On-Target Maintenance provides a ground-floor chance to start and also build her cleaning and maintenance company from home. Learn more today!

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What does an top top Target maintenance Franchise Cost?

To to buy a franchise v On Target Maintenance, you"ll need to have actually at least $40,000 in liquid capital. Franchisees can expect to make a total invest of $57,000 - $93,000. They additionally offer gaue won via 3rd party. *

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Financial needs for this franchise: Liquid Capital:Total Investment:
$40,000What does Liquid capital mean?
$57,000 - $93,000What does full Investment mean?

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Recession ResistanceWhy Outsourced maintain is sweeping the NationBusinesses room working more tough than ever to cut costs, however they"re finding that it still pays to outsource cleaning and also maintenance. Why? since customers, tenants and also guests mean every space to it is in clean, orderly and also well-organized – yet most companies simply don"t have actually the time or expertise to execute a cost-effective job. That"s whereby you come in. For her customers, outsourcing On-Target Maintenance:takes the headache the end of housekeeping eliminates the hassle and expense of staffing, scheduling and also managing employee accommodates organization peaks and also valleys, unique requests, occasional emergencies and growing demands for services permits them to emphasis on core operations In short, On-Target maintain makes an excellent business sense.Services friend ProvideAs one On-Target maintenance franchisee, friend - and/or your crews - have actually the know-how, supplies and training to reliably and also consistently take care of all your customers" maintenance needs. And whether you choose to company some or all of your accounts yourself, performing continual on-site inspections to confirm the quality of your services constantly promote customer goodwill.Commercial CleaningDepartment and Special facilities CleaningFloor CareOutside CleaningMechanical maintain & RepairsTemporary LaborFranchisee ResourcesSupport designed to help You ShineWe"re in the business of top-quality customer service. As a franchisee, you deserve no less.Established Name, Spotless ReputationYou"ll take advantage of a name we"ve developed through virtually two years of service, forging tandem with national clients such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hardee"s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Morton"s that Chicago, Diesel and Liz Claiborne.Thorough TrainingYou"ll receive detailed training, starting with best practices because that cleaning and also maintenance, and working v pricing, getting customers and also building her customer base, hiring and managing employees, including computer applications and handling emergencies.Additional assistance includes:Professional AdvertisingMobile MarketingSales AssistanceVolume PurchasingEquipment OptionsOngoing Support