13.6 L, 515 HP engineUp to 20 mph carry speedAvailable 8- and 12- heat heads15% better fuel efficiency112% palliation in wrap and also hauling costs1

Everything friend want. And more.

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Sure, we built new row units, a new power plant, we redesigned the module building and handling system, and a many more. However the bottom line is the bottom line, and these machines supply serious harvest-time price savings1.

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conserve 8%-12% ~ above Wrap and Hauling
usage 15%-20% much less Fuel
choose 5% faster
reap a 30% bigger Cab
Cotton"s most Advanced modern technology

Module Building and Handling

Save as much as 12% ~ above Wrap and Hauling

To aid maximize price efficiency, we redesigned the ring module builder and also the wrapping and also handling system; both the CP770 and also CS770 currently pack an ext cotton into each module, reducing the per-pound cost of module wrap and also module hauling.

Module Building and Handling

Improved plunder feeding

Experience regular wrap feeding, module ~ module, through the new positive journey wrap system…operators will certainly appreciate the dependability of the system, in addition to the simplicity the loading.

Module Building and Handling

Denser bales = less wrap every pound

Picker customers, the new CP770 returns a hard 8% to save in wrap and hauling costs per lint pound, contrasted to that predecessor; stripper growers, the CS770 gives you a 12% reduction per lint pound in wrap and also hauling.

Module Building and also Handling

Reduced module plunder time

our next-generation module managing system cut the module wrap-eject bike time through 33%, from 48 secs to 32 seconds, permitting you to continue to be at harvest speed longer, and making every harvest day an ext productive.1

Engines and Hydraulic Power

Efficient, Quiet, Usable Power

At the love of the C770 collection is the man usmam.org 13.6 together PowerTechTM engine, tuned to deliver the power you need, as soon as you require it, with less fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and higher transport speed.1

Engines and also Hydraulic Power

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Improved fuel effectiveness lets girlfriend harvest much more with every gallon. The CP770 supplies 20% less fuel 보다 its predecessor, if the CS770 provides 15% much less fuel 보다 the ahead stripper.

Engines and also Hydraulic Power

Higher move Speed

You and also your operators will certainly appreciate the increased transport speed…you deserve to run from field to ar at 20 mph, up from 17 mph over previous models.

Engines and Hydraulic Power

Reduced Noise

With the engine functioning at straightforward 1,900 RPM, you’ll an alert reduced noise in the cab…3 dBA less in the CP770, 5 dBA less in the CS770.1

Engines and also Hydraulic Power

Reduced Complexity

We’ve redesigned the engine and also hydraulic power module to usage fewer distinct parts, to reduce complexity and also improving maintenance and also serviceability.

Picker row Units

Pick one more 4.4 acres per Day

You know far better than anyone…the much longer cotton remains in the ar after defoliation, the an ext the lint high quality degrades. Therefore to aid you acquire out that the field faster, we updated our proven row devices to offer them the speed you need.1

Picker heat Units

New direct-drive gearboxes

Direct-drive gearboxes in the new PRO16 HS row Units deliver smooth, efficient power, when contributing to in its entirety fuel savings, and also reducing maintenance and complexity.

Picker heat Units

Harvest Speed

The PRO16 HS row Units permit for a 5% rise in picking speed, come 4.6 mph, compared to 4.4 for our previous heat units. That method you have the right to harvest second 4.4 acres throughout a common 10-hour harvest day.

Picker heat Units

Stalk Lifters

New high-speed stalk lifters gently transition the crop into the heat unit’s choose zone, to reduce boll lose and allowing the PRO16 HS units’ higher picking speeds.

Stripper Headers

More acre with less Hassle

Stripper-cotton producers…if you’d choose to harvest an ext acres per day, we have your answer: the brand-new SH12F urgently Stripper Header. Us put significant productivity and also transportability right into an easy-folding header, climate redesigned the header attachment device for quicker, less complicated hookup.

Stripper Headers

12-Row urgently header

The brand-new SH12F 12-row urgently Stripper Header allows you sheathe 48% much more acreage every hour than an 8-row header on our previous stripper. The SH12F wrinkle in under a minute, and also can be transported there is no removing it.

Stripper Headers

Three available headers

The SH12F joins our SH8R 8-row and SH12R 12-row rigid headers to develop a complete lineup that stripper headers. The SH8R have the right to accommodate 36-, 38-, and also 40-inch rows; the SH12R deserve to handle 30-, 32-, and 36-inch rows, while the SH12F takes on 38- and 40-inch rows.

Stripper Headers

Improved Header Hookup

When friend do have to attach and de-tach the header, brand-new no-tool hydraulic hook-up cuts the time in half, to an easy-to-handle 15 minutes.

Comfort and also Convenience

30% larger Cab

From the shock-absorbing ActiveSeatTM II to the hard-driving sound system, we have actually the conventional and accessible features you need to build the harvest-time office of your dreams. We’ll begin with a cab that not only has actually 30% more space 보다 the ahead harvesters, but likewise features familiar, automotive styling, heat-to-feet HVAC ducts, a screen that swivels v the seat, and plenty that USB harbor for her devices.

Comfort and also Convenience

ActiveSeat™ II Suspension

ActiveSeat II Suspension reduces vertical seat motion by as much as 90 percent, as contrasted to one air-suspended seat. Standard with Ultimate Cab Package.

Comfort and also Convenience

Touchscreen radio

Available in our Premium and also Ultimate Cab Packages, the SiriusXM-ready radio lets you listen to her favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks. 2 speakers to add a subwoofer offer you the can be fried audio experience.

Comfort and Convenience

Foot rests

Take a pack off and also get comfortable through our foot rests, easily accessible in the Premium and Ultimate Cab Packages.

Comfort and also Convenience


Order our Premium or ultimate Cab Package, and you’ll obtain a roomy fridge, perfect for keeping lunch and drinks cold.


The most finish tech parcel available.

Your guidance, mapping, tracing, data-sharing, and also remote-diagnostic capability begins with the incorporated Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™ Display and also StarFire™ 6000 Receiver; from there, ours standard an innovation products and applications help you, your consultants, and also your ginners make informed decisions the maximize productivity and profitability.


JDLink™ connectivity

The C770 series comes v JDLink connectivity, providing you easy interaction with her machines, her operators, and and your dealer. Analyze progress and also performance, transport data to and also from machines, and use device Alerts and also Service ADVISOR remote to pre-empt or diagnose issues.


Operations Center

Access field, crop, and machine information anytime, ~ above your desktop computer computer or cell phone device, v John usmam.org work Center. Plus, with many associated software tools, including significant farm management systems, you deserve to make the most out of your data.


HID, cotton Pro

Capture, analyze, and also share harvest information down come the module v Harvest Identification, noodle Pro. Monitor module moisture and weight, then share that details with your gin to help prioritize module movement. Together, Harvest ID, cotton Pro permit for traceability native the field to the finish use.


RowSense and AutoTrac Guidance

Stay top top track v Row Sense and AutoTrac Guidance, both conventional from the factory. RowSense offers mechanical sensors to guide you through standing crop; AutoTrac then provides second GPS guidance to help steer through any type of gaps. Together, they offer the many accurate guidance available.


Documentation and also Field Analyzer

Make educated decisions making use of data indigenous the Documentation and also Field Analyzer applications. Track your yields from field to field, then generate and share detailed yield maps through your consultants, seed reps, scouts, or other advisors v the john usmam.org operations Center.

Product functions are based upon published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to adjust without notice. Call your local John usmam.org dealer for an ext information.

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1Internal man usmam.org comparisons in between CP770 and CP690, and between CS770 and also CS690. Separation, personal, instance results might vary.