An NFL waterboy value is $53000 per year. Most of the boys room paid or unpaid interns. NFL doesn’t disclose the salary info of the waterboys. But their typical salary depends upon the experience and the particular football team.

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NFL Waterboy value 2021:

Less 보다 2 years$16,000
More than 2 years$25,000
More 보다 5 years$53,000

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NFL Waterboy value in urban of joined States:

CityAnnual Salary
San Jose, CA$47,309
Oakland, CA$48,817
Tanaina, AK$48,641
Wasilla, AK$48,640
Hayward, CA$47,920
Jackson, WY$47,875
Norwalk, CT$47,765
Seattle, WA$47,632
Vallejo, CA$47,621
Concord, CA$47,533

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While part NFL waterboys do a value of around $53,000 a year many are unpaid or stipend interns. Annual pay because that an NFL waterboy will certainly vary depending upon experience and specific football team. Getting a job as a waterboy is simpler with high school or university athletic.

What is the NFL?

National Football league or NFL is a major U.S soccer organization started in 1920 called as American skilled Football combination (APFA), later on it was called as national Football organization for the 1922 season..The league is headquartered in brand-new York City. It is among the four significant North American expert sports leagues, and also the highest expert level that American football around the globe.The league’s games have a continuous season the 18-week starting from September to early on January, through each team play 17 games and also having one taking leave week. Players space not the just one to knife from the games, waterboys are the ones that make a an excellent amount the money, therefore a NFL waterboy value is collection accordingly. 

How to become NFL Waterboy?


Before start the NFL together a waterboy make sure you have knowledge around football. Being a football pan is a plus as you must understand some world from experienced football. An ext than a NFL waterboy qualification relationships matter. Define them around the desire you have to become a NFL waterboy. You need to be well aware of NFL waterboy duties i.e keeping the players hydrated at every times. 

Some people aren’t mindful of the reality that work like waterboy, ballboy and also towel boy are real jobs, they additionally undergo the same hiring process as other employees ~ above the higher level that hierarchy. 

Having an excellent communications an abilities is the best method to obtain a task as a waterboy. Make yourself known to the coaches the your chosen NFL teams and also tell them about your aspirations as it is the action that will help you meet your dreams. Hence, the more experience the much better NFL waterboy salary. 

Pros and also Cons of being A NFL Waterboy:

As a football player that is a dream come true for being face to face and also speaking straight with football stars. Just like other NFL employees, waterboys are additionally entitled come employee benefits and rewards to part extent. Thus, NFL waterboy salary different accordingly. Moreover, they likewise get two free tickets every year because that each employee. The waterboys likewise get a possibility to lay hand on souvenirs from the players. Plus, their totally free access to star football players is the best perk.

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The measures of how to come to be a waterboy for the NFL might be easy however it comes with some downsides together well. A NFL waterboy value does justice v a NFL waterboy duty yet it quiet lands on the lower level of pecking order with much less importance. Nonetheless, the is not of much importance if you aren’t condition conscious. Some human being consider gift a waterboy together a lowly job. Unlike other employees a waterboy’s job is physical brutal together it needs a most running. 

How lot Does the Waterboy make in the NFL?

The typical salary because that NFL waterboy is $53,000 a year. However, the range of NFL waterboy salary may vary according to the experience. Similar to every job place NFL waterboy salary is likewise determined by an individual’s ability set. For beginners the payscale could be $53,000 a year, however for experts it have the right to be a little high. While many NFL waterboys knife as lot as $53,00 annually, the majority of the human being do internships and get stipends only. 

If we talk around NBA towel and ball boys they earn an typical of $55,000 – $60,000 annually. Likewise, NFL ball boy salary and also NFL towel round salary space pretty decent as well. Just like NFL waterboy pay, castle are comparable i.e approximately $53,000. Every in all, this incomes also depend ~ above the real price of individual groups as well. 

How To use For NFL Waterboy Job?

A dream project of a football enthusiast would certainly be to end up being a waterboy or a towel boy at NFL. Apart from the handsome annual salary, the perk of meeting your favourite players overshadows the cons. ~ making great connections v the clubs and also the coaches, one must go with a officially procedure to apply for this position. 

Visit the NFL website and also select either the “Team” or “League” link. After that choose whether you want to sign up with as an intern or in ~ an entry level position. You can apply by clicking the highlighted attach at the bottom that the page following thing is come upload a cover letter and also your experienced resume. 

Another method to apply is by visiting the collaboration Online website and selecting the “Football” link on the peak of the page. Girlfriend will view an symbol of “NFL Teams” , indigenous the list selected from it. Girlfriend can likewise click top top the given link on that web page that will offer you information concerning how to apply for a various NFL position.


It is for a reality the NFL is much an ext popular than the NFL, hence the players and also employees have much better income as contrasted to the NBA and same goes because that NFL waterboy salary. Many of them space unpaid or paid interns that wish to gain experience. Apart from waterboys, bath towel boys and also ball boys also have their benefits. You have actually to pick the job of your dreams and also polish your skills accordingly.