As you have actually probably known, 1922 tranquility dollars room beautiful, and also many world want to have at the very least one piece in your collections. Surprisingly, this coins have actually low value, primarily since they room not rarities.

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In fact, 84,275,000 coins created that year, making the tranquility dollar mintage the highest possible in American history. Therefore, most of them are affordable, other than for a few unique pieces. Let’s see how much is a 1922 silver dollar worth these days.

The 1922 tranquility Dollar Production

Almost 45% of tranquility Silver Dollars ever minted were created in 1922. Among 109,577,279 coins made throughout fifteen years, from 1921 come 1935, as plenty of as 84,275,000 were produced that year.

In the 60s, most of them were melted. However, your number is quiet huge. According to expert estimation, end 15 million of them tho exist, including approximately:

10 million 1922 with no mintmark the 51,737,000 produced in Philadelphia3 million 1922-D the 15,063,000 produced in Denver2 million 1922-S of 17,475,000 produced in san Francisco

The concern is why the us Mint do so countless Peace Dollars in 1922. The reason was a civilization War ns silver law. The government obtained permission come melt 270 million silver dollars in 1918 with Pittman Act, but the requested problem was to change these dollars ~ the war.

Minting began in 1921 v 86 million Morgan dollars, and the silver dollars’ production ongoing with over 84 million 1922 tranquility dollars in 1922 and 56 million in 1923.

No D 1922-D Lincoln cent

The only small coin minted in 1922 was a well known rare Lincoln cent from the Denver Mint. They required to polishing the initial dies to proceed production until wearing out and also the D mintmark entirely polished away.

They were forced to keep producing Lincoln cents through such dies, and the result was No D 1922-D Lincoln cent.

1922 tranquility Dollar Condition

Preserving coins in top-notch condition can bring decent earnings to collectors. Solid strike v exceptionally full details provides some of the 1922 tranquility Silver Dollars extremely valued.

For instance, one 1922 D peace Silver dissension in decent problem is worth about $20, yet one scuff-free piece in perfect problem reached $690 in a David Lawrence rarely coin auction.

Grading system

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The first step before selling her 1922 tranquility Silver dollar is to acquire it evaluated. Professionals use the PR range for continuous coins, and it ranges from 1 come 70. The problem scale includes:

Poor (P – 1), fair (FR – 2), and About an excellent (AG – 3) – this coins are usually smoot and worthless there is no visible details.Good (G-4) – together a coin was in usage for a long, and you can notification heavy wear and lack of well detail. Therefore, it is no collectible, and also its value will continue to be low. Nowadays, that is in demand as a bullion silver- coin.Very an excellent (VG-8) – such a coin is greatly worn out however with visible details.Fine (F-12) – Wear and tear space evident, yet details within Liberty’s hair space visible, with separated significant strands.Very fine (VF-20) – Liberty’s hair is worn out however with a couple of well-defined hair strands. Components of the eagle feathers are additionally visible.Extremely fine (EF-40) – The hair lines are slightly worn however strong, if eagle’s feathers are visible return a bit faint.MS 60 uncirculated (MS-60) – This coin is shiny and without indicators of wear, yet you can notification a couple of marks, stains, and also abrasions top top the surface.MS 65 gem uncirculated (MS-65) – Coin of together a quality is appealing and with solid luster and barely noticeable call marks.Perfect (MS-70) – that is an completely flawless coin under a magnification of 8x on a microscope scale. The is a priceless collectible piece.Proof (PR – 65) – professionals use the PR range for evidence coins, and it arrays from 1 come 70 choose the multiple sclerosis scale. Proof coins with mirror-like surfaces are much longer struck under high pressure. Castle are very collectible, worth a most money, and also you can discover them only in cases or sets.

Keep in mind that there is no significant difference in the price of 2 coins of nearby gradation. However, the can change over time, so it is always far better to have actually a better-graded piece.

1922 silver Dollar Value

Most people believe that 1922 silver Dollars space worth nothing due to the fact that there are too plenty of of them. ~ above the contrary, the is in reality worth more than its challenge value. The factor is 90% of silver it contains. However, the precise price will count on the coin kind you have.

You should understand that the 1922 silver Dollar worth is based upon silver bullion precious $17 per trojan ounce. Its price will vary depending on the coins’ condition, variety, and existing errors.

1922 peace Silver disagreement Value

Coin typeCoin condition
1922 S$20.13$20.74$24.13
1922 D$20.13$20.74$24.13

The us Mint began devising the brand-new Peace style for silver- dollars to commemorate peace after WWI. The chosen designer Anthony de Francisci used the high relief an approach initially, however such style caused many dies to rest under the boosted stress.

Therefore, the us Mint readjusted this idea, and coins created from 13th February 1922 to 1935 room made in low relief.

As a result of enormous production, these coins don’t precious much. Their price is typically from $18 come $50, other than for a couple of unique pieces. For example, it is recognized that mints produced only 35,401 high relief tranquility Dollars in 1922. Every one of them were melted except one, which value is approximated to $137,776.

Additionally, just 11 the a pair of dozen high-relief matte proof 1922 peace Dollars do in January and February the year survived. There are indications that a few more were uncovered recently, yet it is still no confirmed.

The estimated price the each item is most likely over $100,000. Think it or not, one of them was newly sold in ~ auction for $329,000.

Coin worth by USA Coin Book

Coin condition1922 tranquility Silver dollar (normal relief)1922 peace Silver disagreement (high relief)1922 D peace Silver Dollar1922 S peace Silver Dollar

1922 peace Silver dollar (normal relief)


It is very early silver dollar v a typical relief architecture minted in Philadelphia there is no a mintmark. That weighs 26.73 g (0.8593 troy ounces), has actually 38.1 mm in diameter, and contains 90% silver and 10% copper.

After Anthony de Francisci designed it, 51,737,000 piece were produced in 1922. The value of the coin in decent problem is about $20 to $30. However, the is tho a value over the silver melt price.

A coin in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition is more expensive and reaches $52 come $174. Finally, a rare proof coin is worth much more than $82,000.

1922 peace Silver dissension (high relief)


It is very early silver dollar with a high relief design minted in Philadelphia there is no mintmark. That weighs 26.73 g (0.8593 trojan ounces), has actually 38.1 mm in diameter, and contains 90% silver and 10% copper.

After Anthony de Francisci draft it, 35,401 piece were minted in 1922. According to USA Coin Book, the only 11 continuing to be proof coins room worth $137,776 each. It is well-known that over there is one non-proof business strike coin produced in this design.

1922 D peace Silver Dollar

It is an early silver dollar minted in Denver. The weighs 26.73 g (0.8593 trojan ounces), has actually 38.1 mm in diameter, and also contains 90% silver and also 10% copper.

After Anthony de Francisci design it, 15,063,000 pieces were minted in 1922. The worth of the coin in decent problem is around $20 come $30. Most of this coins space of low quality since people regularly used castle in Nevada casinos.

According come USA Coin Book, a piece in uncirculated (MS 65) mint problem reaches $650. The finest-known coin is precious $90,000.

1922 S peace Silver Dollar


It is very early silver dollar produced in mountain Francisco. That weighs 26.73 g (0.8593 trojan ounces), has 38.1 mm in diameter, and contains 90% silver and also 10% copper.

After Anthony de Francisci draft it, 17,475,000 pieces were produced in 1922. The worth of the coin in decent condition is approximately $20 come $30.

According come USA Coin Book, a item in uncirculated (MS 65) mint condition reaches $2,591. The finest-known coin is precious $41,125.


Peace silver- dollars changed Morgan silver dollars and were produced from 1921 come 1935. Although numerous of this coins have actually been kept to this day, some are rare and also worth a small fortune.

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The legend claims that Anthony de Francisci designed the brand-new coin motivated by his wife, Teresa, however the beam on miss out on Liberty’s head are similar to those on the Statue of Liberty. ~ above the various other side is one American eagle together a prize of the American dream.