device has been convertedfor high-altitude use, look because that the adhering to label (Figure 3).


This maker complies with ANSI B71.3 specifications.

Read and understand the contents of this Operator’s Manual before you begin the engine.Ensure the everyone utilizing this product knows exactly how to usage the productand understands the warnings.

Do not put your hands or feet near relocating componentson the machine.

Do not operate the maker without every guards andother safety protective gadgets in place and working top top the machine.

Keep clear of any kind of discharge opening. Save bystandersa safe street away native the machine.

Keep youngsters out that the operation area. Never allowchildren to operate the machine.

Shut turn off the engine prior to unclogging, servicing,or fueling the machine.

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You deserve to find added items the safety details in theirrespective part throughout this manual.