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I filled mine 9 inch rear finish with some gear lube today, and i acquired a tiny less than 3 quarts in the housing. Ns was utilizing a siphon pump and when i acquired to a details point it was over flowing out of the fill hole, so ns figured thats every it would take. I simply want to make certain that a small less than 3 quarts (2.85 quarts) gear lube is enough for a 9 inch rear end.(The 9 inch is the stock unit from my 69 cougar, and it has actually an aluminum 3rd member with a spool.)Let me understand what you guys think, Thanks.
68 Mustang, 306, AFR 185"s, CI cam, FPA"s, Bigs 650 DP, T5Z, 9" w/4.33"s65 manufacturing facility Five Cobra, 347, T5, 2200 lbs :bow:
My early on 9" real estate with a later Bronco chunk real estate takes 2 1/2 quarts (when the runs the end the hole) so girlfriend should have plenty.

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Dennis65" Stang--434w, G101A 4-Speed, Victor Heads, super Vic Intake, bullet SR, Braswell 1050cfm carb, 4:56 rear, 93 Octane Pump Gas.
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