Small Sized shred Bins

Small piece bins room often referred to as mini piece bins or personal shred consoles space designed to hold tiny volumes of paper and fit neatly on or under desks or counter-tops.

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Individuals deserve to keep bins at your desks, or little departments deserve to each have actually their very own shred bin making ideal disposal convenient and also making the piece bins much more likely to be used.


When it come time to empty the bins over there is much more work to be done—hauling, unlocking, and also emptying shred bins deserve to be difficult work, so the much more bins you have actually the much more labor intensive it is and the an ext time it will certainly take.


Large Sized piece Bins

Larger shred bins are often called shred totes or carts, and also are normally on wheels to make transporting the heavy components to the piece truck quick and also easy.


For large organizations that take care of robust quantities of sensitive details (like hospitals) big shred bins room essential. V capacities up to approximately 600 lbs, you will constantly have enough room for your sensitive files.


Large shred bins have the right to be bulky and also unattractive come the eye. Location of bigger bins calls for them come be placed out the the way, where it can be inconvenient because that employees to access.

How come Calculate how Much record I have actually that demands Shredding

Calculating the amount of paper you need to shred will help you recognize which type of shred bin is best for her organization.

One ream of document weighs around 5 lbs. A conventional bankers crate holds roughly 30 lbs worth of paper, for this reason if you have several boxes of files, multiply that by 30 to gain the lot of paper you have actually in pounds.

Use this shredding calculator to transform your paper volume come pounds.

Then carry out the math listed below to transform pounds of file to gallon sized piece bins for a much better feel for the size container girlfriend will need for your office.


Which piece Bin is finest For Me?

Now that you know how plenty of pounds of document you have, and also you have thought about the pros and cons of each basic bin size, usage the chart listed below to discover the right shred bin for your needs.

Keep in mind the you have the right to place numerous shred bins throughout your office, so even if you create hundreds the pounds worth of paper a month, you can pick to have several smaller bins put strategically transparent the office for optimal security and also ease that use.

Shred Bin TypeShred Bin SizePaper Capacity
Personal piece Console6 gal20 lbs (less than one box)
Mini shred Bin24 gal75 lbs (2.5 boxes)
Standard shred Bin32 gal100 lbs (3.5 boxes)
Shredding Tote32 gal120 lbs (4 boxes)
Shredding Cart64 gal230 lbs (7.5 boxes)
Large Shredding Cart96 gal340 lbs (11.5 boxes)
Extra huge Shredding Cart175 gal600 lbs (20 boxes)

Find a Shredding business Provider Who can Pick Up your Bins Regularly

Shred bins and regularly scheduled shredding solutions ease the shredding process and assist ensure your organization is secure and compliant.

Shred nations partners through reliable file shredders throughout North America. Us can obtain you cost-free quotes on shredding solutions from multiple carriers in your area so girlfriend can pick the finest option for your needs.

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Call united state at (800) 747-3365 or fill out our kind for cost-free quotes on secure shredding close to you.