i heard an old track by Scooter whereby he sings "How lot is the fish?", realizing the it sounds so irrelevant and stupid the it might be other idiomatic through it.

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Turns out it"s one expression implying that the ahead statement is hitting off-bounds indigenous the current topic. An excusmam.orgent - ns learned miscusmam.organeous new.

Then, I acquired nerdy and also wanted to discover where that expression originates from, as I to be hoping for an interesting story behind it. However, I acquired jack once I googled it.

Anybody knows around the etymology that the expression and what it"s referring?

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I"m not acquainted with the track you refer to, so ns looked increase the lyrics:

I want you back for the rhythm-attack Coming down on the floor favor a lunatic I desire you back, for this reason clean up the dish By the way, exactly how much is the fish? how much is the fish?

I wouldn"t necessarily assume the the lyric "how lot is the fish" straight relates to the English expression "what"s that obtained to carry out with the price of fish", because that a number of reasons.

Firstly, the expression you describe isn"t always fish. I"ve heard it supplied with eggs, rice (perhaps since it rhymes with "price"), and tea in China.

Secondly, the reason for using any type of of the above expressions beginning with "what"s that gained to perform with the price of..." is claimed as a response to imply that a statement made by someone else is a no sequitur, or irregularity to the issue at hand. That is not said to make a conversation irrelevant. The Scooter lyrics do not show up to it is in in the kind of a discussion, quite they seem every to be in the first person.

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Lastly, although i think the lyric is probably simply meant to it is in an aberration, representing a transition in thought, together if the person is distracted, if that is expected to relate to a famous saying there space probably more relevant social references, such as the saying "try the fish", which is periodically tagged ~ above the finish of a monologue to indicate the speaking format of a stand-up comedian who might be contractually obliged to recommend the one-of-a-kind dish in ~ the venue the is performing at. As stated, ns don"t think the is the case.