The photo of “America’s Sweetheart,” Shirley Temple, helped general Mills sell grain during the Depression. Here, her father hoists she on the Santa Monica coast in 1934. (AP archives)

Q: ns am interested in the value of this blue Shirley Temple collection — a cereal bowl, drinking glass and little milk pitcher. The etched confront of miss out on Shirley is truly visible on every piece.

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A: Who has actually the most appearances top top a box of Wheaties? Well, the Michael Jordan v 18, however our festival Shirley holy place is second in line with 12.

From 1934 to 1942, basic Mills offered out numerous sets the Shirley temple breakfast bowls, mugs and also milk pitchers come consumers that mailed in a couple of grain or biscuit crate tops. (Photo courtesy of woman Alexiadis)

Shirley temple was born in 1928 and by 1934 she had actually won a special Academy Award for “Outstanding Personality.” her trademark 56 curls, her dimpled cheeks and also her dandy song-and-dance performances cheered the Depression-era population.

Shirley’s rise to stardom synchronized with the increase of prepackaged (and hygienic!) ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Basic Mills to be a significant player in this industry, presenting Wheaties in 1924 and also following up with Bisquick baking mix in 1930.

General Mills’ executives and marketers to be a savvy group. They developed brand loyalty by introducing Betty Crocker coupons in 1929. They understood the value of radio: The an initial commercial jingle ever before performed was in 1926 when a barbershop quartet in Minneapolis sang, “Have girlfriend Tried Wheaties?”

They known brand ambassadors and also created Jack Armstrong, “All American Boy,” together product spokesman. Jack’s success in catching imaginations led to general Mills emerging a Jack Armstrong radio show, which readily available tie-in premiums in exchange for crate tops.

The company expanded the limit of Wheaties’ popularity in 1934 as soon as they started featuring real-life celebrities choose Lou Gehrig and also “America’s Sweetheart,” Shirley Temple.

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With the acquisition of 2 boxes of Wheaties, consumers could receive a cereal bowl published with photo of Shirley Temple. A mug was provided away the purchase of a huge box of general Mills’ Bisquick and, to encourage youngsters to drink an ext milk, a little milk pitcher giveaway rounded the end the set.

Hazel Atlas Glass — an equipment of ubiquitous family items favor canning jars, medication bottles and also lamp bases — was commissioned to produce the Shirley temple set. Her picture was transfer-printed top top honeycombed blue glass. Millions of sets were produced from 1934 to 1942.

I’ve viewed three different images ~ above this glassware and your collection contains among each. Your mug features the youngest version and also your key a second but still early on image. Her milk pitcher sporting activities 7-year-old Shirley in her 1936 role in “Captain January.”

These sets room sure to lug fond memories because that any contemporary of Shirley Temple. My mom and her twin were born the day before the stock market crashed in 1929. Mom remembers this cobalt blue sets but swears she never had actually one.

Like so plenty of things, your set has an ext nostalgic than monetary value. Individually, the mug, bowl and pitcher offer in the $5 come $10 range. A full collection of the 3 pieces can command $30 come $50.

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