The USPS presented the Love collection in 1973. The Love stamps are usually issued with time for Valentine mailing and feature design filled v “hearts, roses, swans, and also more, celebrate every splendor of that many-splendored thing.”

US #1475
Designed through American artist Robert Indiana, this stamp was authorize for one-of-a-kind occasion supplies such as weddings or valentines. In maintaining with the theme, it to be released in Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love.” It is the first issue in the famous “Love” series.

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US #1951
In solution to public need for a brand-new “Love” stamp nine year later, this problem was designed by artist mar Faulconer of new York City. Faulconer supplied flowers to give greater emotion to the love theme.
US #2072
With each new year, the “LOVE” stamp prospered in popularity. Through the 1980s, it was issued in larger quantities and for a longer duration of time than any other regular U.S. Commemorative.
US #2143

This colorful stamp was the an initial Love stamp to be exit after Valentine’s Day. The U.S. Postal service reasoned the stamps might be offered all year. Artist Corita Kent produced the design. The an initial Day of worry ceremonies took place on the soundstage where the television show, “Love Boat,” was filmed.

US #2202

1986’s stamp in the renowned Love collection features a bright-eyed, floppy tailed, cuddly puppy. It offer to remind united state what cartoonist Charles Schultz wrote, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

US #2248
For the an initial time ever, the 1987 Love stamp – the sixth in the collection – was issued in a dimension smaller 보다 the big Love commemoratives that the past.
US #2378
US #2379

Love for 1988 to be coming up roses! two Love stamps to be issued, a 25¢ rubber stamp for letter weighing as much as one ounce and a 45¢ stamp (below) for heavier wedding invitations and large greeting cards.

US #2440 and also #2441

This is the ninth issue of the Love Series. The love stamps were very renowned for use on wedding invitations, Valentines, and other love-type letters. This design was produced in both sheet and booklet form in 1990.

US #2535 and #2536

The 29¢ Love rubber stamp for 1991 to be exceptionally fitting – the earth in the form of a heart. Through the Persian Gulf war foremost in the news, many Americans felt that “what the world needs now is love….” The stamp was as soon as again authorize in both sheet and booklet form.

US #2537
The 52¢ two-ounce first-class rate Love stamp attributes a pair the brightly fancy Fisher’s lovebirds, cuddling top top a palm frond.
US #2618

Unlike previous Love stamps, this one was produced only in sheets. Since 1991 quantities could meet customer demand, no booklets that the 1992 design were printed and also no 52¢ stamps or envelopes bearing the Love logo design were released. Together usual, the stamp, special a love in one envelope, to be issued in time for Valentine’s Day.

Three brand-new Love stamps were included to this popular collection in 1994. This “Heart Rising” stamp has a contemporary design, and has the difference of being the first ever self-adhesive Love stamp. 2 of the 1994 issues feature Victorian-inspired visions that doves and also roses.

US #2948-49, #2957-59 and #3030

The non-denominated (32-cent) Love rubber stamp was in reality printed prior to the 1995 rate readjust took effect. Postal authorities knew that the adjust would occur prior to the stamp was in reality issued, however did not know specifically what the rate would be. So, in bespeak to release a Love rubber stamp on Valentine’s Day, this rubber stamp was issued without a denomination. The 32-cent denominated version was issued later in the year, at the very same time as the 55¢ variety.

US #2960

This 55-cent denominated variation was issued later in the year, at the same time as the 32¢ variety. The Love stamps to be issued in sheets and also booklets.

Terry McCaffey, manager the Stamp development at the time, had actually been inspired by a postcard picturing two child angels from Raphael’s masterpiece, Sistine Madonna. McCaffey thought they would certainly be perfect because that Love stamps.

C. Douglas Lewis, a curator in ~ the national Gallery of Art and also vice chairman the the Citizen’s stamp Advisory Committee warned that kid angels, likewise known together putti, were linked with death, not love. Some art historians believe Raphael’s painting had actually been intended for the funeral of Pope Julius II, and also that the kid angels are relaxing on peak of his coffin.

The stamps to be issued regardless, and also media coverage assisted stir the controversy. One mommy reportedly called to complain the the she had used the Love stamps on she daughter’s wedding invitations and also that the occasion had to be jinxed through the “death angel stamps.”

In spite of the controversy, the 1995 Love stamps to be so popular that castle weren’t replaced until 1997.

US #3123

The 15th installment in the popular Love series, the Swans are the an initial stamps that the collection that execute not incorporate the word “love” in your design.

US #3274
US #3275

The an initial ever United states stamps cut to the form of the images shown are the 33-cent Love (U.S. #3274) and also its 55-cent companion (U.S. #3275). Victorian artefacts were used to produce each stamp. The floral-heart design featured top top both denominations was taken from a valentine greeting card decorated by an unknown German artist in 1895. The elevator of the 33-cent stamp was designed after a rotate of the century American cacao or biscuit paper-lace box liner. On the 55-cent stamp, the background to be taken native an English document lace valentine, circa 1885.

US #3496-98
US #3499
Long a symbol of devotion, a red climbed lies across a handwritten love letter top top this 2001 Love stamp. The letter ~ above the non-denominated and on the 34¢ stamp is indigenous Abigail blacksmith to man Adams, before their marriage and also before he became the 2nd President of the U.S. The second stamp has a comparable design, but uses a letter from man to Abigail. A rate adjust late in 2001 lugged a reissue of the 55¢ Love design, through the brand-new 57¢ rate presented in green. Frequently separated, John and also Abigail Adams stayed connected to one another through witty, newsy, passionate letters.
US #4122

The centennial anniversary the the chocolate kiss is commemorated top top the 2007 Love stamp. A gift of this rich, melt-in-the-mouth candy has long lugged messages of love between sweethearts.

US #4270

The stylized heart shape is the global symbol for passion and also love. There are plenty of theories that look for to define how the love shape concerned represent love. One cites the usage of the now-extinct silphium plant and the Greek city-state Cyrene in the saturday century B.C. The silphium plant, which had actually heart-shaped seeds, was said to be an effective an approach of bear control.

US #4404-05

The 2009 King and Queen of mind stamps stand for the very first se-tenant issues in the Love series. The King and Queen that Hearts city was motivated by England’s King George, who endured from porphyria, a crippling disorder that is regularly accompanied by seizures, hallucinations, and paranoia. Tiny was known of the condition at the time, and also George’s increasingly erratic habits caused 18th-century tongues to wag. Charles Lamb, that secretly combated mental condition himself, released The King and Queen of understanding in 1805. Written in the layout of a children’s nursery rhyme, the city was in reality a political satire mocking King George and his queen, Charlotte.

US #4450

The pansy has actually long been linked with love. The name comes from the French native pensée, or thought, and also was for this reason named since the flower resembled a human face. In many cultures about the world, the pansy has actually been thought to accumulate thoughts the a loved one – and even heal a damaged heart.

US #4531-40

This paper of 10 face-different Love stamps represents another first for the series.

US #4626

“Around her neck she wore a yellow ribbon…” The words native this 400-year-old song tell the story of a man who goes away and also gives his sweetheart a ribbon come wear. In those days, ribbons to be a authorize of commitment. Ladies wore lock in their hair or approximately their neck together a promise to wait because that the return of your beloved. Knights lugged their true love’s ribbons right into battle, tucked for sure in their armor.

US #4741
In the victor Era (1837 to 1901), letter composing was much more than a means of communication. It to be an art kind and many books were released detailing the proper etiquette – indigenous tone, to the shade of the sealing wax, come the location of stamps. Many of these early on guides cautioned versus saying too much, yet additionally suggested writing v absolute feeling. Men were warned versus complimenting your mates also much, together it would show up insincere. Likewise, females were meant to create in a guarded manner. Rather 보다 closing a letter with, “love,” they frequently wrote simply, “ever her friend.”
U.S. #4847

The ancient Chinese conceived the arts of cutting file in lace-like patterns. The exercise spread throughout Asia and also Europe, and also was eventually carried to the United says by German immigrants settling in Pennsylvania. Document cutting, also known together scherenschnitte, was closely related to milestones in the Pennsylvania dutch community, including birth, marriage, and death. Probably it was viewed most regularly in courtship, as observed in romantic Valentines from the era.

U.S. #4955-56

The heart has been a symbol of love due to the fact that before the work of ancient Greece. Prior to the an initial millennium, the roman poet Virgil coined the expression “amorvincitomnia” – “love conquers all.” that is a sentiment often repeated in literature and also romantic philosophy. Also in the genuine world, stories of sacrifice and also devotion elevator the spirits. This stamp reminds civilization that true love can last forever.

U.S. #5036

Paper filigree, or quilling, is a centuries-old art technique which replace instead instead paint, pencil, and also clay with paper. Thin, vibrant strips of document are curled, crimped, bent, and also glued to type beautiful and intricate three-dimensional designs. One art once reserved for upper-class ladies of leisure, quilling is now took pleasure in by civilization of all walks of life.

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US #5155 Love Skywriting

Skywriting has been amazing people with its beauty, beauty and an enig since the beforehand 1900s. That was an initial used through British royal Air force pilots come send message to the ground once other interactions failed. It then became an proclaiming tool for companies prefer Pepsi. In more recent years, civilization have hired skywriters to write an individual messages to loved ones.