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A girlfriend of mine bought me one engine stand. That is a powerlift engine stand. Built in china supposed to hold up to 1250 pounds. Doesn"t look prefer it is all that beefy. Is this going come be solid enough? walk anyone know how much a 390 weighs?


I have a cheap one, can"t remember the make, however it to be rated around the same. I have a 428 sit on the in the earlier of the garage because that the last 15 years. It"s quiet standing, and no sags. Ns think about it often, if that does collapse it will probably take out a part of a fender and bumper ~ above the cougar. YIKES!


The only problem I have had with cheap stands is the wheels break off when trying to move them v a big Block mopar top top them.
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I have actually 2 engine stands however I dont to trust them either. My following purchase will certainly be a heavy duty dolly to move the engines around. Once they are set in a locaiton I merely block them up under the balancer as suggested. I believed the 390 weighe din about 500-600 lbs and the 460 to be closer to 750ish? Either way you have to be fine
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Use an excellent quality bolts to hold the engine to the stand. Years earlier I had actually a 406 FE bolted to mine stand and the next day it to be drooping badly from the bolts bending. Was happy I experienced it or it would have actually been on the floor shortly after. I changed them v grade 8 and also was good after that. My stand is simply a old cheapy I largely use to assemble the short block. Girlfriend can construct a hardwood cradle that"ll occupational in a pinch. I now use a engine dolly through casters and it"s the ideal $60 ns spent.
Regular engine stands the bolt to bell real estate threads perform put a strain on the engine bores, and probably various other points the interest, IMHO.Dale in Indy
According to mine sources, the 351W is 500lbs, the 302 is 480lbs, 351C is 550lbs, FE huge blocks room 675lbs and also the 460 is 720lbs. These are manufacturing facility weights with cast iron as stated above...hope the helps someone.
Years back I had actually a 406 FE bolted to mine stand and also the following day it to be drooping badly from the bolts bending.

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We had a member in our Ford club that had a 63 Galaxie convert, 406 through trips. Black lacquer, hot red interior and also white top, beautiful. Do you still have the engine?
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We had a member in our Ford society that had actually a 63 Galaxie convert, 406 through trips. Black lacquer, warm red interior and also white top, beautiful. Perform you still have the engine?
Sadly no I offered the 406 engine to acquire the tunnelport heads and also intake for my present 427 build. The 406 block and heads were day code suitable 2J20. Initial 3x2 setup finish with carbs and air cleaner. It went to a good home in CA. Man was restoring a 406 car for his Dad.
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