Who is Gerardo Ortiz and also what is his network worth 2020? Gerardo Oritz, born on the fifth of October, 1989, only ended up being a star 7 years ago, in the year 2010. The mexico singer-songwriter who reached stardom since of his debut album, Ni Hoy Ni Mañana, started performing in ~ a an extremely young age, with his very first performance gift at the period of eight.

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By the time he got to the age of ten, he currently had an album published in his name. The then middle-child, born come Antonia Oritz and Cecilia Oritz to be born in California although, lot of his upbringing took ar at his parental birthplace in, Sinaloa, Mexico.


His grand played a crucial role in shaping the man. Gerardo has a an extremely special location in his heart, scheduled for this man. When questioned in one interview, ‘Who’s her favourite superhero?’ Gerardo responded by saying, ‘my grandfather’. Gerardo is no an only child, in fact, he is just one of five kids that his parents to be blessed sufficient to give birth to. William, Kevin, Anthony and Oscar complete this family members tree, when the eldest brother, wilhelm too, has a job in music. It to be for his very first album, Ni Hoy Ni Mañana, that he to be nominated for one of the most prestigious music awards, the Grammy Award. As of today, he continues to be to be living life together a bachelor.

Education: The boy who had actually an album in ~ the age of ten attended Blair High School, during his early years.

Net worth of Gerardo Ortiz

Gerardo Ortiz has an approximated net worth of $7 million. Native the watch of things, the looks favor Gerardo Oritz’s net worth has actually been ~ above the up because his breakthrough album. After securing the limelight for himself in 2010, his bank balance too, has reflected this success the his. In 2012 his network worth was $2 million. By the finish of the following year, his network worth seemed to have actually doubled, amounting to nearly $4 million. Due to the fact that then, the guy who earns approximately $700,000 a year has comparatively shed some ground.

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The company model of every singer/songwriter is an extremely similar. Album sales, live performances and sponsorships. That’s exactly how they earn money to buy their bread and also butter. Gerardo Oritz is no different. Many of the money that he earns is attributed come album sales. An approximate figure of just exactly how much he makes through this channel is illustrated via this example. 5 of his most popular albums/songs, have contributed to raise almost $2 million. That’s quite a impressive feat for any kind of musician. Sponsorships attribute to nearly $200,000 a year, this gift his second most income-earning activity.

Gerardo Oritz notable Awards

Premio Lo Nuestro (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)Regional Mexican tune (2013, 2014, 2015)Regional Mexican male Artist (2014)Regional mexico Album (2015)Album of the year (2016)Norteno Artist (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)