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Former Pittsburgh SteelerssafetyTroy Polamalu was among the many feared defenders in football throughout his career, having manned the second at Heinz Field because that 12 years.

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While Polamalu laid down some brutal hits and also came up through some vast interceptions as an NFL player, the many noticeable thing around the Samoan solid safety could just it is in his hair.

Nearly difficult to ignore due to its length, curls and overall volume, it’s impressive Polamalu to be able to placed on his helmet and also face mask amid all the hair.

Polamalu’s hair to be a constant conversation amongst Steelers fans due to the fact that he broke into the NFL in 2003 as an initial round pick out that USC.

TroyPolamalu’s Hair

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TroyPolamalu’s hair was one of the most marketable facets of the pro Bowl safety’s game, therefore it only makes feeling that he would certainly strike endorsement faces some hair product and shampoo companies. The soccer player’s main endorsement throughout his NFL career was Head &Shouldersshampoo, who made use of his long hair in order to industry their product.

According to the Associated Press andESPN, the two-time Super key champ and also Head and also Shoulders had an covenant that observed Polamalu’s hair receive a one million-dollar insurance money policy, i beg your pardon was acquired via Lloyd’s the London.

Yep, that’s right. Polamalu’s hair alone was worth an ext than many world will ever before see in your lifetime, and the shampoo firm was the end to safeguard its compensation investment. That’s not all. Polamalu’s locks were the highest-insured hair on earth according to the Guinness people Records.

It was never ever explicitly proclaimed what necessary to occur in order come anyone to collection on the policy, but throughout the Polamalu’s job there to be multiple incidents of opposing football player grabbing his hair to carry down the room of fame safety.

Kansas City Chiefs running ago Larry Johnson as soon as dragged Polamalu down by his hair throughout an interception return in 2006.


Other players have experienced similar instances of gift tackled by their hair. Former Indianapolis Colts running back Edgerrin James admitted he cut his hair in stimulate to minimize the issue. That wasn’t a size Polamalu to be willing to go to.

In a 2011 interview with glamour.com, Polamalu revealed he went v a “grunge” phase during his time at USC, throughout which his hair became part of his identity. Polamalu additionally claimed the he shampooed and also conditioned his hair every various other day during the continuous season, but tones it under to once a week throughout the offseason.

Managing hair favor that is surely a nightmare. Hell, also the hair top top Polamalu’s statue at the madame Tussauds wax museum in new York was reported to have taken over twice as lengthy to replicate as any kind of other figure in the museum, so managing the genuine thing can’t be an easy task.

Troy Polamalu’s Haircut

In 2013, following his retirement indigenous the NFL, trojan Polamalu shockingly chose to cut his hair for the an initial time in 11 years. Polamalu reduced his hair during the Veterans of international Wars’ Mane occasion at Heinz ar in effort to lug awareness and also offer aid to minimize veterans’ struggles.

While he didn’t remove a the majority of hair, the gesture was still emotional considering he hadn’t cut his hair in end a decade.

For every the occupational Polamalu placed in ~ above the field, acting as a go nightmare because that Steelers rivals such as the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, new England Patriots and also Dallas Cowboys, the strong safety’s hair may just be the many impactful facet of his legacy.

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That says a many when stating a hall of Famer who won 2 Super Bowls and made eight pro Bowls.