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Can friend tell the difference between platinum, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, or pewter simply by looking?

Here are three facts that can help you acknowledge platinum more quickly and also reliably.

Platinum Is Heavy!

It is basic to overlook this fact, because most that the platinum you uncover in your searching for precious metals tends to come in small pieces –little rings, broken-off pins that hosted gemstones in place, or lathe cuttings.

Yet the fact is, platinum is heavier 보다 either gold or silver. That is around 60% heavier 보다 gold, i beg your pardon is a pretty heavy metal too. And also gold, depending on its karat rating (and what other metals are mixed with it) is about 30% heavier 보다 silver. So a little portable jeweler’s range can assist you recognize platinum. Or if you are looking at an item like a item of lab equipment or a bigger ring, just pick that up and also assess its heft. It if feeling too hefty to be silver, it could be platinum. Remember, the weight of platinum is generally much more than that of any type of other white metal.

Platinum does Discolor!

Yes, platinum is a really stable metal. It doesn’t oxidize or “tarnish” in the timeless sense, meaning that it will not integrate with oxygen. Yet when it is exposed to high heat (as is generally the instance with laboratory vessels and also other equipment), that does discolor, taking on a bluish or also greenish tint.

So if friend come across a discolored item that is made of white metal, don’t immediately assume the it cannot be make of platinum. You could be looking at something fairly valuable.

Platinum Scratches Easily!

Another usual misconception around platinum is the it is hard and will no scratch. The fact is, platinum is soft and also will scratch really easily. (Lots of people who own platinum wedding and engagement rings make the unpleasant discovery.) If you discover a item of white steel that shows scratches, abrasions and other surface wear, don’t instantly assume the it need to be silver, pewter or an additional soft white metal. Possibilities are an excellent that you might be looking in ~ platinum.

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