How much is a Gandy pool Table Worth?

How lot is a Gandy pool table worth?

I would favor to know a an excellent price come ask for my Gandy pool table below.

I"m likewise looking for Gandy pool table assembly and also disassembly instructions.

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How much is a Gandy pool Table Worth?

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It is a Gandy Alexandria pool table (popular in late 1990s).


Catalog MSRP to be $4595, yet retail price was approximately $3400 through the accessory package.

It"s an absolutely horrible market for sellers of supplied residential-grade pool tables. Ns don"t view this trend transforming in the year to come.

There are an abundance of sellers and also not sufficient buyers.

9-foot and also 10-foot swimming pool tables sell a bit far better because castle are an ext sought-after by significant pool players and also there are much less of them around. Friend didn"t speak what size yours was.

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You can acquire this same pool table used, today, because that under $800 top top Craigslist, etc.

For example, in just 3 months of swimming pool table listing documents on USA Craigs list, there to be 260 Gandy pool tables listed. 230 of those were 8-foot.

Here"s just an instance of the ~250 Gandy pool table listings from Craigslist listing history between 2018-10 and also 2018-12:

Pool table slate 4x8 Gandy - $250Pool table Gandy 8ft slate - $400Gandy 8" Slate swimming pool Table - $500Pool table 4x8 skilled Gandy - $500Gandy 8+ft pool table - $5008" Gandy swimming pool Table - $700Gandy Pearl Edition swimming pool Table 8" 3 item slate - $700Pool Table 8 ft. Through Gandy - $7508 ft swimming pool table - Gandy - $7508ft Gandy SLATE swimming pool TABLE, hard Wood, animal leather Pockets - $7508 Ft. Gandy agree Pool Table - $7508Ft Gandy pool table - $800

Yes, there space lots detailed higher, but they aren"t selling, and also just get re-listed over and over.

Hope the helps.

Regarding the Gandy swimming pool table setup indict - i don"t have those, nor execute I understand where friend can acquire em. Clock eBay, they do turn up, yet it"s hit and also miss.