Owning a convertible is a special sort of pleasure. It can, however, be a special type of annoyance as well.

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Do friend remember that fairytale moment when newlyweds Prince Rainier III and also Grace Kelly rode in their Rolls Royce convertible and also greeted the public? Or far better yet, as soon as John Travolta drove that 1948 Ford luxurious in the movie “Grease”!? The list of famous human being who have proudly sported their beloved convertibles is lengthy: anyone from The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, and Marilyn Monroe, come Queen Elizabeth II and also Sophia Loren have appreciated the top-down experience listed by a convertible.

However, the is unlikely the they challenged the worries that a continual convertible enthusiast would. While these vehicles offer countless thrills and benefits, convertibles can gain tricky. What should you do once the top starts to display signs that wear, or just needs come be changed after year of use? and how much does a brand-new convertible height cost?

Replacing A Convertible peak On A Budget

Before embarking ~ above this endeavor, carefully consider whether you want to fix the peak or change it. Relying on its condition, solving it deserve to sometimes revolve out to it is in a much more affordable option.

If you’re set on instead of the top, make sure to consider alternative materials. Over there is a totality list of easily accessible fabrics, so you don’t have to focus exclusively on vinyl options. Friend can constantly opt for the canvas convertible top. It gives the car a soft-top appearance, and the wind will not cause as lot noise on the product while driving. Another alternate is the Stayfast canvas with a rubber inside layer and a cotton backing.Are you looking to cut costs? try choosing a brand the targets the spending plan customers. In countless cases, these budget companies deserve to save girlfriend upwards the $200 ~ above convertible optimal replacement costs. Auto tops Direct and Tops digital are great examples of financial distributors.Whether you space repairing or replacing the top, you have the right to reuse part hardware and/or equipment if they space still in great working order, consisting of the top frame, pads, and cables.

There’s one vital thing to keep in mind: As much as you may feel tempted to shot some DIY repair or installation, replacing a convertible top can be a complex task. If the is no performed correctly, girlfriend can cause a fatal leak, damage to the interior, or also catastrophic failure. Save yourself the trouble and also leave it come the professionals.

The estimated Price for Replacing A Convertible height Runs indigenous $900 come $1500

The price of instead of a convertible optimal is mainly dependent top top the make and also model of your vehicle. Yet in most cases, the costs include the following:

One replacement optimal (including pop rivets, staples, hold-down cables, and adhesive)A strip of windshield sealer (for those who very own a vehicle with glass windows with rubber trim)Silicone spray

A new curtain home window and backlight are often not consisted of in countless DIY kits, therefore make certain to purchase them separately if you setup on tackling the task yourself.

Soft height vs. Tough Top

A constant dilemma faced by consumers who room considering purchase a brand-new convertible is even if it is to go with a soft-top or hardtop. Despite both soft-top and also hardtop convertibles have actually their pros and also cons, they room two entirely different applications when it pertains to maintenance.

Some consumers may be concerned around a soft rooftop’s security features, discovering the height of your vehicle’s structure integrity is not as sturdy as that the a hardtop. Additionally, soft-tops are also much more susceptible to general wear and tear.

But if hardtops might prove to be the safer and an ext durable option, they are also an ext expensive to maintain and repair. A hardtop convertible depends on countless moving components to function correctly and also requires an ext labor and also expertise to service.

With that said, the soft-top gives one an excellent advantage - it have the right to be detached. So if you uncover yourself in need of repairing her convertible top, you deserve to still usage your auto in the interim if the repair process is acquisition place. Also, store in mind the the insurance prices for soft-top convertibles are regularly much higher than those for hardtops. This is since soft-tops are more susceptible come damage and break-ins (due to their easy access) 보다 hardtops, and also hence, come with an enhanced insurance cost.

How To replace Your Convertible Top

Replacing a convertible optimal is a process that requires a most patience and also a few carefully planned steps. Let’s take a watch at just how it’s done:

Start by removed the lids indigenous the rear of the auto body. Climate cover the deck lid. From here, remove the fasteners. Ensure the you properly note all screws and also moldings.Lift the top, and also then eliminate the role strip. All the staples and screws should be take away out and stored because that reuse at the end of the process. Be certain to eliminate the screws indigenous the center bows, as well.Remove every staples. Fail to eliminate all staples may an outcome in the jagged edge of an overlooked staple potentially lacerating your brand-new top.Loosen everything enough to make the removal of the old optimal as effortless together possible.Check all measurements prior to beginning the brand-new pad installation.Carefully remove the behind window. Obtaining the window out is more than likely the most challenging step, and also you’ll need vast screwdrivers or plastic tools to execute this task. Once possible, seek help from a 2nd set of hands to ensure safe removal.Remove the convertible height from the frame. Be cautious while skin the vinyl off.Carefully kind and download the brand-new top onto the frame. Native this point, the installation process is reversed from removal. Whatever that to be loosened requirements to be tightened, and also everything the was removed (screws, etc.) needs to be reinstalled and put ago to its location in turning back order the removal. The best practice is to work your way from the ago to front. As soon as you have actually finished installing the new top, girlfriend should have the ability to raise and lower it without difficulty. Test it the end a bit and also make certain it is work smoothly before calling the a day.The last step is come re-install the window, and this procedure should constantly be performed through the peak up in a locked position. This is additionally the point where you must replace all continuing to be trims and hardware that have not been reinstalled.


It need to be emphasized the it is completely up come you to discover the replacement choice that best suits your needs and also budget. V that said, it is highly advised to have your convertible peak replaced by a professional. generally speaking, the standard prices because that replacing a convertible top are as follows:

In the situation of a DIY application, you’ll spend around $300 in components to gain the project done.A professional will most likely charge around $1,000 to do this service, depending upon your vehicle’s make and also model and also whether or not you have actually a soft-top or hardtop.Changing the rooftop in ~ the authorized dealer might increase expenses slightly (over $1,000), however this may be your finest option relying on factors like height style, warranty coverage, and also insurance claims.

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Bear in mind the these prices are just estimates. The final expense depends ~ above the kind of vehicle you drive and the repairs important to obtain you ago on the road. Maintaining and also repairing her convertible have the right to sometimes be pricey, yet you can’t placed a dollar value on the feeling of having the wind punch in your confront while cruising under the freeway.