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I to be wondering if any kind of of you have weighed a finish 302 from intake come oil pan? I recognize there are varibles, yet I talk a stock 302 with aluminum heads. Anyone know--Dan

Dan, I simply went come the is 425lbs, check out crate motors under performance parts.Rick C
MKIII,IRS,dual rollbars,performer seats,cobra brakes,cobra r wheel w/bfg G-force,302 crate,hly 650dp,performer rpm intake,msd and also the list goes top top !

JoeI have a shipping load of 545lbs because that an Alm. Headed 351 w/flywheel according to FMS 2004 magazine as contrasted to a shipping load of 425lbs w/o flywheel for 302 w/ Alm. Heads. HTHmannyjoe
I measured everything on a 302 i built:Shortblock with AL prior cover: 226AL waterpump v bolts: 5Pulleys w/bults: 3AL cyl heads with bolts, pushrods, rockers, springs, valve covers, gaskets: 77 lbs. (original TFS Street Heats)AL intale w/ bolts and also gaskets: 15Carb: 3Shorty Headers w/bolts, gaskets: 11Alternator: 11Engine Mounts w/bolts: 4Starter and Bolts: 11Bell Housing: 16AL flywheel w/bolts: 13 (steel was 32)Clutch and also pressure plate: 21T-5 trans: 76Short block: 238 lbs.So, depending on what you count together a long block:232 lbs. Or 377 lbs.427 lbs through clutch/flywheel/bell housingMy current clutch/flywheel setup in my 351 is 18 lbs. That"s 16 lbs less than the initial AL setup in mine 302.
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