For practice cake orders, pricing will certainly depend largely on final design. Cake prices start at $65. 

A $35 or 35% retainer dues is forced at the moment of booking. This dues is NON-REFUNDABLE and also guarantees your day is held and also closed turn off to one more potential customer. Please visit our FAQ tab for an ext information ~ above payment policies.

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When requesting a quote, please keep in mind that on but on the weekend (Friday-Sunday) response times may take 48 hours. We space CLOSED on Mondays & respond come those inquiries the following day.

My minimum order is $100 ~ above any and all items, or combinations of items.

Delivery is easily accessible when the schedule allows. If you need delivery, be sure to inquiry it at the time of her order so that us can finest accommodate you.

Delivery in ~ Anthem, 85086 is simply $5.

Delivery fees is $30 per hour external of Anthem. If you space 30 minutes (one way) native the kitchen, then your total charge will be $30 for the time round trip. On large cakes and tiered cakes, we encourage you to invest in delivery. When a cake leaves the kitchen, refunds space not offered for any kind of or accidental damage after pickup.

If you choose to pickup quite than opt because that delivery, pickups will certainly be accessible on Saturdays and also Sundays in between 9am and 1pm. You will be asked to schedule a 1 hour home window for pickup to be sure we are available and not on an additional order delivery.

Thank you because that understanding.

CAKE mister – cake pops are very popular because of their convenience, size and also the fact that they room so versatile- cake pops are a decoration, a dessert and also a party favor!

A cake popular music is totally baked cake an unified with frosting and formed into a ball or other shape, then placed on a stick and also dipped in a chocolate or vanilla shell. Don’t it is in fooled by their small size, the quantity of cake in every popular music is about equal come the quantity of cake in a cupcake (give or a take it a couple of crumbs). They are adorable and delicious!

All of ours cake pops are custom designed, made come order, and individually wrapped and tied top top request- note: If you would favor your cake mister individually wrapped and also tied, there will be secondary charge of $3 every dozen.

Our cake pops are not Starbucks cake pops and also are not priced together such. Please take a look at our general pricing …

Minimum that 2 dozen cake pops per cake flavor. No exceptions. A 2nd cake flavor deserve to be liked after the 2 dozen minimum. Added cake pop flavors should be bespeak by the dozen as well. Additional fees might be charged for specialty orders, strange numbered orders and also specialty flavors.

Basic Cake Pops; one cake flavor, dipped in one color only, no design- $30 every dozen – 2 dozen min.

Cake Pops v multiple colour (2), stripes or sprinkled; one cake flavor, 2 colors-start in ~ $33 per dozen- +$3 per additional color, every dozen- 2 dozen min.

Fancy signature swirled cake pops$36 per dozen, has up to 2 color selections per 2 dozen. $3 per extr color per dozen.- 2 dozen min.

Upgraded colors such as gold, silver, bling format $39 per dozen.




Cake mister on decorative straws, bling sticks and so on will be priced based on included cost of these items. Outside products cannot it is in used. I will have to order this from my own trusted sources.

Again, over there is a minimum stimulate of 2 dozen cake pops unless you are ordering added treats such as a cake or cupcakes. No exceptions to the minimum order policy.

Gift boxes, buckets, and other displays are accessible at second cost. You re welcome let us know what you space looking for and also we will aid create the perfect cake pop package to fit your needs!

New Policy- If friend would prefer your cake pops individually wrapped and also tied, there will certainly be an additional charge that $3 every dozen.

I to be no longer offering character cake mister that room shaped in any method other 보다 round. These can be themed to match a character, however only round pops will certainly be available going forward.





Basic Cupcakes– one flavor with 1 shade butter cream frosting- – $27 every dozen

$30 every dozen for added colors or swirled colors

Filled cupcakes– begin at $3 every cupcake

Larger than typical cupcakes in parchment wrappers– begin at $36 every dozen

Specialty flavors, fondant designs and other one-of-a-kind requests– prices start at $45 per dozen and go up- please speak to for a quote.

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Logo or organization image topper cupcakes starting at $40 per dozen- needs 1 month advancement booking.

Last Minute cake, cake popular music or cupcake orders will be topic to a rush fee of 15% OR $15, whichever is greater. Critical minute is considered any order placed with less 보다 1 mainly notice. Please be aware that critical minute order designs are limited to provides on hand so part specialty flavors, colors or themes might not be obtainable without an alert of at least 2 weeks. We evaluate your understanding this plan as last minute orders often mean no sleep because that our cake decorator…