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since i carry out not have any type of stickers under my hood can anyone check theirs and also please let me understand how countless oz that refrigerant does the compressor take together i will certainly be in processor of replacing compressor FINALLY
From the FSM, the complete capacity of the AC system is 480-580 grams or 16.9 - 20.4 oz. Oil is specified as Toyota part ND-Oil 8 which is identical to PAG 46. Have likewise attached compressor download procedure for 4 cylinder engine. Together I recall, you space replacing early to bad sensor so device still has pressure... But, if the system has actually been open for any kind of length that time, imply you additionally replace desiccant. An excellent Luck,Buckaroo
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Congrats on acquiring that tough job done! now you have the right to hook up her mini-VCI cable and compare that sensor value to the ones other members and also myself have actually sent you. Hope it runs because that a lengthy time!
phoenixgreg and also thank you hopefully i never obtain the same trouble again lolcar top top ac off circulation sensor fluctuates in between 4.14 to 4.15 come 4.16 relies on exactly how long u store the ac off i think the number keeps fluctuates
If ns recall, those to be pretty close to the readings I sent you from mine critical year. Expect it stop up because that you.
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