Ground turkey is fairly popular since it is thought about to be a healthier alternate to hamburger and other meat.

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According come the national Turkey Federation, soil turkey is “manufactured from entirety muscle product such as the drumstick, thighs, neck, etc., v all components, together as skin and also adhering fat, in organic proportions.” The producer of floor turkey agree the the fat content is either at or listed below the organic content in turkey meat. Since of these regulations and also the organic makeup, turkey is a leaner meat.

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How much does floor turkey cost?

Depending top top the high quality of the meat, many stores will charge anywhere indigenous $2 to as much as $8 every pound.  The leaner it is, the an ext you space going to have to pay. Most, however, find themselves paying approximately $2 to $5 per lb at their regional stores.

On a forum object on, forum members claimed they had paid everywhere from $3 come as lot as $7 every pound.

At businessman Joe’s, lock state they have actually random-weight trays retailing for close to $2.99 per lb — the same price due to the fact that 2009.

Ground turkey overview

Ground turkey is a mixture that light and dark turkey meat the is eliminated from the bone and minced along with the currently skin and also fat. Most of this meat is taken indigenous the thigh or drumstick quite than the chest area. It’s fantastic source the protein, through the mean four-ounce offer containing 21 grams. An organic variety will never have any kind of artificial coloring, flavors and/or preservatives.

Ground turkey is regularly sold through the pound and usually come in one airtight sealed package, found in the meat section of any kind of grocery store. Popular brands discovered at the local grocery store has Jennie-O, Perdue, Shady Brook, Foster Farms, Honeysuckle and also Butterball.

Some soil turkey meat is sold in rolls and also can weigh around 16 ounces each. A role of mass ground turkey deserve to weigh approximately 10 pounds.

Tips to know:

There are different species of turkey and often create different levels of quality in terms of the fat and also the meat ratio. Pay close fist to the percentages come know exactly how lean your meat will be. If you desire the healthiest alternative possible, pick the highest lean percentage possible.

Ground turkey have the right to be offered to make anything that deserve to be made v ground beef and is considered to be an excellent replacement. Consider using that in recipes such together hamburgers, spaghetti sauce, chili, meatloaf, burritos and tacos.

Ground turkey, ~ above average, will take about three to five minutes come cook. It is in forewarned, however. If you to be to cook it too long, the meat can dry out and also become crumbly, bring about it to lose its flavor.

Ground turkey nutrition


How have the right to I conserve money?

If friend buy ground turkey in bulk, the can lug the price under by the pound. In ~ Sam’s Club, a 2.5-pound tray of Jennie-O have the right to retail for as little as $13. Costco selling a 93 percent lean group turkey for $2.59 every pound, v the typical package containing seven pounds. Even if girlfriend can’t eat it every at once, ground turkey can be frozen for months and the taste and also quality will not be affected.

Like any kind of meat in the grocery store, save your eyes opened for sales. If the price is good enough, this can be the moment to stock up. Anything less than $2 to $3 per pound is understood a an excellent deal.

Also, save your eye in the clearance section. If the meat is about to expire, many stores will certainly knock a specific percentage off. As lengthy as you frozen it or use it right away, there should not it is in a difficulty with it.

Consider discovering a local food co op or farmer market.

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