Welcome ago to Disney Stuff. The basement in the Barry residence was supposed to be because that the kids. “Let’s end up a nice huge room in the basement for the children to pat in and keep every one of their stuff,” appeared to it is in the thought. That course, it seems that my workdesk has finished up under here and consequently…quite a the majority of my “stuff.” The kids don’t mind, really, because most of my “stuff” is, what else, “Disney stuff.“ Granted there room some vintage cameras, some new York World’s same memorabilia and also a smattering of thankful Dead “stuff” as well. The wall surface space, however, is mainly taken up by several of my favourite Disney collectibles. I’m talking around collectible lithographs native The Disney Store and the old Disney directory that were made obtainable as an to exclude, bonus indigenous Disney as soon as you pre-ordered the DVD.

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First that all, what a great deal. A most us out there would have actually pre-ordered the DVDs anyway, however over the years, Disney was known to include a small incentive in the direction of your purchase. I deserve to remember pre-ordering movies from The Disney Catalog and also receiving a pin, a tiny plush character, a collection of 4 lithographs and, of course, the DVD itself. That’s a an excellent little package of ingredient to gain just for pre-ordering. I’ve additionally seen the dwindle under to just one collectible lithograph ~ above occasion. Top top a whole, though, it’s been a nice set of 4 images lifted from scenes of the film, published on decent document and, as the tagline says, suitable for framing.

Nemo, Beauty and also the Beast, Lion King and Lilo & Stitch lithographs. Picture By kris Barry.

I took that tagline fairly seriously and also framed several of this lithos . It’s not initial art, however still. They’re an excellent reproductions with standard scenes from her favorite films and also best that all, castle were basically free. I’m sure Disney tacked top top a small premium in order come cover the expense of the prints, but essentially it was a freebie.

Cinderella and also Mary Poppins lithographs. Photograph By chris Barry.

Currently, we have actually prints native The Lion King, Beauty and also the Beast, Cinderella, Lilo & Stitch, brother Bear, mary Poppins and Finding Nemo on the walls. Waiting patiently in a surrounding drawer for their opportunity to be rotated in are prints native Lady and also the Tramp, The tropical Book, The tiny Mermaid and also 101 Dalmatians and of course, the alternate prints from the afore-mentioned films. That’s simply over 40 prints in all; really a quite collection.

Some the them space older. I have a special commemorative litho from eye White and also the seven Dwarfs from The Disney Store significant 1994. (Doesn’t sound the old, yet let’s challenge it, it was 15 years ago. The Disney store was a slightly different place earlier then.)

A standard shot indigenous the "one that started it all." picture By kris Barry.

Some of them have much more impressive portfolios 보다 others. The Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and Lady and also The Tramp portfolios are an extremely special, almost an ext so 보다 the yes, really prints.

The beautiful but subtle Beauty and also the Beast lithograph portfolio. Picture By kris Barry.

Lady and also Tramp ~ above the cover of their lithograph portfolio. Picture By kris Barry.

My favorite photo of all the portfolios. Chris Barry.

The Lilo & Stitch portfolio also folds out to look choose a surfboard.

Not an approved floatation device. Photo By kris Barry.

Don’t stress if you missed the pre-order on any of these. The sets of lithographs room readily accessible in the web for $20 and also under. I uncovered the Lady and The Tramp collection and the snow White individual the way. All in all, they space a bargain to be had and also have offered us much enjoyment end the years.

Just another means that Disney has of spreading the magic. They don’t need to offer these lithos through the pre-sales. I prefer to think the it together a reward to the lover of classic Disney animation from the firm and a surefire method to honor your treasure trove that magical display screen moments. Ns hope they save doing the in the future.

Thanks because that checking in and also I’ll watch you following time with some an ext of that great Disney Stuff.


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