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It looks like the brand-new 2010 Toyota Camry calls for 0W-20 engine oil.Here is one excerpt indigenous the owner"s manual:
If SAE 0W-20 is no available,SAE 5W-20 oil might be used.However, it need to be replacedwith SAE 0W-20 at the following oil​
change.It looks prefer all the brand-new Toyota/Scion/Lexus models are moving to 0W-20 for far better fuel economy & cold start performance.Anybody else notification this and also is it accessible at the dealerships?
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Previously, Toyota readily available a selection of 0W-20 or 5W-20.Now, they room recommending 0W-20 only.My guess: v is the 0W-20 is currently readily available in bulk to the dealerships - primarily through Nippon Oil - ENEOS. Lock are likewise the manufacturing facility fill providers of 0W-20 to Toyota.
Previously, Toyota offered a an option of 0W-20 or 5W-20.Now, they room recommending 0W-20 only.My guess: v is the 0W-20 is now readily available in mass to the dealerships - mainly through Nippon Oil - ENEOS. Castle are additionally the manufacturing facility fill supplier of 0W-20 to Toyota.
Yes, v the 07-09, the hand-operated says either 0W20 or 5W20. Various engine through the 2010 (4 cylinder), so perhaps that"s why.
I simply purchased a 2010 camry LE critical week. The assistant components manager called the Toyota manufacturing facility to asking if that ok to usage 5W-20 oil rather of 0W-20. The manufacturing facility said the new 2.5L I4 engine requires artificial 0W-20 oil. Toyota additionally said 0W-20 oil only comes in synthetic. I arrangement to go through the 0W-20 man-made oil. Even if they had actually a traditional oil with a 0W-20 spec, I would be fear to usage such a light typical oil. I would think the synthetic oils will give the essential protection when the oil viscosity is for this reason thin.By the way, the 2.5L engine has actually plenty of power for normal driving. I would certainly only take into consideration a 6 cyl if i planned to tow something.

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You CAN absolutely use 5w20 in a automobile spec"d for imply otherwise is nonsense. Heck, you could even usage 20w50 in that exact same engine. The viscosity rating that the oil will certainly NOT harm the engine - that is hooey. The ONLY exception to the is if you decided to use a thick oil in yes, really cold weather....and a bearing ran dry before the oil warmed up enough and flowed come the bearing. That course, that goes there is no saying, together well, that an oil grade significantly thicker than spec"d will certainly hurt fuel economy. The problem is, what grade is spec"d through the factory, for ideal fuel economy, etc....... And also what will the warranty sheathe ? If the guarantee won"t cover usage of anything but 0w20, because that instance, then so it is in it. Engines created today room made v tighter tolerances than in year past....and that and fuel economic situation are the reasons for "thinner" oils. It certainly would be best, v a new engine, to stick with the factory recommendation. Together it happens, there are NO non-synthetic oils accessible at lower viscocity than "5w...". That is simply due to the fact that conventional oil has actually reached it"s practical technical limit, at that point. It is not possible to produce even thinner typical oil, while maintaining the various other needed features of the finished product. So, because that 0w20....synthetic is it. But, if friend couldn"t find any kind of 0w20, for instance.....and supplied 5w20 rather (or 5w30, etc. For the matter)....NO "engine damage" would result. If someone is dispersing this kind of story around - even a dealer (especially a dealer).... The is irresponsible NONSENSE. Any kind of dealer that says this can well it is in talking about the WARRANTY....but there absolutely is NO technical basis because that this sort of thing.