Harley Davidson enthusiasts can be discovered everywhere throughout the world, with the company’s largest admirers found in phibìc America. The motorcycle brand has an nearly cult-like following, which method that Harleys are not minimal to simply America yet they are widespread in the U.K, Australia, new Zealand, and other significant countries.

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Their popular is not only due to the fact that Harley bikes space beautiful. Yet they are well known for gift reliable and long-lasting. You will hardly find any kind of mechanical difficulties in a Harley. Even if girlfriend do, there are many Harley specialist mechanics the end there that will settle the concern for you.

One the the most common problems in a Harley Davidson motorcycle is a clutch failure. Once that happens, you need to get a clutch instead of which deserve to cost between $200 come $500.

If you perform the clutch replacement yourself, you could save increase on labor prices which space usually $100 come $150 an hour. The entire clutch instead of job could take 1 come 2 hours, so you are essentially saving $200 on labor.

How lengthy Does A Clutch Last?

The clutch goes v a the majority of abuse while friend ride her Harley motorcycle. It no last too long, and you usually have to replace the clutch device every 20,000 come 60,000 miles. It counts on her driving style, therefore you can achieve more miles through the very same clutch if you space a tenderness rider.

Does Clutch expense Depend top top The form of Harley?

The clutch in all the Harley Davidson models is situated on the outside. You just have to take off the cover and also get come work. So, the occupational you have to do is pretty much the same. Simply a few screws and nuts right here or over there that room different.

Therefore, the price you pay does not necessarily count on the form of Harley girlfriend ride. However the price could differ if you walk for aftermarket parts or OEM parts. Over there is typically a distinction of $100-$120 between the two.

How do You change the Clutch in a Harley?

Replacing a clutch is an easy job if you have the ideal mindset and the right collection of tools. Plus, you get to learn brand-new things follow me the way, i m sorry is cool and also might come in comfortable in the future.

A YouTube video clip might assist but if you room not right into visual aids, below is a step by action explanation:

Drain the Primary fluid

The primary liquid protects her bike’s chain and also other components inside from friction and also wear. So, girlfriend would an initial have to get rid of it prior to replacing the clutch components. To start, you require to situate the chaincase and remove the screws beneath it to drain the lubricant.

Remove The Floor Board and Outer major

A few screws host the floorboard and the outer primary. Fortunately, they are not covert from level view, and also you will certainly spot castle easily.

Remove the Clutch

The clutch is held in ar with six bolts the you must undo. As soon as that is done, eliminate the pressure plate and also the clutch discs. Make sure you manage them with care.

Soak the new Discs

Before you install the new clutch discs, you have to soak the new discs in the new primary fluid. After that, friend can start to download the discs one by one and then the press plate in the end. If her bike has a diaphragm spring and also spring retainer, placed that in place as well.

Clutch Cable adjustment

Your new setup is not calibrated top top the clutch handle, which friend will have to correct. Therefore, start by collapsing the clutch cable. Then, twisted the adjuster nut in the center of the clutch to make the ideal calibration. You must stop as shortly as the adjuster screw engages and then tighten the in place.

Put that all ago

Now, follow the steps above in reverse, and you will have your motorcycle in one piece. Finally, pour the brand-new primary liquid inside, and your task is complete.

Final procedures

Adjust the clutch bar to your liking and tighten that in the appropriate place.

Harley Davidson Clutch instead of Video

Need more instructions? below is a video clip showing you exactly how to replace a clutch in a huge Twin Harly Davidson.


We hope that you are encouraged enough to change the clutch yourself. The task is easy and requires straightforward tools and knowledge around your Harley.

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If girlfriend still require help, you have the right to look at valuable YouTube videos or buy yourself a user manual. That’s better than spending thousands of dollars on a simple repair.