Wheelbase, in.

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107.9113.9125.0Overall Length, in.175.6 (1983-1988) 176.5 (1989-1992)187.6 (1983-1988) 188.5 (1989-1992)192.7 (1986-1988) 193.6 (1989-1992)Overall Width, in. (excluding mirrors)66.966.966.9Overall Height, in.64.364.364.3Curb Weight25262559Cargo box – in the name Size6 foot7 foot6 foot— Inside length At Floor73.0 inches85.0 inches73 inches— Tailgate opening At Floor54.2 inches51.9 inches54.2 Inches— Max width At Floor54.3 inches54.3 inches54.3 inches— Width between Wheelhouses40.4 inches40.4 inches40.4 inches— within Height16.6 inches16.6 inches16.6 inches— Cargo Volume37.5 cu. Ft.43.5 cu. Ft.37.5 cu. Ft.— Payload1200 lbs 1200 lbs 1200 lbs Head Room39.2 inches39.2 inches39.2 inchesLeg Room42.4 inches42.4 inches42.4 inchesShoulder Room55.6 inches55.6 inches55.6 inchesHip Room55.0 inches55.0 inches55.0 inches— Max width At Floor54.3 inches54.3 inches54.3 inches1993-1997 Ford Ranger:
1993-1997 Ford Ranger car Dimensions

Regular cab brief bed (6′)

Regular cab long bed (7′)

Extended cab

Wheelbase, in.107.9113.9125.2
Overall Length, in.184.3196.3198.2
Overall Width, in. (excluding mirrors)69.469.469.4
Overall Height, in.64.364.364.3
Curb Weight, lbs.2,9272,9553197
Payload, lbs.1,250-1,6501,250-1,6501,200-1,550
Payload Capacity, cu. Ft.37.443.537.4
— length at floor, in.71.884.671.8
— width at floor, in46.446.446.4
— Rear opened Width at Floor, in.54.454.454.4
— Height, in.16.416.416.4
Fuel Capacity, gals.17.0
Front Head Room, in.
Front i know well Room, in.52.852.852.8
Front Shoulder Room, in.54.654.654.6
Max. Front leg Room, in.42.442.442.4
Rear Head Room, in.n/an/a
Rear Shoulder, in.n/an/a
Rear i know well Roomn/an/a
Max. Behind Leg Room, in.n/an/a41.2
Ground Clearance, behind in.
Overhang – Front, in.32.932.932.9
Overhang – Rear, in. (w/o bumper)

1998-2011 Ford Ranger:
1998-2011 Ford Ranger auto Dimensions

Regular Cab brief Bed (6′)

Regular Cab lengthy Bed (7′)

Extended Cab (6′ Bed)

Wheelbase, in.111.5117.5125.7 (125.9 4×4)
Overall Length, in.189.4201.4″203.6
Overall Width, in. (excluding mirrors)69.469.469.4
Overall Height, in. (67.7 4×4)
Curb Weight, lbs.301030733179
Payload, lbs.118011601260 (2.3L 4×2)

1340 (4.0L 4×2)

1380 (4.0L 4×4)

Cargo Volume, cu. Ft.37.443.737.4
— length at floor, in.71.884.671.8
— width at wheelhouse, in40.540.540.5
— Rear opening Width at Floor, in.54.454.454.4
— Height, in.16.516.516.5
Fuel Capacity, gals.
Front Head Room, in.39.339.339.3
Front i know good Room, in.52.752.752.7
Front Shoulder Room, in.54.554.554.5
Max. Front leg Room, in.42.442.442.4
Rear Head Room, in.n/an/a33.2″
Rear Shoulder, in.n/an/a15.3 (14.1 4×4)
Rear i know well Roomn/an/a19.4 (18.7 4×4)
Max. Behind Leg Room, in.n/an/a39.3 (39.1 4×4)
Ramp Breakover Angle, degrees24.4° 24.5° 23.8° (24.9° 4×4)
Angle the Approach, degrees23.5° 24.3° 23.8° (24.9° 4×4)
Angle the Departure, degrees24.6° 21.2° 24.3° (27.4° 4×4)
Minimum floor Clearance, in.
Overhang – Front, in.

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Overhang – Rear, in.44.049.944.0 (43.8 4×4)
1998-2011 Ford Ranger consistent Cab size (more detailed):

ModelFlareside (Box) (in.)Styleside SWB (in.)Styleside LWB (in.)
AWheelbase 4×2/4×4111.5/111.6111.6117.5/117.6
BOverall length 4×2/4×4188.7187.5/187.7200.7/199.5
CMax. Broad
Rear many Track Position
EHead Room39.239.239.2
FFront Overhang33.333.333.3
GRear Overhang 4×2/4×443.9/43.842.6/43.849.9/48.6
HShoulder Room 4×2/4×453.854.5/53.854.5/53.8
IHip Room Front52.752.752.7
JFrame width
LFront Bumper to behind of Cab107.3107.3107.3
MBack the Cab to finish of Box77.277.189.1
NWidth between Wheelhouses40.440.440.4
OFront Tread Width58.658.658.6
PMax. Box Width
SInside crate Height16.716.516.5
TRear Tread Width57.357.357.3
YAxle Clearance (Rear)(4×2) 6.7, (4×4) 7.4(4×2) 6.7, (4×4) 7.4(4×2) 6.7, (4×4) 7.4
1998-2011 Ford Ranger super Cab dimensions (more detailed):


AWheelbase 4×2/4×4125.7/125.9125.7/125.9
BOverall length 4×2/4×4202.9202.9/201.7
CMax. Width
behind Wheellip
DLeg Room42.2 (Front)42.2 (Front)
40.3 (Rear)40.3 (Rear)
EHead Room39.2 (Front)39.2 (Front)
35.6 (Rear)35.6 (Rear)
FFront Overhang33.333.3
GRear Overhang 4×2/4×443.9/43.743.9/42.5
HShoulder Room53.8 (Front)53.8 (Front)
15.3 (Rear)15.3 (Rear)
IHip Room52.7 (Front)52.7 (Front)
19.8 (Rear)19.8 (Rear)
JFrame broad
LFront Bumper to behind of Cab121.3121.3
MBack that Cab to end of Box77.477.3
NWidth between Wheelhouses40.440.4
OFront Tread Width58.658.6
PMax. Box Width
SCab to facility of Rr Axle 4×2/4×437.7/37.937.7/37.8
TRear Tread Width57.357.3
YAxle Clearance (Rear)(4×2) 6.7, (4×4) 7.4(4×2) 6.7, (4×4) 7.4