Michael Felger is a sports radio talk present host who is best known as a co-host that the Boston radio show Felger and also Massarotti v Tony Massarotti.

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He to be born on respectable 6, 1969, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA together Michael Alan Felger.

Felger has actually graduated from Boston college in 1992. Shortly after graduation, Michael started to job-related as an intern because that the day-to-day newspaper The Boston Herald.

Mike claimed in a later on interview about his job: ”When I operated at The Boston Herald the wasn’t simply writing, it to be digging increase stories, headlines, and drama.”

From 1997 come 1999, Felger functioned as the lead reporter for the Boston Bruins. From 1999 to 2008, Mike became their brand-new England Patriots beat columnist.

From 2005 to 2008, he held the sporting activities talk radio show ”The Mike Felger Show” ~ above 890 ESPN.

In respectable 2009, Felger came to be a co-host ~ above ”Felger & Mazz” through Tony Massarotti.

In 2011, he released a publication titled – ”Tales indigenous the new England Patriots Sideline: A arsenal of the biggest Stories that the Team’s very first 40 Years.”

In the book, former players re-superstructure the shocking and hilarious story of the brand-new England Patriots’ early on tumultuous years.



The couple has two daughters, named Tess and also Emma.

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”I definitely have one allegiance come the Patriots, and I genuinely favor the Red Sox.” (BU)

”It’s difficult to be at war through the human being that girlfriend cover.”

”I’ve always been a huge hockey fan and also was also a pretty large college hockey fan as a kid.”

Michael Felger – network Worth

Felger earned many of his wide range from functioning for the Boston Herald for almost two decades. That is likewise a co-host ~ above Felger & Massarotti.

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Additionally, he organized The Mike Felger present on 890 ESPN Radio and The large Show top top 93.7 WEEI sporting activities talk radio. In 2011, Mike released a publication which additionally increased his network worth. Therefore, Michael Felger has an approximated net precious of $1 million.

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