I"m a mathemetician trying to test out a theory of mine. I have never taken any kind of physics before, so i need aid from the physicist and also the engineers here. Just how much force/energy/work is required to elevator a 2000lb auto off the ground? What is the transalted into newtons and into rpms?


My guess would be F=MxA



M = 908kg

A= 9.8m/s


(908 kg) x 9.8 (m / s^2) = 8 898.4 m kg / s^2


kg/s^2 = 1 N


So..anything great than this:


8.8984 KN


I probably acquired that not correct though.

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I"m a mathemetician trying come test the end a concept of mine. I have never taken any kind of physics before, so i need aid from the physicist and also the designers here. Exactly how much force/energy/work is forced to background a 2000lb car off the ground? What is the transalted right into newtons and also into rpms?


As a mathematician, you know how essential is that to it is in very an exact with your terminology. Therefore, you must be careful when you usage the indigenous force and also energy and also work. Force comes in units of Newtons, and also energy and work come in devices of Joules. Two an extremely different amounts there.


Do yourself a favor and also pick you yourself up a an excellent calculus based physics textbook. Wikibooks has actually an incomplete book here: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Physics_with_Calculus


But any type of university-level calculus-based physics message will assist you a lot. No to it seems to be ~ snide around it, however it is incredibly unlikely that you will uncover anything about basic Newtonian physics the hasn"t to be studied yet. And also asking just how much pressure is required to lift a vehicle is very basic Newtonian physics, as is knowing the difference in between force and also energy. As a mathematician, it will actually probably be pretty simple stuff for you, you simply need to discover the correct terminology/theories.

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In other words here, i am arguing that friend not shot to reinvent the wheel through your very own theories, when all of that work has actually been done for you. Study the good theories that room there, and then build up on the foundation. And, you"ll know the terminology and also be able come speak the very same language together the other an extremely knowledgeable physicists on this forum and around the world. As with other human being need to learn a far-reaching amount of math to speak the language of math v you, you need to find out physics so you have the right to speak the language the physics with other physicists.