Invention because that premarked vacuum bags permits prompt indication of bag weight for tare weight determination for everything bag size is selected.

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Customizable vacuum bags premarked with size indicators aid users quickly and visually identify the netweight of bagged items of various weights and bag lengths.

Patrick Tatom is one inventive sort of guy, i beg your pardon crystallized during his high college years once he decided to go down a various path 보다 taking physics classes and the like. He currently has 2 patents come his credit and a website that promotes among those, the “waxxcooler,” which follow to the website is “intended for the collection and redistribution of fragrant wax made by fragrant wax warmers.”

Most recently, he has turned his fist to an unmet need he sees in versatile packaging.

The patent filing, make on Dec. 18, 2015, for “Customizable packaging bags,” addresses the need for a customizable bag designed such that a user have the right to quickly and also easily determine the weight of any kind of individual bag nevertheless of the size of a particular bag. “The existing invention refers typically to packaging bags and, more specifically, to packaging bags that can be reduced into various sizes to kind a customized bag of a desired size.”

Tatom, who has named the product together “KnowBagz,” informed us that S.C. Johnson had the best of an initial refusal to usage the invention, but that he traction the offer in mid-January. Tatom has also talked with one film supplier and feels many much more would it is in interested in the concept.

“There are hundreds of packaging or plastic bag manufacturers that would certainly love to be the only ones that deserve to print the load of a plastic bag ~ above a plastic bag,” that reports. Tatom responds to our concerns in this Q&A:

How go the idea come about?

Tatom: I have an ext than 10 years’ experience connected to intellectual property that permitted me to choose up on this idea as I was walking down the aisles in ~ Walmart in search of weight-marked vacuum-sealed bags come be provided for tea that I offer to family and also friends.

If you know just how much her bag weighs, then you understand what come subtract from the weight the range shows once you put the vacuum bag on the scale in order to obtain the true weight of the contents.

There was no means for them to verify in ~ the point of sale the in handing lock an oz of bagged tea that it in truth was one oz plus the load of the bag.

For example, resealable sandwich bags sweet 1 or 2 grams, but vacuum bags room heavier, top top the order of 7 come 10 grams.

I was surprised to find that nobody owns the principle to brand or note the load of plastic bags, maybe because throughout the years everybody was comfortable v the 1 come 2 gram sandwich bags. Nobody assumed to label the weight on them. However with vacuum sealed bags becoming much more and an ext popular, it"s time to start labeling heavier bags.


Indicator lines move along the bag broad for the point out of bag weight for longer bag lengths as well.

What measures are necessary to premark the bags?

Tatom: Manufacturers currently have the formulas because that the bag weights and also the tools to note them is currently available. All they need to do is style the folm to be significant in 1-gram increments. after ~ every 5 markings, the indicator heat is relocated over, therefore the weight is easier to check out at a glance. After for this reason many more markings the preprinted indicator present starts moving over to the other direction and this continues down the roll.

Is this for human- or machine-readable markings?

Tatom: The noting at this suggest are especially for human beings that will certainly be using the product, however in the future v there are ways to permit for it come be review electronically.

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What sectors represent a sweet spot for this invention?

Tatom: I am currently involved in the ancillary marijuana industry where this product would have one hell that a sweet spot. However, through all the ancillary products, there’s yes, really no should limit the use of a broad, highly functional idea to a single industry.

Given the regulations for inventors, this can be Tatom’s last invention. “I right now have 3 patents, i m sorry classifies me as a ‘micro-entity’,” he says. “If I paper for a fourth patent, ns will lose my status as a micro-entity, therefore for now this is my last patent.”

He states this has actually been his an initial experience concerned packaging. “I have been surprised by the size of the packaging industry and I to be absolutely ecstatic come be component of the packaging community. Ns simply uncovered that the concept was not owned, and also stuck a flag in it. In the end there will have only been so many ideas patented, and fortunately we room not at the end. Store inventing.”