Examining the expense of life in the us in 1957, that tempting to conclude things cost less. However various factors contributed to the expense of living in the us in 1957. And also many an ext affected the climb in prices in between then and also now.

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So, just how much to be the price of living in the us in 1957? native the expense of a loaf of bread to the 1957 Chevy Bel Air, here’s how much things cost in 1957.

The cost of life in the united state 1957


In enhancement to the rising price of living, there were various other noteworthy occasions in 1957. It’s not a year that gets bandied about in the background books, however 1957 wasn’t exactly uneventful.

Globally, 1957 was the year:

Self-rule for SingaporeOutbreak that the oriental Flu PandemicThe USSR introduced Sputnik 1

More locally, 1957 witnessed:

I Love Lucy concerned an endArkansas enforced legislature for the desegregation the schoolsThe Eisenhower theory is passedBaseball society Brooklyn Dodgers relocate from Brooklyn come Los Angeles

Self-Rule for Singapore

From its foundation, Singapore had actually been rule by the British realm as a colony. After world War II, however, there was increasing demand to move towards greater independence.

While talks around dissolving the nest were planned for 1956, they never materialized. Indeed, the wasn’t until Lim Yew Hock appeased britain by leading a crackdown on neighborhood communists that independence for Singapore became a tangible possibility.

Finally, on April 11, 1957, Britain i agree in rule to give a new constitution that would provide Singapore self-governance.

Outbreak of the asian Flu Pandemic

Another serious event in 1957 was the outbreak that the eastern Flu Pandemic. The virus, well-known as H2N2, first appeared in eastern Asia and was recorded for the very first time in Singapore. By the summer, it had actually reached America.

In June, that began showing up in England, yet the numbers didn’t start to rise considerably until August. By September, the H2N2 virus had overtaken the rest of the unified Kingdom and also North America.

By 1958, an international health authorities had traced the virus come a mutation stemming indigenous ducks and also begun to gain the pandemic under control.

Sputnik 1

One the the many memorable moments of 1957 to be the USSR’s launching of Sputnik 1.

Not just did it note the beginning of the an are race, however Sputnik 1 likewise had the difference of gift the an initial artificial satellite to reach space.

While it was a far-reaching technological development, it finished up fueling fears in the us that the satellite had given the USSR a armed forces or technical advantage. This issue would galvanize both superpowers to try and one-up each various other over the next decade.

End that I Love Lucy

Not whatever in 1957 was a global news event. 1957 likewise saw the conclusion the America’s lover sitcom I Love Lucy.

Beloved by millions, the display proved to be hugely influential and also was the first program to it is in filmed prior to a live audience. Unfortunately, together it progressed, the show became increasingly difficult for both actors and writers alike.

Six years in, with product wearing thin and the actors’ lives farming ever an ext complicated, Hollywood made decision to finish the show. 

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Arkansas Enforces Desegregation of Schools

On September 4, 1957, a white lot assembled to stop a group of black color children, widely well-known as the ‘Little absent Nine,’ from starting school through their peers. Shockingly, the state’s nationwide Guard to be ordered to avoid the children from attending the segregated school.

Urged come respond come the rising situation in Arkansas, president Eisenhower federalized the state’s nationwide Guard to support integration. As an added precaution, he likewise deployed the 101st Airborne department to defend the small Rock ripe throughout the school year.

The Eisenhower theory Passed

In march 1957, the Eisenhower Doctrine was adopted. Essentially, it stipulated that middle Eastern countries can request economic assistance indigenous the united state if lock felt themselves to it is in under threat.

Further escalating the Cold War, Eisenhower drew specific attention to the USSR as a perceived local threat. This was especially relevant after the 1956 Suez Canal dilemm when the USSR started to build an increasingly close connection with Egypt.

Brooklyn Dodgers leaving Brooklyn

People looking come the Sears catalog to buy those $4 baseball bats in 1957 may have been interested to keep in mind that the storied Brooklyn Dodgers left new York State because that Los Angeles.

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Owner Walter O’Malley make the decision to uproot the team once Brooklyn refused to develop a new stadium, other Los Angeles was happy to do.