below you can discover answers to typically asked questions around record-breaking and also the Guinness world Records applications process, as well for our website and also other assets
You will receive an e-mail with an activation link. Click on the link, and you will certainly be lugged to a dashboard page.Click on the environment-friendly ‘Apply because that a record’ button.Search because that the document that you want to break.When you uncover the record, click the ‘Apply Now’ button. If you cannot find the document you can apply for a brand-new one by click ‘Apply for a new record title’ in ~ the bottom of the page.Complete the application form.

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Once you have submitted your standard Application, our dedicated Records monitoring Team in ~ Guinness people Records HQ will review the application. If you have applied for an currently title, or for a new title that we discover acceptable, we will certainly make the document Guidelines easily accessible to you via your digital account, and the overview to her Evidence. This outlines the proof you should submit in order for Guinness world Records to evaluate the result of your document title attempt. This record will additionally include printable templates of papers to submit to us.

Visit our how to collect and submit proof to gain an idea that the evidence you need to administer as part of your record attempt.

All proof must be submitted online. You can upload your evidence by logging into your account. Please perform not send evidence to Guinness world Records by article as all document types are accepted online.

After this, our experienced Records administration Team will assess her evidence. If her attempt is confirmed as successful, you will be eligible for one complimentary Official GUINNESS people RECORDS™ Record-Holder Certificate to confirm your record-holder status!

Unfortunately we space unable come respond to letters, for this reason please do an application digital or examine our contact page.

Please carry out not send us evidence prior to submitting an application and receiving your guidelines, together we will not be able to procedure it.

Guinness civilization Records has an expertly trained Records administration Team who undertake considerable research and verification check to confirm whether a brand-new record title has been achieved.

When you send an application for a new record title, Records group Specialists closely assess that to confirm whether or not your proposal can be accepted. When you submit your proof for a new or existing title, the Records administration Team will certainly run considerable checks on this proof to confirm whether it is sufficient enough to demonstrate that friend have achieved the record title in question.

If you are submitting an application, the is important that you carry out us v as much information as possible, including:

What you want to achieveHow, where and also why you want to achieve itAny web links that may aid our team to understand your proposal.

During the application procedure you will have the ability to search our whole database that records and also find out if we currently have a record equivalent your idea and also what the target to beat is.

If her proposal because that a new title is accepted, or if friend are applying for an existing title, friend will get your accuse to attempt the record; that is vital that you review these and also the evidence inspect list fill carefully, and file all asked for evidence. This is for this reason our team deserve to assess every evidence listed and verify whether your attempt has actually been successful.

It is also important the you ask any kind of questions fine in advancement of any type of record attempt. This is to ensure we have actually time come respond, as it deserve to take approximately 2 weeks for us to get earlier to you. If your application has been accepted, friend will have the ability to send every correspondence via your digital account directly to your documents manager.

Visit our how to collect and submit proof to obtain an idea the the evidence you require to administer as component of your document attempt.

For new record principles please note that Guinness civilization Records only recognises world records. We perform not verify nationwide / country certain achievements.

All Guinness human being Records document titles need to fulfill vital criteria including:

Measurable - Is it the fastest / longest / most heavy / most?Breakable - have the right to the record be broken or repeated by someone else? all our record titles need to be open to being challenged.Standardisable - have the right to the record title be done universally? for example, it can not be regarded something restricted to a region.Verifiable - deserve to the case be proven? because that example, a case such together ‘the male who never drank water’, deserve to never be verified unless the male spent his entirety life from birth under monitoring by a witness.One Variable – We can verify the biggest painting but would not think about the biggest painting through the most people.Universal - The proposal should be something, or around something that is known to the world majority. It cannot be too particular / regional.Substantially various from a existing record - If your record suggestion is comparable to other we currently have, we will certainly ask girlfriend to rest the present record rather than approving a sports of the very same title.

Unfortunately, our kids Records space not currently open because that proposals on brand-new titles, however you can apply for ours existing records via our kids Website and also we suggest you inspect this page for any brand-new Kids document releases in the future

We at this time hold much more than 15,000 records online, so if you wish to find out if a record exists, please feel free to explore our website!

You have the right to locate a document by using the search and also entering keyword(s).

To search for details keywords, please use quotation marks (“xxxx”), as this will present all outcomes containing your liked keywords.

If you still can’t uncover what she looking for, it may be that the document you room interested in has not to be updated on our website yet, is no a document that we at this time monitor or right now does no exist.

If you are enquiring about a record to rest or set, then please it is registered an account v us. Then login, click ‘Apply because that a record’ in her dashboard to make an application. You will have the option to 'Apply because that a new Record Title' if you cant discover the record you are looking for.

As we do not administer an individual consultative service, us are at this time unable to answer questions relating come multiple document enquiries or specific detailed document enquiries.

You can likewise review the rest of our FAQ section for an ext answers.

We assess each and every application that we receive - however many can not be recognised together a human being record. (See: What renders a Guinness world Records title)

We do not accept applications based upon subjective procedures for example - beauty, kindness, loyalty.Other activities that space not records incorporate those which are not sufficiently challenging, those which are too specific to a single person or anything the is unbreakable.We execute not endorse unsuitable tasks or those which could reason potential harm or peril to spectators / animals.We carry out not permit civilization under the age of 16 to attempt or host records which are thought about unsuitable for minors. In this instances Guinness human being Records works in association v the main regulatory body for the certain skill / sport.

As the world's unrivalled government on record-breaking achievement, our role is come celebrate the world’s best, come inspire ordinary people and also to entertain and also inform.

For this reasons, we execute not pay record-breakers for their achievements or for carrying out a record title attempt. Us are additionally unable come cover any expenses, offer sponsorship or carry out equipment for anyone attempting a record.

In addition, we room unable to do contributions to individuals, charities or businesses. This is come maintain our unbiased stance as the world's global record breaking authority and to ensure the we room truly inclusive of every applicants.

Some the the many frequently damaged records include the Longest DJ marathon, the Heaviest article lifted with glue and also the Most to apologize bobbed in one minute! another record the is broken regularly is the Oldest human in the world, yet the oldest person ever before remains Jeanne Louise Calment who lived to be an significant 122 years and 164 work old.

The individual who holds the many Guinness human being Records titles is Mr. Ashrita Furman. That is attempting and breaking records all the time, yet at last count he had an ext than 191 current Guinness people Records titles! Those encompass the records for long-distance pogo-stick jumping, many glasses well balanced on the chin, most hop-scotch gamings in 24 hours and also fastest time to pogo-stick up the CN Tower. Ashrita has actually inspired countless people, and also there is a growing number of prolific document holders nowadays.

There are much more than 40,000 present records in ours database, but due to an are constraints, we have the right to only publish roughly 4,000 records in the book yearly which always makes the a challenging decision because that our editorial team and also editor-in-chief!

If your document hasn't to be selected because that publication, there's constantly a opportunity that it might be had in future editions, or that may appear on our official website.

There are an ext than 40,000 current records in our database and we shot our best to feature as numerous as possible online. We at this time include over 15,000 records online i m sorry we update every week, so make certain to inspect the website regularly!

For any record titles linked with large amounts of food, our document Guidelines stipulate the it must either be consumed or spread for consumption after ~ it has actually been measured. Similar to all record titles, the document Guidelines should be adhered come in order to be thought about a effective Guinness people Records title.

Please describe our record policies page.

If you would like an official Guinness world Records referee to attend your record attempt and carry out on the point out verification, you might be interested in reading an ext about the solutions we can administer to her business.

To call our advertisement team, visit the organization solutions section and select the option to call an Account Manager.

If you wish to rest an existing record or collection a brand-new record, and want to see the guidelines, friend will have to submit an online application first.

Each applications for a brand-new record location is the evaluation individually by one expert and also we space unable come tell friend if her record have the right to be accepted by email or phone.

If you need some concepts on what come choose, take it a look in ~ What makes a Guinness world Records title? or check out our documents showcase for inspiration.

Also visit our guide to proof page to acquire an idea that the evidence you need to provide as part of your document attempt.

Please note, we cannot respond come postal enquiries.

We do not carry out individual consultative solutions as component of the Self-service application. Every Self-service applications proposals must be make via ours website by submitting an application.

Before suggesting a brand-new record, please check out What provides a Guinness civilization Records title?

If friend are using on behalf of a business, company or non-profit organisation, you may be interested in our record Consultancy Service.

Yes, depending on the type of document you wish to attempt. However, if you space under the age of 13, friend will require either a parent or guardian to create an account and also submit the applications on her behalf.

If you need some advice on what is a record then please have actually a look at What provides a Guinness human being Records title?

Don’t forget, friend can always explore our records Showcase to obtain some good ideas too!

Guinness human being Records enforces a minimum age limit of 16 year old on a number of record categories. This are frequently for highly physical, danger or endurance based records. There are additionally other documents we take into consideration unsuitable for human being under the period of 16 come attempt, this is at Guinness civilization Records discretion.

If she under 16 you’ll be unable to use for the record, so us encourage friend to use again when you’re older. In the while please search the website for other records you deserve to attempt.

I have received a chain letter/email that states i'll acquire into a Guinness civilization Records publication if i send the message on and do no break the chain. Is the genuine?

Guinness civilization Records does no accept any kind of records relating come chain letters, sent by article or e-mail.

If you get a letter or an e-mail which assures to i announced the surname of all those that send it on, that is no genuine.

Even if it claims that Guinness human being Records or the postal service are involved, we space not and also no together attempt would certainly be recognised together a world record.

Guinness world Records receives end 50,000 record applications a year - almost 1,000 applications every week. To permit us to administer the best feasible service come everyone, we have placed a limit of 3 applications every person during a 24 hour period.

If you have actually reached your limit, friend will gain a message on her dashboard that will tell you how long you need to wait till you deserve to make one more application.

Priority application / Priority proof Review

I want to make a Priority Application. Exactly how does the work and also how do I make the payment?

You can pick the Priority Application service during the virtual application procedure when you very first submit her application. If you decision you want to rate things up a little later, you can switch come Priority application at any type of time. If you choose the Priority applications option, her application will be reviewed in ~ 5 functioning days. Regular application processing can take approximately 12 weeks*.

To perform this, please login to her Guinness civilization Records account, choose the relevant application and also click on update to Priority Application.

Once you have sent united state your evidence, girlfriend can also purchase ours Priority evidence Review organization to prioritise the review of the evidence and also the approval of your record.

The Priority proof Review business is only easily accessible AFTER we have received your complete evidence, and will ensure the your proof is reviewed in ~ 5 working days (waiting times space up to 12 weeks* for typical applications).

We right now accept 2 methods of payment for Priority Application and also Priority evidence Review: PayPal and Worldpay.

If you favor to pay by financial institution transfer, please request one invoice once you involved the payment page throughout the application procedure and follow the instructions.

Please note: our Priority Application company is not an individual consultative service and only speeds up the standard application process. Utilizing the Priority Application process does not guarantee that your application will certainly be successful, and also we carry out not concern refunds if your applications is unsuccessful.

If you space a brand or agency please monitor our account regulated services route.

*Please note - Our normal wait times room sometimes prolonged when we have larger than common volumes the applications. 

Please describe our existing application waiting times web page for the most up-to-date information.

Our priority application and evidence testimonial services are only easily accessible to people or small groups whose primary purpose for attempting a document is an individual achievement.

If you space attempting a document on instead of of one organization, please contact our Consultancy department where they are consisted of as part of a wide range of products and services to assist maximise the influence of your record attempt. To discover out more about exactly how we deserve to help, visit our company Solutions pages.

Payments have to be do via Paypal or Worldpay and these options are presented when you reach the payment screen when processing an application.If, however, you space unable to pay via these methods, you can generate an invoice and also then species payment via financial institution transfer.Once you have actually selected your product, you will certainly reach the payment screen.Once here, pick the attach “For different payment methods please request an invoice” in ~ the bottom the the payment optionsYou then need to get in your details (name and also address) that will show up on the invoiceThen select “Generate Invoice”The following page will have a connect to your invoice. Choose “View her invoice”Your invoice will pack up in a new window. From here it deserve to be downloaded as a pdf or printedYou should then arrange payment via financial institution transfer to the bank details noted on her invoiceWhen arranging payment, you must include your application recommendation number together the reference on the paymentOnce payment has been received, your application will be pass on for processing. It is crucial that you incorporate your application recommendation number top top your bank transfer come prevent any kind of delays in your application being processedYour application will certainly not begin being processed till the funds space received into our account and also then matched to your applications by ours payment teamN.B. Receipts are not created if you pay via bank transfer

How carry out I acquire a Receipt?

Once friend have produced an application and paid, girlfriend will be able to generate a receipt.Select the pertinent application indigenous the Applications ar of your dashboardScroll down to the section referred to as "Receipt"Select the attach "View your receipt"Your receipt will certainly then load in a brand-new windowFrom right here it can be printed or downloaded as a pdf file

How perform I gain an Invoice?

Payments have to be made via Paypal or Worldpay and these choices are presented as soon as you with the payment screen when processing an application.If, however, you are unable to salary via this methods, you have the right to generate an invoice and then kinds payment via financial institution transfer.Once you have selected your product, you will certainly reach the payment screen.Once here, pick the link “For alternate payment techniques please request an invoice" in ~ the bottom that the payment optionsYou then require to go into your details (name and address) the will appear on the invoiceThen select "Generate Invoice"The following page will have a connect to your invoice. Select "View your invoice"Your invoice will fill up in a brand-new window. From here it can be downloaded as a pdf or printed

Payment of one Invoice

You have to make payment via bank transfer come the bank details detailed on her invoiceWhen arranging payment, you must include your application reference number as the referral on the paymentOnce payment has actually been received, her application will certainly be passed on for processing. That is important that you include your application recommendation number ~ above your bank transfer come prevent any delays in your application being processedYour application will not start being processed until the funds space received right into our account and also then matched to your application by our payment team. Your application standing will show as "Awaiting Payment" until payment is received.N.B. Receipts space not generated when you pay via financial institution transferInvoices deserve to be accessed again in future from your application web page under the ar “Invoice” by choosing the link "View her invoice"

If you room unable to pay via these methods, you can generate an invoice and also then kinds payment via bank transfer.

First, login to your Guinness people Records account and also then make a document application.Once you have actually selected your product, you will reach the payment screen.Once here, pick the connect "For alternate payment techniques please inquiry an invoice"Enter her details (name and address) that will appear on the invoiceSelect "Generate Invoice"The following page will have a link to her invoice. Choose "View her invoice"Your invoice will load up in a brand-new window. From below it deserve to be downloaded together a pdf or printedYou need to then arrange payment via financial institution transfer to the financial institution details listed on your invoiceWhen arranging payment, you must encompass your application recommendation number as the referral on the paymentOnce payment has actually been received, your application will be passed on for processing. The is vital that you incorporate your application recommendation number on your bank transfer to prevent any type of delays in your application being processedYour application will not start being processed till the funds are received into our account and also then matched to your applications by ours payment team

N.B. Receipts are not generated if you salary via financial institution transfer

If friend have currently generated one invoice because that your application you need to pay by financial institution transfer.

If girlfriend would prefer to salary by another an approach you have to cancel your existing application and also start a brand-new one.

You will certainly then have the option to pay by credit card or PayPal. 


I have actually received an e-mail confirming my record Holder status, yet have not got my totally free certificate from Guinness world Records. What must I do?

First the all, congratulations - you are Officially Amazing!

As a Guinness world Records record holder, you will be licensed has been granted to one cost-free record holder certificate.

All freshly approved document holders will need to personally stimulate their very own Record Holder certificate straight from the Guinness world Records Store. Please log right into the store using her login and password for your Guinness people Records account and also your cost-free certificate will be added to her basket automatically. This certificate is free of charge. If you would choose to order any kind of further record Holder certificates climate please include these to her basket.

Please note: We perform not currently administer ‘soft’ or electronic duplicates of certificates.

If her order is because that your complimentary certificate only then friend can choose to have actually them delivered for complimentary via a non-trackable service. Please pick “Free Shipping” on her checkout web page and allow 2-4 weeks indigenous receipt of her order. If you great to upgrade to a tracked service, please choose one of the chargeable shipping options. You will obtain a confirmation email once your stimulate ships. 

If her order consists of other paid-for items as well as your free certificate, the you have actually chosen native the Store, then the Store requires proof of shipment for the paid because that items, therefore unfortunately us cannot offer cost-free non-trackable shipping in this instance so you will require to choose a paid because that courier company to receive every one of your items. If girlfriend incur any type of problems or have any type of questions concerning your order or the status of her order, contact our customer business representatives who are accessible from 9 a.m. Come 5 p.m. GMT Monday through Friday.

Guinness civilization Records has determined to cease using verification password for acquisition of a certificate. If you great to purchase a certificate, then please visit the Guinness human being Records store and refer come the rest of the information in our certificate FAQs.

Please visit the certificates page in the Guinness people Records store and simply click the “Add to Basket. You will certainly be asked come sign-in making use of the email deal with and password the you usage to accessibility your Guinness people Records account.

i have forgotten mine sign-in information and also password. How have the right to I retrieve these?

Please use our forgotten password role to reset your password.

ns ordered my free certificate but it’s not arrived? What have the right to I do?

Orders deserve to take native 2 - 4 weeks come arrive. If you have actually waited end 4 weeks and have still not received your bespeak please call us on the Guinness world Records store.

I’m no a document Holder yet I took part in an event. Exactly how do I acquisition a Certificate the Participation?

Visit the Guinness people Records save certificate page and also simply click on the ‘add to basket’ underneath the certificate the participation ar to lug up the ‘Find your official (Guinness human being Records) record breaking event’ box. 

There friend will be able to search for a record Title by entering the date and also country of where the record took place. Once selected, click continue to bring up the search results of all documents that took place in that location and also date. Choose your record Title, click continue and then follow the instructions on the following page to purchase.

If you can’t find your event, as soon as trying to acquisition a certificate in our store then it may simply mean that the event has no been showed yet as an official Guinness civilization Records location (Please call the event organisers to discover out the status of the record attempt and whether they have submitted the evidence). If 16 weeks have passed because the record attempt date, climate please call us v the specific record title, day of attempt, location and Record Holder name for further assistance.

If you carry out not know the date of the event, then we would advise at first, to try searching neighboring dates. If you are still unable to situate your event, climate please call the event organisers directly.

I have actually purchased document Holder assets via the shop but have not got them yet. What need to I do?

If you incur any problems or have any questions concerning your order or the standing of your order, pleased contact our customer business representatives who space are accessible from 9 a.m. Come 5 p.m. GMT Monday with Friday.

Before checkout, you will certainly be asked come review and approve the wording of her certificate. Please carry out not proceed and continue come the checkout stage unless the wording the the certificate is absolutely correct. If over there are any kind of issues v the text on your certificate, please contact us. Please ensure that you plainly state the misprint or misspelling, with your applications reference/claim i would number, specific record title and Record Holder name.

Guinness human being Records have a standardised certificate formula that is adhered to when producing texts for certificates. We perform not 'personalise' or do amendments come certificate messages UNLESS there is a clean error through the certificate text such together a misprint or a misspelling. If you room purchasing a Certificate that Participation, climate you will be able to personalise her certificate with your name, adhering to the instructions on the Certificate of participation page.

How can I bespeak a certificate for an ext than one record if I host several Guinness civilization Records record titles?

If friend would like to order an ext certificates for the exact same GUINNESS human being RECORDS record title, these can be added to your basket – as much as a best of 100 – at any kind of time during the shopping process. If you would like an ext than 100 certificates, please contact us in ~ the Guinness world Records Store.

All official Guinness human being Record titles that you have successfully accomplished will be located on the drop down list for additional certificate purchase. If girlfriend cannot locate your document title ~ above this list, then we would advise you come login to your key Guinness human being Records account to inspect the application status of your document title. If girlfriend have any questions regarding the standing of your application, then you re welcome ensure the you submit an virtual correspondence utilizing the online correspondence device on her application an introduction page (located in ~ the bottom the the page). You can access this device by logging right into your account and also clicking on the record title on her dashboard page.

You deserve to order as much as 100 duplicates of a solitary name certificate via the Guinness world Records store. Because that orders end 100 please contact us. You can order as much as 20 individually named certificates via the store, please contact us because that orders end 20.

Technical problems with website or products

I have actually a technological issue, how can I get it resolved?

If you have actually a technological question concerning the Guinness people Records website, climate please contact us. You re welcome ensure the you carry out us through your registered email address, name, application ID (if applicable) and also if possible, screenshots of the concerns you space experiencing.

We constantly welcome any kind of comments about our publications. These can be sent out to us through the contact Us ar of the website.

Your monitorings will be sent out to our editorial room for more investigation. We always endeavour to achieve the highest possible standards the accuracy.

The Challenger's website is right now closed. We do not right now have a confirmed day for once this site will it is in upgraded and also reinstated.

We currently hold more than 15,000 documents online on ours website, for this reason if you want to find out if a record currently exists, then why not search our record database.

SEARCH TIPS: Hint: keywords work best (e.g."arrow blindfold" or "dog yoga"), not superlatives (e.g."longest", "fastest", "tallest").

If friend still can’t discover what you looking for; the record might not have been to update on ours website yet, or may not exist.

If you space interested in a document that girlfriend cannot uncover online girlfriend will should submit an application to find out if your idea deserve to be embraced as a new record title.

If you need some help, then review What provides a Guinness human being Records title?

We are unable to answer questions around records by phone call or email and also are right now unable come answer questions around records that room not released on our website.

If you have any kind of feedback or suggestions, please acquire in touch.

Updates on applications and also how to call us

how long will certainly it take because that me to acquire a solution to my record-breaking application?

Guinness civilization Records get over 50,000 document applications a year - that's virtually 1,000 applications every week!

Due to the consistently high volume that applications we receive, the waiting times for a solution to a Self-service application have the right to be as much as 12 weeks*.

Once we receive the evidence for your record attempt, it have the right to take up to 12 weeks* for us to evaluation your documentation and let you recognize if your record attempt has actually been a success. 

If you require a speedier response, we advise that you usage the Priority applications service. This is a paid-for service which girlfriend can select when submitting your application. You can upgrade to utilizing this business at any kind of time through logging back into your account.
Visit our overview to proof page to get an idea the the evidence you need to provide as part of your record attempt.

*Please note - Our usual wait times room sometimes prolonged when we have larger than typical volumes that applications. 

Please refer to our existing application waiting times for the most up-to-date information.

Guinness civilization Records room unable come respond to any kind of postal correspondence.

All postal correspondence sent out to Guinness people Records will be securely disposed of ~ above receipt, so you re welcome do no send any type of postal correspondence. If you’re getting in touch about an existing applications please usage the correspondence role on your application.

For noþeles else please browse ours FAQs because that an answer, or contact us.

Due come the high volume of document attempts i m sorry occur across the world and also the restricted storage accessible for physical evidence at our offices, Guinness people Records space unable to accept proof which has been sent via postal services. Any kind of evidence which is sent by article will it is in securely disposed of ~ above receipt and we’re unable to return any evidence to the sender.

All proof for a record attempt must be uploaded to your application with our website. If you room experiencing challenges in uploading evidence please send your records manager a correspondence with your application.

At Guinness world Records we evaluate each application individually and endeavour come get earlier to friend as quickly as us can, yet due come the volume the applications we receive, the can take approximately 12 weeks* to process, so you re welcome bear through us.

If you have actually received notice that her application has actually been embraced you deserve to then usage your digital account, come send united state a article to enquire around your applications progress. To access your digital account, log in in and select the pertinent application and also scroll to the bottom of the web page to the post box. Your message will be delivered directly to the records Manager managing your application.

This facility is only accessible once your application has been accepted and your guidelines have been released to you and it can take up to 2 weeks* to get a response.

If your application and also enquiry is urgent,you may wish to update to the Priority applications service.

You can also check top top the condition of her application, update your file details and also application information, through logging into your account.

We receive virtually 1,000 applications every week and sometimes experience delays. In the unlikely occasion you have actually not obtained a an answer from united state within 12 weeks* the submitting her application, please contact us with your application ID, registered email address and proposed document title. our Customer business team will have the ability to look into this for you.

*Please note - Our usual wait times are sometimes extended when we have larger than typical volumes the applications. 

Please describe our existing application waiting times for the most up-to-date information.

Your applications may have actually been described our Consultancy team i beg your pardon manages our paid for services. Referrals are generally made based on the complexity of the record you have chosen or the potential because that you come require consumption of the Guinness human being Records’ brand name and also assets. Our consultancy team will contact you directly to discover out an ext about her attempt.

Guinness civilization Records Ltd. Room headquartered in London, England. We additionally have regional offices in China, Dubai (UAE), brand-new York (US) and Tokyo (Japan). We have 69 official trained Guinness people Records adjudicators situated across 12 countries, speaking 20 languages. These countries include all our regional offices and also Australia, Germany, India, Italy, Paraguay and Turkey.

If girlfriend would like to suggest a document idea, rest an existing document or obtain the complete guidelines and also rules because that a record, friend will require to first create an digital account, and also then submit an online application. We room unable to provide any record details information over the call or email.

Please do not send us any type of applications or record evidence via write-up without using online first. We room unable to respond to postal enquiries, but if girlfriend do have an enquiry that has actually not been answered on ours FAQ page, then please submit an online enquiry.

If you have a question about a pending application, you re welcome log into your Guinness civilization Records account and also send united state your article using the correspondence box in the applications page. This facility is only obtainable to applicants that have had actually their applications effectively accepted and also whom have received their guidelines and it deserve to take up to 2 weeks* to receive a response.

If you have actually something you'd like to share through the Guinness people Records team, we’d love for you to tweet united state
GWR or visit our facebook page.

*Please note - Our usual wait times space sometimes extended when we have larger than common volumes of applications. 

Please refer to our existing application wait times because that the many up-to-date information.

Waiting times because that a Self-service application can take as much as 12 weeks.*

It deserve to take as much as 12 weeks* for us to assess your application and also send you the guidelines because that your document attempt.

Once we obtain the proof for your record attempt, it deserve to take up to 12 weeks* for us to evaluation your documentation and let you know if your record attempt has been a success.

If you require a speedier response, we advise that you usage the Priority Application service which will rate the processing of your document application to just 5 working days. This is a paid-for business which costs £500 (in the UK) and $800 (in the US) for applications because that existing record titles, and also £650 (in the UK) and also $1,000 (in the US) for applications for brand-new record titles. You can pick this company when submitting her application. If girlfriend have currently submitted a typical Application and decide the you desire to upgrade to the Priority application service, you deserve to do therefore at any time. Come upgrade please log into your account, click top top your document title. ~ above the following page, click on ‘Upgrade come Priority’ and then follow the prompts.

Please note, using the Priority Application organization does not guarantee that your application will be successful and we perform not problem refunds if your application is unsuccessful.

Visit our guide to proof page to get an idea the the proof you require to provide as component of your record attempt.

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*Please note - Our usual wait times room sometimes extended when we have actually larger than typical volumes the applications. 

Please refer to our current application waiting times for the most up-to-date information.


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