A cucumber, a vegetable the belongs to the gourd family, grows from vines and also is usually large and cylindrical in shape.

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While there are countless health benefits to eating a cucumber, there space physical advantages as well.

For example, a cucumber can restore her skin come its herbal glow and can maintain an excellent vision.

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How lot does a cucumber cost?

The expense of a cucumber will count on the type, time the year, wherein you live and where you acquisition it.

Seedless long cucumbers, because that example, will certainly cost roughly $0.75 to $1.25 each, while a Kirby deserve to be $0.50 come $1.75 every pound.

A Persian cucumber can price $1.50 to $2.25 every pound.

At trader Joe’s, because that example, a 16-ounce package of five to 6 cucumbers retail for a pinch an ext than $2.

Organic cucumbers space going to price the most, usually approximately $1.50 come $2 every pound.

Baby cucumbers can price closer to $3 every pound.

However, many cucumbers uncovered in the grocery save should price $0.30 come $2 each.

According come KayCircle.com, cucumber prices are going to be all over from as little as $0.30 come as much as $1 every cucumber. Many people state that cucumbers from eastern countries are much cheaper 보다 western cucumbers.

This USDA report, together of 2013, claimed the typical price of a cucumber to be $1.30 per lb or $0.35 per cup.

Factors that affect the price


The size of a cucumber may impact the price. If the grocery store, if rare, is walk to fee by the pound, the size will increase the price. However, many are walking to charge by the cucumber, quite than by the pound.


The kind of cucumber and whether or no it is organic or not have the right to make the price higher or lower.

Time that year

Most vegetables room going to differ in pricing relying on the time of the year. When cucumbers tend to continue to be under $1, they have the right to be a tad greater during the chillier months.

Cucumber uses

Cucumbers have the right to be provided to diminish the impacts of aging skin. Apply it come wrinkles, dark spots, or cellulite and also it have the right to make them much less evident.

Eating half a cucumber before bed is claimed to replenish the nutrients you may have lost after ~ a long stressful work or ~ a long hard workout.

An unpeeled cucumber have the right to be supplied to rub out clues from pens or crayons top top surfaces.

Holding a slice of cucumber on the roof of her mouth because that 30 seconds have the right to eliminate bad breath.

If you need energy, seize a cucumber instead of a coffee. The can give you just the appropriate amount of power that friend need.

Slices the cucumbers deserve to be provided to shine her shoes. Just need a couple of slices and some water!

Place cucumber slices throughout your garden to repel pests.

Cucumber slices have the right to be offered to reassuring a sunburn.

Tips to know:

Before purchase a cucumber, you need to look at its color very first to identify if that is quiet fresh. If the is green, then it’s safe to to speak it is quiet fresh.

Store her cucumbers in a cool place, such together refrigerator, to prevent it from drying out.

Cucumbers are component of the same family members such together squash, muskmelons, watermelons, and also gourds.

This plant can produce male and female flower on the very same plant; however, more recent hybrid plants only produce the female flower.

Today, the United says has much more than 97,000 acres of cucumbers, v a value of an ext than $180 million.

For the finest taste, cucumbers will certainly taste ideal when they are one to 2 inches in diameter and at least six customs in length. Come ensure that the product is walk to be tasting great, constantly choose one through its size. Also, girlfriend should inspect closely because that damage.

A good cucumber will last up to 14 days as soon as it has actually been harvested. If purchased native a grocery store, assume that it has already been picked for 3 to 5 days, so that is finest to usage it within one week.

How can I conserve money?

Check out a local farmer’s market. Local markets will not only supply fresher products, however they frequently tend to it is in a lot cheaper 보다 the regional grocery store.

Keep her eyes peeled for local sales. Countless grocery stores deserve to run deals such as three for $1.

If you have actually a green thumb, take into consideration growing your cucumbers because that a lot less than buying in ~ the store. For example, a load of 10 seeds can price less than $1.

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