These coins room special come me due to the fact that they to be my Christmas giftin 1984 from my folks.� In this situation myMother created the map so the said an ext than just "Enjoy".� Lol

These coins were produced at all 3 of the us Mintfacilities.� Uncirculated execution ofthese coins were struck in ~ Philadelphia, Denver & san Francisco Mints.� The Proof variation was only created at theSan Francisco Mint.� The proof version ofthis coin through the uncirculated version struck in ~ Philadelphia were soldindividually.� The various other uncirculatedversions the this coin to be only easily accessible as part of a three-coin set.�

This was not the first coin minted to celebrate the XXIIIOlympiad hosted in Los Angeles, California.�In 1983 a various Commemorative silver Dollar had actually been produced thatfeatured a Discus Thrower. There was a gold Coin together well.

The Obverse the this coin depicts the Olympic Gateway, theentrance the the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.�Two sculptures Sans Head space on either side of an Olympic flame on alintel.� "Liberty", "In God we Trust","Los Angeles", XXIII Olympiad", & the day "1984" are inscribed about theGateway.� The reverse depicts a perchedbald eagle with an olive branch, and the inscriptions "United says ofAmerica", "One Dollar", and also "E Pluribus Unum" in ~ the basic of the Eagles perch.

Designer; Robert Graham, Weight; .86 trojan oz, 26.73 g,Diameter; 38.1mm, Composition; 900 Fine, (.77 trojan oz, 24.06 oz), Copper (.09troy oz, 2.67g).� The COA notes;"Traditional contents for U.S. Silver coinage".

1984 ns Uncirculated silver Dollar, Price $28.00, totalmintage; 217,954

1984 D Uncirculated silver Dollar, Price $89.00, this wasissued just as component of a three-coin set, total mintage; 116,675

1984 D Uncirculated silver Dollar, Price $89.00, this wasalso issued just as component of a three-coin set, total mintage; 116,675

1984 S Proof silver Dollar, Price $32.00, full mintage;1,801,210

This set is right now selling on the internet in the $65.00- $100.00 price range, when the proof coin have the right to be acquired in prices rangingfrom $35.00 to $100.00.� some of thesecome with OGP, part not, this prices do not encompass any 3rd party gradedcoins, however, the price variety for castle is equally as diverse.�

I hope that my household choses to keep my collection after I"mgone, yet it"s their call and also if my listing them with any an individual historyhelps in any way, I will go a happy guy.�Thanks again for allowing me to perform this 5th version of mine oldercoins.� Nuff Said!

Photos 1 & 2 Cards v COA as part of Mint Packaging, photo 3, the three-coin set, photograph 4, Reverse, photograph 5, Obverse, photograph 6, His Heinousness in a state that utter fatigue after Supervising mine going with coins every afternoon.