Changing the oil in her Toyota Camry is among the most recommended ways of maintaining the life of your motor. An altering the oil every 3,000 mile or every 3 months will assist prevent your motor from running on oil that has broken down native the warm of the motor. When an altering the oil in your motor, always change the oil filter too due to the fact that it is contaminated v sediments native the oil that has been running in your vehicle. The new filter will protect against the oil indigenous breaking under sooner.

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Place a drain pan directly underneath the drain plug in ~ the bottom that the motor. The pan should be huge enough to capture 5 qt. The oil.

Unscrew the drainpipe plug v a crescent wrench. Permit all the oil to drain out. Tighten the plug ago to the oil pan v a crescent wrench.

Unscrew the oil filter with an oil filter wrench. The oil filter is situated under the former exhaust manifold.

Dab part motor oil onto her fingers. Spread it approximately the oil filter gasket. This will make the filter easier to remove at the next oil change.

Screw the new oil filter to the oil filter housing with your fingers. Perform not wrench tighten together this will certainly strip the subject in the oil filter.

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. Situate the oil filler lid on the valve cover. Unscrew it v your fingers.

Pour 3 qt. Of oil into the motor. Pull the engine oil dipstick situated in prior of the motor and clean it off through a clean rag. Reinsert the dipstick to examine the oil level. The dipstick has actually marks describe the ideal oil level. Add an ext oil if the dipstick walk not indicate full. To water in the oil in 1/2-qt. Increments.

Start the car, and allow it to operation for 5 minutes. Shut off the car, and enable it come sit for 5 minutes. Inspect the oil level and also add more if needed.


The Toyota takes 4 1/2 qt. The oil. Toyota recommends utilizing 5W-30 oil. Consult your owner"s manual.


Use caution once working under the car. Always work on flat also ground and collection the parking brake.

Contact your neighborhood auto components store or recycling facility to inquire about proper disposal of her old motor oil and filter.


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