My friend, recently started a call internship situated in new York City.She want me come come up to see her, for this reason we might spend a romantic weekend together in the huge apple. I live in DC and decided to perform a cost evaluation to watch which method of travelling from DC to brand-new York would certainly be many convenient and also cost effective.

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A few stipulations ns would choose to make regarding this cost analysis

My goal was to uncover the most cost effective method of travel to Manhattan in NYC from DC.Time is a large constraint for me as well and also my goal to be to maximize the lot of time I invested with my friend while minimizing my take trip time.

Travel Options

Here are the alternatives that one can select when travel from DC to NYC.



Flying to NYC is really inconvenient and also quite expensive. The cheapest flight I could find to NYC to be $100 round trip. The trouble with paris is all 3 airports local to NYC space inconveniently situated relative come Manhattan. Cab fares are$75each way from Laguardia/JFK, and also $85 each method from Newark. The other alternative from Laguardia/JFK to be to take a subway because that $2.50 each way but took upwards the 90 minutes to get to she apartment.

A train from Newark come Manhattan cost$13and the ETA to Manhattan would be 45 minutes. The train conveniently it s okay me to penn Station yet adds an extra foot of 45 minutes in my traveling time.

Putting a time table to this entirety mess, it would certainly take me 30 minute to acquire to the airport in DC, 2 hours to go with security, fly and also exit the airport, and an extra 90 minutes to gain to Manhattan. This put my schedule at 4 hrs of commuting v 90 minutes invest in the boiling warm disgusting NYC subway in the summer. No thanks.

Here are charts summarizing mine analysis.

Commute to Airport303030
Total Minutes250270270
total w/ CabTotal w/ Train/Subway


Driving a automobile to NYC is convenient since you drive directly to your destination and also do not need to rely on any kind of public transportation, however, there space a few other prices you must be mindful of. First, parking expenses in NY. Garages can expense anywhere indigenous $20-$40 a night, and also parking top top the street in NYC just risks theft and also getting expensive ticket if you park in the dorn place. Also you have to address the hassle of parking your automobile which can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. The journey itself takes 4-5 hrs without heavy traffic and adding an extra 10-30 minute of parking after a lengthy drive deserve to be an extremely tiring.

New York is about 240 miles far from DC. This means that if your car is the average car and also uses around 25 miles per gallon on the highway, each means you are using 10 gallons of gas. Travelling both ways, you room using 20 gallons of gas multiplies by 3.30 a gallon comes out to $66s the gas.

Tolls to and from NYC are as follows.

Baltimore Tunnel$3$3
Delaware Bridge0$4
Lincoln Tunnel/GW Bridge$130
Delaware State$4$4
NJ Turnpike$12.55$12.55

This way that the total of control to and also from NYC including gas, tolls, and parking can expense upwards of $200. ($208.10 to it is in exact). Not the prettiest means of travelling to the city.


Taking the train native DC is a really convenient option. The train gets into Penn terminal which is conveniently located a few stops far from her apartment. The train is also located 20 minutes away from mine apartment in DC and also takes 3.5 hrs to acquire to NYC. The train has large plush seats, a food car, clean bathrooms, and also a quiet auto if you desire to stop noisy passengers.

The problem with the Amtrak is the the price for convenient times to travel room much greater than the prices for inconvenient times to travel. What I typical by this is a train ticket at 5AM prices $68 if booked far in advance, however, a ticket to take trip at 7AM expenses $150. Due to the fact that the metro service doesn’t run at 5AM, you have to pay because that a cab to take it you to Union station as well and also depending where you live in DC, this can expense anywhere indigenous 10-25 dollars.

When return from NYC, the same financial inconvenience applies. A ticket at 6PM which would gain in around 10PM and administer ample time to catch a Metro, costs $150, but a ticket in ~ 9PM expenses $68 and also gets in well previous the metro’s closing time.

All in all, the train is a very convenient option, however it’s pricey depending upon when you publication your ticket and also what time you book your ticket for.

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Finally, the last option is the bus. The bus drops off in the precisely same ar as the train does in NYC however is far less expensive than the train. It expenses anywhere from 20-35 each way from DC and picks up/drops off within walking distance of my work/apartment. It also is not topic to any kind of time limits and you can publication a bus ticket in ~ any suggest without risking any type of increase in prices. Some of the suppliers that sell this service are:


Most of the time flying or driving on my own make very little sense from pure cost standpoint. The conflict is usually in between taking the train and also the bus. A bus will constantly be cheaper than taking the train; however, a bus will likewise be topic to traffic while a train will not. I have summarized a graph of the costs and also times.

CostTime (min)
Bus (depending ~ above traffic)$40.00-$80.00480/800
Train (depending time friend leave)$150.00/$300.00440
Plane (depending i beg your pardon airport)$103-$185670/690

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