The 1921 nickel worth is a minimum the $2.50, but the state that preservation and the "S" mintmark easily leads to higher value.

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Starting v the mintmark, 2 mints developed Buffalo nickels in 1921, Philadelphia and the rare san Francisco issue.

If you uncover the "S" mint coin from mountain Francisco, special treatment must be taken when determining value. An excellent demand through collectors areas a 1921-S Buffalo nickel high on the list of an important coins.

Next, condition plays an important role in the 1921 nickel value. Examine each carefully, the lot of stay or lack of the determines just how much her coin is worth.

The Buffalo nickel pictured is a an extremely nice "uncirculated" example and is eagerly search by collectors and rare coin dealers.

With a high starting value the 1921 Buffalo nickel is a nice little treasure to find in your box of old coins.


Buffalo nickels in 1921 were created by 2 mints in the year.

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A mintmark "S" was inserted on the turning back under the Buffalo by the mountain Francisco mint. The main mint in Philadelphia did not use a mintmark.

1921 Nickel ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1921 Nickel worth Updated2021
1921$2.55 $4.88 $36 $95
1921 S$44 $114 $410 $1,524

The rarely 1921 mountain Francisco Nickel

A 1921-S nickel is just one of the more tough dates and also mintmarks to find in any kind of condition. The is amongst the lowest mintages at 1.5 million coined. In compare the Philadelphia mint of the year created over 10.5 million nickels.

The coin sector today has actually sorted out the demand - supply ratio and placed the worth of a 1921-S in good condition, together the 4th highest coin that the series, $41 come $50 wholesale. Checking past values the 1962 Guide book of us Coins ranked the top 4 coins in the very same order.

Affirming this coin is popular, in demand and has been for a lengthy time, virtually since minted. It"s time to determine its maximum market value. Exactly how much is her 1921-S nickel worth!

All attention is now concentrated on condition, from one "Grade" of problem to the next, and especially this rarely nickel, the selection in value is huge.

You have the right to do a reasonable task judging grade through comparing her coin to the photos above, a much better than average coin does standout in appearance.

Notice the value conveniently moves right into the hundreds of dollars because that nicer problem coins.

With a greater priced coin it"s time because that an experienced evaluation come pinpoint the grade. Collectors and dealers on regular basis submit their rare coins to a Coin Grading service to have actually them authenticated and also graded, leading to an accurate value.

Finding specific 1921 Nickel Value

The next component of her value examination is evaluate the problem of your buffalo nickel and determine its grade.

As checked out in the graph a difference in "Grade" to produce a big swing in the 1921 nickel value.