The axes that the LLHQ (The Ninja Cross and the Mini Tomahawk)

They space throw in ~ a distance of 11 feet from the target, they room smooth and they are basic to master, many thanks to 3 sharpened heads these axes space three times easier than tha official.

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Small axes: an simpler throwBecause nobody had actually satisfaction v these small axes. We change them through the LLHQ axes.

Made entirely of steel, these axes weigh 1.25 pounds and measure 12 inches. They begin at a an extremely close street to the target (around 11 feet). Giving a lower influence strength, they room recommended for customers seeking come diversify your arsenal or to have much more control when throwing axes. For comparison, this axe would certainly be our 22 caliber: simple to master, but without an adrenaline rush.


The : end up being a true hunter!

The is made totally of steel. It has actually a length of 12 inches and a load of 1 pound. It have the right to launch at various distances native the target, with its semi-circular blade giving you a much greater chance come stick in the hardwood than any kind of other axe. Despite its fairly low weight, make no mistake: this axe compensates with its high velocity and also offers a satisfying impact force. Critical tool in the Zombie Hunter"s arsenal, the last thing the victim of this axe will certainly hear will be the deadly horn it produces prior to reaching its target. Select it because that a distinctive throwing axe experience!


The main axe that the Axe throw League

This customer favorite axe offers a perfect balance between impact force and control! It has a wooden handle, weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 14 inches. The starts at an average distance native the target (around 14 feet). This axe is additionally used in official tournaments and our Axe Throwing organization competitions. The manage is make of pure walnut and ensures a good life expectancy. This axe is the middle ground between stability and also power. Because that comparison, the handles prefer a revolver: powerful enough to surprised thrill seekers but available to everyone.


The Tomahawk!

This axe has a genuine ash lumber handle, weighs 1 lb and is 20 inches long. Light and also easy come control, it must not it is in taken lightly because of every the lever effect you acquire from its lengthy handle. This axe needs a bit an ext technique, however it candlestick reward you through incomparable manage over its trajectory.


The Hybride!

This axe is totally made the steel, weighs around 2.5 lbs and also is 16 inch long. The is your very first step in the direction of “big caliber” of our arsenal. The shock palliation handle create a tragic whistle when it is set loose, just prior to you hear the deafening sound that the tongue hitting the target. Continual Throwing Distance: more or less 14 feet native the target.

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The double-edged axe: switch up your arsenal!

This axe additionally has the function of gift made completely of steel. That weighs in at 1.5 pounds and also measures 16 inches. Many thanks to its twin edge, it enables for a wide range of distances: native 12 to 22 feet, relying on your abilities and also your physics strength. This distinctive axe is used as a complementary tool for every customers accustomed come throwing axes and wanting to differ their arsenal. It would certainly be our .44 caliber: more complicated tomaster but offering a great impact force and also a unique experience in return.


The huge axe: just for the most daring!

This axe has a long wooden handle, weighs 2.5 pounds and also measures 3 feet. It starts at a distance of 16 feet indigenous the target. While it needs a specific level of physics strength and is launched with both hands, its pressure of impact is the many terrifying. This axe is to throwing what the 12 caliber is come shooting: ravaging whatever in its path, that can break-up a board in only a couple of blows! You deserve to be confident the your initiative will be greatly rewarded. This axe is the bazooka of throwing axes: capable of ruining everything in the path!